Queen Of Night
By Indigo Skye


Queen of Night

I rise and drink the night
a river of blood
glut myself on their crimson agony

sharp silver pain of teeth upon neck and then... o glory

That song, the blood-drums pounding, and I am here/
made new
I drink their memories, their desires
I drink...
and now I speak Portuguese
I know a hundred names for love
I can play the piano, I know my Bach by heart

Rise, Queen of Night!
Queen of crows and bats
She wears a grey wolf-skin, leads the pack in the hunt, running the night
to kill or die,

She/ howling
North wind in her face,
She/ running to find the hart that leaps,

too slow...

and then collapses .

My teeth against his hot throat, blood pulsing
he is frantic with fear
ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.......... dark sweetness here
the treasures of the night more precious than your gold, your sparkling diamonds

I prefer blood-rubies, firedims, moonstone,
crimson roses on starched white shirt-collars
his cigarettes and cologne-
so sweet!

Sweet as his jittering fear, his nervous sweat
as he follows me out back to the parking lot and
in the darkness there
I hunt, too
feeding on a glory, a glut of boy-blood freshly spent.


© Copyright 2010 Indigo Skye

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