Birthday Rememberance
By Poppy Rush
(MF, rom, oral)

Every six months Robert and I meet at some random hotel, booking in under the guise of Mr and Mrs Jones. Neither of us are married nor have any children, we both have very busy lives with our work schedules.

We were in the same class at school and about nine years after we left we met by chance in a cafe in our home town. He still lived at the farm owned by his parents, having his own cottage on the property. I had moved to the capital and enjoyed my job working in a financial advisors office.

The attraction I had felt for him was still there and I began to feel quite horny thinking of how I had been in my bed after school, my fingers rubbing my clit, imaging Roberts tongue flicking over the hardened nub.

While in the cafe, Robert invited me to his parents farm and he had driven us to the cottage he had a mile from the actual farm. A beautiful building that had obviously been renovated to modern living.

I knew what I wanted and he eagerly wanted the same, as soon as we were inside his lips were on mine. I was pushed back against the hallway wall, but even though he took me by surprise I kissed him back with equal passion. His hands roamed up my blouse and cupped my ample breast, squeezing them and then rubbing through the cloth of the bra to entice my nipples into stiff peaks. Roberts other hand was already undoing the button and zip of my linen slacks and they slid to the floor.

I quickly stepped out of them as well as my slip on sandals. Our lips travelled over each others faces, lips, eyes, neck. Tongues darting in and out, tasting each other. My own hands had easily gotten rid of Roberts shirt and pants and he pushed them out of the way. He picked me up and my legs came around his waist, turning, he carried me up the stairs, kissing my neck as I caressed his broad back and shoulders.

We entered a very tidy and very blue room, it was peaceful and serene. Falling on to the bed we continued with our kissing, Robert knelt over me and gently pushed his fingers against my panties, massaging my already damp pussy through the cloth. I moved my hips towards his hand as he began to get a little faster. Then he grabbed each side of the panties and pulled them off, exposing my smooth, hairless pussy to his eyes.

My wetness was all too apparent as his head lowered between my eagerly waiting pussy. Robert's tongue slowly licked from my pussy hole to my clit, so slowly it nearly drove me mad. I pushed my hips forward but he pushed me back. Then he flicked over and over my nub, driving me wild, he sucked on it and twirled his tongue around, pressing it harder against me then gently, then hard again. I moaned so loudly and withered beneath him.

While his tongue dipped in and out of my hot, wet hole his hands came up and gently twirled one of my nipples, while the thumb of his other hand caressed my clit. I couldn't take it any more. My back arched up and my body began to shudder as I had reached an uncontrollable orgasm. Robert continued his loving as I finally fell back against the bed, totally exhausted and satisfied.

Robert came up over me and smiled, brushing a wisp of hair from my face. I recovered pretty quickly and wanted to show him that I had a talent for oral too.

My hand immediately descended to his hardened member and it was quite an impressive eight inches, I doubted I could get all of it in my mouth but I would try my best. I lowered down taken the tip in my mouth and gently sucking on the end, swirling my tongue around and around. Then taken it as deep in my throat as it would go.

Robert began to thrust and I let him fuck my mouth, tonguing him as he fucked. I cupped his sac and squeezed, kneading them over and over, pressing the spot between his balls and anus, he groaned as I found the right spot.

My mouth sucked as he fucked and my hand came up and began to pump the root end of his eight inch shaft, his thrusting building faster and faster until he tensed then relaxed, and then thrust into my mouth again this time sending his cream deep into my waiting mouth. I licked every drop of his cum as he had mine. We lay together, both exhausted, both smiling and our sexual hunger sated.

We made an agreement that night to meet every six months and we've been meeting like that for over thirty years now. Today is my fiftieth birthday and I'm so excited to find out what Robert has in store for me. Wish me a Happy Birthday won't you?


Copyright 2010 Poppy Rush

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