The Dean
By Lena Martin
(MF, oral, coll)

I had a meeting with the dean in 15 minutes, no one was ever sent to the dean unless you had really screwed up for had done something spectacular.

I had done neither, but I was still sitting here in reception, biting my nail to try to distract myself.

The door opened, I hear a husky voice, "Sara Martin?Ē I flinch. I slowly pick up my bag from the floor and stand up, I see the open door and I walk to it, I peer inside. I stopped dead. I stared up at him; I could feel an automatic pulsing in my stomach. He was tall, well built you could see serious muscles under his shirt, he was bald, by choice, with blue eyes and a smile that made my knees quiver a little.

"Sara? Come in" he said, staring at me.

I walked into his office; I sat down quickly, not wanting to stagger.

He sat down beside me, instead of behind his desk,

"Do you know why you here?Ē He asked, his deep voice sending shivers up my spine.

I shook my head, "No sir I donít, have I done something wrong?" I avoided his eyes and looked 3inches left of his face. He noticed this and moved closer.

"YesÖ You have Sara, Iíve been watching you for weeks, and I canít stop it" He replied.

I jumped, shocked by his response, I turn and faced him, the look in his eyes, hunger almost; his eyes were roaming over my body. I was wearing a plaid mini skirt with knee high socks, a plain white shirt, which drew attention to my impressive cleavage.

"Sir?" I replied, "What do you mean?"

I knew what he meant, or itís what I wanted him to be thinking of. He moved closer, I could smell his aftershave, I wanted to pounce on him but I couldnít. He stood up, and pulled me to my feet "I want you Sara".

He bent his head and kissed me, pushing his lips into mine, I let out a soft moan. I felt something pushing into my stomach; I could feel my underwear getting wetter. He moved his head to my ear "See what you do to me? I donít care what you say, Iím going to fuck you, make you scream, and I want to lick your pussy, taste that sweet cum off my fingers after I shove them into you".

I moaned again, I wrapped my arms around his neck, I felt his hands wind themselves around my waist, moving slowly down to my ass. He grabbed a cheek in each hand; he looked at me and smiled "What do you want baby?" He whispered. I looked up, "I want you to fuck me sir, make me cum over and over again, feel that hard cock in my pussy, pumping it in and out"

I felt his bulge twitch. Suddenly his lips were on mine again, he lifted me up and sat me on the desk, he spread my legs roughly, and he grabbed my shirt, and ripped it apart. He shrugged off his jacket and stared down at my breasts.

I sat back and let him look, I could feel my pussy dripping, and he turned me on so much. I grabbed his face and pulled it into mine, he started undoing my bra strap. He pulled it off and started to play with my nipples, rolling his fingers around them, pinching and massaging them. I moaned, He laughed, and moved his head slowly down to them, he looked at me then started to tongue my nipple teasing it then he put it in his mouth, I arched my back, I gasped as he pinched my other nipple. I found my hands and started undoing his shirt, then pulled it off his shoulders to reveal, bulging biceps. Pushing him off me and standing up I reaching for his crotch, but he grabbed my hands.

"What the fuck do you think youíre doing? Iím not finished with you yet" He rasped. He flung me back onto the desk and pulled up my skirt, he pulled my panties aside and I grabbed his head as he stuck his tongue deep in me. I bucked my hips, he moaned, licking my pussy, tasting my juices.

"Please FUCK me; please I want that cock in me PLEASE".

I felt a finger pushing at my slit, I bit my lip, as he slipped a finger in my pussy, "Youíre so tight baby, and I need to loosen you up for my cock. He started to finger fuck me slowly, sucking on my clit at the same time. I bucked my hips again and again I could feel my orgasm. It washed over me as I came all over his face. I felt him licking every inch of me, taking all of my cum.

He stood up and smiled "You taste so good babe" I blushed, and he bent down to kiss me. I tasted my cum on his lips. I wanted more I heard a zip and then I felt a hard push against my pussy; I moaned and gasped in surprise.

"You turn me on so much baby" he whispered in my ear as he pulled me up from lying on the desk and pushed my head back so my back was arched. He bent his head to my breasts and started to suck on them. He started to pump me harder, his breath was getting shorter, and he lifted his head and stuck his tongue into my mouth as he fucked me. His cock was so big in me; I was going to cum again. He started to play with my clit, circling it with his finger and I moaned in ecstasy. "Cum for me baby, I want my cock dripping with your cum". When he said that, I looked at him fucking me and said, "Cum with me, I want you to cum in me" This turned him on so much, because he pushed in deeper and fucked me harder and harder. I screamed out in passion, as I came so hard over him. He felt my orgasm and pumped into me shooting his cum deep into me.

I lay down on the desk, panting. He lifted me up and kissed me passionately. After a while, he pulled out of me and picked up his shirt. "I ripped yours," he said as handed me his shirt. I smiled and put it on, he pulled me in close and kissed my neck, "I want to see you again baby" he whispered.

© Copyright January 2012 Lena Martin

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