Temptation & Desire
By Lena Martin
(MF, oral, coll)

I could feel his stare. It made my blood boil inside. How could he be so rude!

I crossed my tanned legs and deliberately faced the opposite direction from his gaze; I glared at the floor in front of the podium and wished myself to pay attention to my lecturer.

I was studying psychology combined with criminology, it was my second year and I was desperate to understand the words coming out of my teacher's mouth. But I couldnít. All I could think about was the persistent gaze from my dean, the head of our university. He was observing the class as a test as we had a lecturer.

The second he had walked into that room his eyes feel to me. It made me angry, annoyed that he continued to stare; I could read exactly what he was thinking. I wasnít ashamed of my appearance, I was lucky with my 5ft 7 height and hourglass figure. I liked my figure, I loved the attention my tits and ass got, considering as well that I wore tights jeans and classy but revealing tops.

Today I was wearing my plaid mini skin with knee high boots, teamed with a tight white shirt, I uncrossed my legs, and glanced back over at him, he met my gaze. I couldnít break eye contact! His eyes were a dark green, a big man with definite muscles under that shirt, his legs in jeans, and all I could find myself thinking was, the muscle between his legs.

I shook myself, what the HELL was I thinking, I wanted to see the dean's cock. I felt my pussy pulse at the thought again. I looked over again and saw him stand up. He walked over to the lecturer and whispered something in his ear; the lecturer looked towards me and frowned, "Miss Edwards, youíre to go with Dean Markson.Ē I looked down, my cheeks flushed, I quickly picked up my books and pens and walked towards the podium, "Your coming with me, I need to speak to you about you last assignment" The dean was looking at papers while he said it but then flickered his eyes up and smiled.

I walked behind him in silence, students watched me as a walked behind him. You were in big trouble if you were walking with the dean. He pushed open his office door and let me pass. I faced his desk and heard the door close shut. I felt so nervous; he walked into my view and sat behind the desk. "You can sit down Lena" He said, I sunk into the nearest chair, still clutching my books, my nipples were starting to harden under my shirt, I clutched the books harder. I crossed my legs to stop the pulsing in my pussy.

"Do you know why your here?" He asked leaning forward on his desk.

"No sir, I donít" I answered, avoiding his gaze,

He stood up and walked around the desk, he sat himself on the edge beside my chair, I looked up, he had a chiselled face with a tan, eyes that made me pulse with desire, big muscly arms, a shirt that strained across his biceps and shoulders. I let out a soft moan. My pussy was starting to get wet, I couldnít help it. I knew what I wanted. I slid my books down and put them on his desk and sat back in the chair, "I donít know why Iím here, but I want to know why you were staring at me in my class" I purred, watching his eyes slide down to my breasts, I saw a bulge appear in his jeans, Fuck I thought.

"I thought that was obviously..." He whispered.

I didnít care, I stood up and spread his legs so I could stand between them, I slid my arm around his neck and pulled his lips in, He crushed his lips into me, I moaned. Fuck his lips knew what to do; he slid his hands around my waist to pull me in more, then a hand slide up to my hair. I wanted him, I couldnít believe I was kissing the dean on my college, it was so hot. I pushed him away. I started to slowly undo my shirt buttons. His eyes watched me. He stood up. Suddenly he grabbed me and pushed me against the wall, he grabbed my shirt and ripped it open, he pulled down my bra, he looked at me and lowered his lips to my breasts, I grabbed the back of his head, and he put my nipple into his mouth. I moaned so loudly, he played with my other nipple with his fingers, rolling it back and forth. I tried to undo his shirt but he grabbed my wrists and pushed them against the wall too, he played with each nipple, teasing them with his tongue. "I've been wanting to play with these tits for so fucking long" he groaned, he stood up and picked me up; he walked over to the desk and lay me on it.

He pushed up my skirt, without hesitating he pulled my red thong off. I sat up, he pulled my face in and kissed up, sliding his tongue in my mouth, I found his belt, I pulled it apart and undid the zip, pushing his jeans down and felt his huge cock through his boxers, it was so hot, my pussy pulsed, "My pussy is dripping, please fuck me...sir" I smiled at him, he smiled cheekily "Iím not fucking you until I've licked that sweet pussy of yours baby", he sank to his knees and pulled me to the edge of the desk, I sat up and watched him lick my pussy slowly, I put my head back, moaning, then I felt his tongue slide into me, pushing in deeper and deeper, I yelped as I felt his fingers playing with my clit, he played with me, the other hand slid up and massaged my nipple.

"Please I need you to fuck me PLEASE" I groaned, I couldnít take it anymore, I lay down on the desk, my eyes closed feeling his fingers on my clit rubbing me.

"Tell me what you want" he growled.

"I want that hard cock in my pussy. I'm so wet I want it so bad PLEASE.Ē

Then I felt it, he shoved his hard cock in. I bucked in ecstasy,

"Your so tight babe" he muttered.

I sat up, he was so close to my face, he pumped my pussy harder and harder, it was so big, my pussy clenched around his cock, I wanted to cum, I needed to, "oh fuck, Iím going to cum sir" I screamed, he pulled me in and fucked me harder.

"Cum for me baby, Iím not done yet".

I exploded. I collapsed onto him, wave after wave of pleasure.

He pulled me up, he spun me around, he bent me over the desk, and he ripped my destroyed shirt off me and flung it to the floor. I felt his cock pushing at my lips; I was still shaking as he shoved it in. I yelped in shock. He started to fuck me again, slower though, he bent over with me and I felt his fingers at my clit, "Come on I wanna fuck you harder, but I cant if youíre too tight" he whispered in my ear.

I moaned. He made me so horny, "Fuck me hard" I said, and turned my head to see him.

He pulled his fingers away and tasted them and that was all I needed, I pushed against his cock. He pushed further into me, fucking me, harder and harder, I grabbed the desk, he placed his hands over my tits and started to play with my nipples again I groaned, I was going to cum again, I wanted more.

"Please, please harder" I whispered.

He laughed and pumped me harder, wrapping his arms around my waist; his breathing was harsher and faster.

"Cum for me sir, please"

He moaned and slammed his cock in harder, I was so close... "Iím cumming baby" he whispered.

That was all I needed. I came so hard I shook with each wave of cum, I screamed, I felt his hot cum pump into me, it felt so hot and horny, I couldnít stop. I came again! I lay against the table shaking.

"Baby?" He whispered.

I looked up he wrapped his arms around me and lifted me, he sat me down on his lap on the chair, I curled into him, I was so shook up. I felt so out of it

"By the way" He muttered in my ear "Next time I want you to call me David, I prefer my real name to Sir.Ē

He grinned at me and kissed me slowly, and even then I could feel his cock getting harder against my leg.

© Copyright January 2012 Lena Martin

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