She Said, He Said
By Deidre Highland
(MdomF, BD, Oral)

You know I am pissed. You can see it in my face and in my demeanor. I look you directly in the eyes through my “little Miss Librarian glasses” and say, “Wade, you’ve been very bad, so I’m going to teach you how I want you to pay attention to me. Sit down in this chair and listen to my rules.” I pull out some restraints and firmly attach your strong arms to the arms of the heavy chair. “You can look at me all you want, but you are NOT allowed to touch me. Don’t even think about it. Unless I say so. This will be your punishment.”

I turn away from you and walk slowly over to the audio system. You watch me intently as I turn on some sexy, seductive music. I see you looking at me up and down, checking out my clingingly sexy skirt and my silky, cream colored blouse, which allows a hint of black lace and cleavage to peek out at the top where I discontinued my buttoning. I strut toward the center of the room, bringing your attention to my “fuck me” heels and fishnet hose. I ignore you and allow myself to feel the music. Inspired, I start to dance in front of you, something I have wanted to do for a long time. And now I am extremely motivated.

After a display of movement intended to drive you crazy, I finally begin to run my hands over my body. I slowly run them up my thighs, my hips, my waist, and end up caressing my breasts, which now become more visible to you...I slowly unbutton my blouse, looking haughtily in your eyes for the first time since I began dancing. I let the blouse drop to the floor...revealing a black lace and silk camisole. The black demi bra underneath is lifting my smooth creamy-white breasts, which you can see spilling up and over the top of the black lacy top. The outline of my nipples is visible through the bra, and I know this is a weakness for you.

I realize that I am in trouble. You apparently have determined a greater torture for me than anything physical. I did not know that you liked to dance. I did not know you are skilled in the art of tease. Deidre, I am riveted to your every move.

I slowly undulate my body as I very gradually lift my skirt until you see my cute ass, clad in my infamous leopard panties. Still dancing and now smiling sweetly at you, I unzip my skirt and let that slide down as well. You begin to really feel the mental torture as I dance closer to you in my fishnet stockings and heels, now dressed only in my lingerie, high heels, stockings, and a string of pearls.

Your dancing in front of me, in your leopard panties, while you writhe and touch yourself all over, is testing the tensile strength of my restraints. Worse, you are teasing me with my known weaknesses for you, your nipples, your thighs, your mouth.

The dance continues, and I walk over to you and place one foot on your thigh. “Now I am going to remove my heels and stockings, while you watch me up close.”

I beg you to keep the thigh highs and the shoes on, even though I know you are in control. When you stop and smile at me coyly, I hold my breath as to what you will do next.

I decide to humor you just a little, to torture you a little more, as I look into your eyes and say, “Even though you are an extremely bad boy, I will cancel this removal and move on to something else that will cause you even greater difficulty.”

Thank God - I love those stockings! Now the artifacts - the black lace and silk camisole - I'm thinking of how to rip them away if I can get my hands free.

Finally, after much teasing (I am not really a mind-reader in the truest sense; I am just smart enough to follow your eyes!), I slide down the straps of the camisole, slip my arms out of the satin straps, and pull it down around my waist. This takes several excruciating minutes, because I am in the groove of the dance now. Eventually, I unhook and remove the pretty bra, and I let it hit you in the face as I throw it aside. You stare at my now freed breasts, my soft, wide, round globes, my nipples popping hard. For the first time since the music started, I stop dancing and stand still with my legs apart and my hands on my hips, staring you in your big brown eyes. “Look me in the eyes, Wade.” You tear your eyes off my breasts with an acknowledging grin. Then, while I smile back at you, I squeeze both of my breasts tightly with my hands, squashing and pushing up my ripe bosom while my ready nipples peak out through my widely spread fingers. I move my tits around for you to the music. Next I release my breasts, and they move and bounce on their own accord, while the long pearls slide all around my breasts, sometimes getting caught over one of my girls or the other. This dance becomes extremely erotic, and both of us look like we are feeling this in a very big way.

Your torture is even greater because you are dancing with your glorious tits right in front of my face. Even worse, you offer me a taste of your nipple - which you withdraw so quickly that I barely have time for a quick tongue lick. Your smirk shows me how much you are enjoying your control over me.

I look at your crotch and the amazing bulge of your hot rod under your jeans. I can see that you really want to break the rule, and truthfully, I want you to do so, but I stare you down again, saying, “Don't you dare touch me unless I say so!” I do not want to cut the punishment too short. I know you can overcome the physical restraints once you put your mind to it, but for now I want my command over you to be powerful.

Yes, I have a screaming, painful hard cock, and you occasionally brush your fingers over it, just to drive me crazier. You are a bad girl, Deidre.

Next, I pull down the panties in front a bit, so that you can see a bit of my mostly hair-free pussy. Then I show you how wet and slippery I am feeling because of you, and you are now giving me a look that says everything. My cunt quivers with pleasure, and I proceed with my plan.

Next, I pull down my slinky, silky, stretchy panties with my back to you to show you my other notorious feature, my splendid ass. I sashay my hips rhythmically and turn my head a little to stare flirtatiously into your eyes. I slowly, very slowly slide the panties off my legs, and I rub them lightly over your face. “Smell me,” I say, and you eagerly do exactly what you are told. When I sense you are at the edge, I throw aside the panties, too. I bend over, my behind facing you, now exposing my eager and wet pussy from a different angle. I reach down with my hand, and spread my pussy lips with 2 fingers.

You make the teasing worse by talking to me and making those noises, and you know how much I respond. You are torturing me with your pussy, your clit, your slippery wetness, your voice ... well, I now feel that I may lose it and I know you know it.

Your teasing achieves new levels when you lie back on a table and present your well-groomed pussy right in my face. You finger yourself skillfully, revealing your pinkness, showing me exactly where and how you want me to lick you - when you're ready and not before.

I proceed with the show, tell, and touch of my wet wet wet pussy, right in front of your fine face. I slip my finger in my juicy folds, and slowly place my pussy-juiced finger first into my mouth, rubbing the juice over my lips, and then I touch myself again with two fingers, getting lots of pussy juice back on them. I place these fingers into your mouth.

When you place your pussy-juiced fingers in my mouth, I lick them with the intoxication of the sweet sexual smell and taste of your pussy. You pull your fingers away, in yet another act of tease, but not before I devour your juices.

I know it is time for us to kiss, and the taste of my pussy on both of our lips drives both of us insane. Yet, after a few delicious seconds, I break off the kiss.

Unknown to you, I have untied my restraints, and I just can't stand it any longer.

This is the limit of your ability to behave, and your East Coast Bad Boy persona persona arrives on the scene. (I knew you were not stupid!) Now that you have freed yourself, I know what is gonna happen to me, and I am oh so ready for it. You immediately and confidently stand up, grab me in your arms, and carry me over to the bed. Before I even touch the mattress, you rip off the black camisole that was still around my waist.

I am dying for you to put your mouth on my pussy...yet I will try to pretend I don’t want it. I don’t want to give up the command too easily.

I remove your "I'm cool, sexy, AND studious, so why don't you fuck me?" glasses before my lips hit your beautiful pussy, because once I start making love to your cunt, I know that will be it baby. I grab your thighs from the inside, push your legs way up, and drop down to make love to your sweet honeypot with my mouth. Your resistance is token, because you clearly want me to lick your willing cunt.

When you start by running the tip of your tongue all around my labia, I inhale sharply, and then I shudder while releasing my breath in the longest, deepest sigh imaginable.

I run my tongue up your pussy lip on the left, across your clit, down your pussy lip on the right, and then with the deepest penetration that I can, I insert my tongue into your pussy, pushing in and out, licking up and down. I repeat this many times, always looking into your eyes while I make a deep moaning sound. You are delicious. Sometimes I lick your entire pussy with the width of my tongue, and then I pay attention to certain spots with just the tip. I have both of my hands on the cheeks of your ass, massaging them with my fingertips. This seems to work for you too.

I am at your mercy. You are the maestro, and I now dance only to your touch.

Then, I start to focus on your clit. I run the tip of my tongue all around your clit, slow, fast, slow. I flick your clit with my tongue, and then I lick it a little harder, depending on your response. Your wetness is awesome, and I love it.

I have your hands in my hands now, and the way you tighten or loosen your grip tells me what to do. I love eating your pussy, and will do it all night if you want. (I have a huge hard-on while eating you.) I love my face covered with your pussy juice, and I can't get enough. But I'm not rough on you, not yet. Right now, the more tender licks and kisses are what you want, but I know that will eventually change.

I remind you to look in my eyes. When you do, I stop, and tongue your clit in a circular motion, slow, very slow. You like it.

Yeah, I like it. You can do this forever if you want to. I am yours. Do with me what you like.

After an exquisitely long time, I want to feel you orgasm while I am licking you. I want to feel you quiver, and get even wetter at climax. I want to feel you pull me away after you cum, because I will be driving you crazy by continuing to lick your clit after your orgasm. I get my wish in the most exquisite fashion. After your first lovely and vocal orgasm, my continued licking pushes you further and further, until you are overcome with multiple waves of pure quivering ecstasy. I want you, yet I wait, watch, and admire your purring contentedness as you very slowly recover. Then I roll us over, and place you on all fours, your ass in front of my face.

Oh my god, Wade! I was all melted and content, and now I feel like I will burst with pleasure combined with anticipation all over again. I feel you lightly touch your rock hard dick on the outside of my cunt, and my insides leap around in unsatiated desire.

“Tell me Deidre, isn’t this what you really wanted all along? Don’t you want me to be the bad boy after all?” I grab one of your lush cheeks hard, and then I smack your other cheek equally hard. Again, and then again, with the sound of my hand on your flesh resonating through the room, I spank you. “Tell me you are a bad girl. Tell me you want it, Deidre. And don’t forget to say please.”

I barely get my vocal chords to work since I am totally frozen and breathless from you spanking me. I put my upper torso and head down on the bed and lift up my buttocks ever higher toward you in out-of-control anticipation. I hear myself begging you, “YES. PLEASE. Wade, I am a bad girl, so give it to me baby, I am asking for it, oh please, oh please.”

I laugh, and press on, slowly, yet insistently. Your ass is so gorgeous, and I am enjoying watching my cock pressing on and around your delicious cunt while listening to you whimper and plead. Your eager pussy yields to me, and I enter your sweet cunt gradually, pushing slightly deeper with each demanding thrust. You are the most receptive bitch I have ever met, and now that I have fully entered you, I know you want me to pound you.

With me still between your legs and deep inside your sweetness, you drop your ass down to the bed, and you are now lying flat on your stomach, giving me a different access to you in the most god damn delightful way. Your legs are spread for me, and your feet, still wearing the wicked high heels, are thrashing around as I thrust. Your arms are way out to the sides, your hands frantically grabbing the bottom sheet in beautiful moaning agony. But I do not want to hit you hard or rough yet. As I slowly pull the full length of my member slowly out then all the way back into your liquid honey, I hear your pleasure as you moan in joy and in agony.

You close your legs as I move mine outside of yours, and it feels even better, if that is possible. As I push harder, you are frantically both praising me and cursing me, "Oh Wade, don't stop, you prick, don't stop!" But that is exactly what I wanted to hear, so I pause suddenly in my pushing, though my cock is throbbing with hot fervor for you. I ask you again, softly whispering in your ear, “Deidre, isn't this what you want? Tell me what you want now, sweetheart.”

I am out of control, I can’t take it any more! “OH YES, WADE! FUCK MY CUNT, THAT IS WHAT I WANT!” And I whimper, “Please, don’t stop, Wade!” I struggle now, desperately trying to push my legs back apart, pushing my hips up against you, trying to coax you, trying to encourage you, to move in me again. And then, at last, after what feels like an eternity of endless waiting and torture while you remain so big and so hard and so unmoving inside me, you finally resume fucking my cunt like you are the best bad boy EVER, your hot rod pounding harder and harder inside me. I am on fire for you, Oh God, I am ready to explode! “Come with me baby, come in me baby, OH GOD YES. YES. Ahhhhhh. Yes.” And I feel your explosion inside my own.

We lie together in a heap, smiling at each other and laughing, our breathing still hard and our hearts still pounding. We are collapsed in each other’s arms, completely coated with sweat and other blended fluids. The smell of sex fills the air, and there is nothing left to say that any words could say better.


Published in memory of a lover and co-author,
R.I.P. WSW.....
Love, DH

© Copyright 2011 Deidre Highland

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