Mia's Fantasy Fuck
By Rich
(MF, Fsolo, voy)

Mia had arrived on holiday at the beach resort determined to recharge her batteries both spiritually and physically. The breakup with Tom had left her drained, she had become void of all emotional and sexual feeling, she was a cold fish. She was 36 and needed a moment in time to be able to feel renew and reflect on who she was again. That is what she hoped this holiday would do.

At the hotel Mia did notice a nice looking man, dark swarthy gorgeous face, twinkle in his eye with an athletic physique through his tea shirt and shorts. Naturally he looked her way or so she thought. I wonder what he would look like in speedos the briefer the better. Mia was shocked a sexual thought the first one for months a re-awakening!? A wet shiver ran down her stomach in to her pussy. Who is he, where is he from? Oh well. A nice fantasy for the holidays to go with my reflective meditation, she thought.

That night her sleep was troubled feeling of guilt, loss, should I masturbate about Tom, or my Fantasy Man? No, no......no! The moment had passed, quiet reflection was what she needed, not a drenched pussy! The coldness enveloped her again as she drifted off to sleep, she wondered whether she would ever feel again?

A nice quiet beach, 3 miles along the coast, white shimmering sand, majestic cliffs had been recommended to her. The bike she had borrowed from the hotel took her there. Flip flops, shorts, tea-shirt and that bikini. The one that Tom liked, the one she thought she would never wear again. It was white, a very brief not quite see-through. Mia was 5'7, size10, athletic, gym toned with long legs. Looking in the mirror in the hotel earlier, Mia thought about Fantasy Man looking at her. This time her stomach and pussy tingled becoming wet, as she imagined him naked, dressed to the left, his big fucking great cock.........! Tom was gone, for now her Fantasy Man had come to her. Maybe he would cum. All over her. Or even better in her cunt! Her thoughts were like a runaway train. Sun, sea, sand and sex her friends had said, it was all true!

The memories stayed with her as she lay on her deserted beach. She thought it was the most beautiful place in the world. The smell of the sea, the swish and swash of the waves, the bright cloudless sky, the feel of the water enveloping her as she swam, the spiky tingle of the needle like sand all contributed to an overwhelming sensual experience. As she lay on her back the bikini was too small...and too see-through. Her breasts and nipples were desperate to escape and she took the top off. An overwhelming desire to masturbate took hold of Mia. Outside in public. On a beach…

The shiver and tingle in her pussy had become an itch that would not go away. She thought of taking Fantasy (Fuck) Man's cock in her mouth, sucking it, wanking it. Her right hand was deep within her bikini bottoms. Mia was dripping wet and she thought if I lay on my front and do not move, no one will notice. The problem was that Mia wanted to grind her pussy in to the beach. Mustn't move, she thought, people will notice. Mustn't make too much noise!!

And there he was, standing for real, in front of her in his little red speedos. The outline of his erect cock clearly visible. Rippled muscles with a 6 pack, 5'10, no fat, but it was his eyes that pierced her very core. The deep blue wide eyes that implored. The eyes that tormented, the eyes that seduced, the eyes that fucked.

He motioned Mia to stand up; suddenly everyone was gone from the beach. She was alone in tiny see-through bikini bottoms with her Fantasy Fuck Man It was not just her pussy that was about to explode, a million thoughts whirled round her head. She felt dizzy with anticipation and lust as she stood there in front of her FF Man. All he did was walk round her as he removed his speedos. His erection was huge and glistening with pre cum arched to the left. His muscles taunt and erect. Without her realising it Mia's hand glided over her tits, down her fluttering stomach and into her saturated bikini bottoms, feeling her clit and wet pussy. And her just looked and looked and looked!! His eyes piercing her very soul and devouring her body and he had not even touched her- yet.

And then he was kneeling in front of her, his eyes boring into her and with one strong muscular grasp ripped her bikini bottoms off, the fabric tearing across her pussy! Mia gasped and groaned and thrust her cunt into to the man's face, his tongue delved deep into her freshly shaven hole and flicked and fucked, it was the ultimate pussy kiss. It was less than a minute when Mia came. She shuddered and pushed her cunt in to his face, arching her back and groaning as she pulled on his hair. With heaving breaths Mia collapsed to the sand feeling overwhelmed, dizzy and giddy, laying on her back, legs automatically stretching apart.

FF Man stood before her, sweat glistening on his naked taunt body, his cock twitching and throbbing. He knelt down between her legs, moved his cock to within fuckable distance of her cunt, and yet did not enter. He rubbed his cock ever so slightly over her clit and looked at her!! “Who are you, where have you come from, what is your name”? Mia gasped. But FF Man said nothing. His breathing was raised and there was a hint of a groan.

”Please just fuck me” screamed Mia “fuck my cunt!! “ Mia was shocked, she never said these things with Tom, but that was then but this is now! She came again and again with the touch of his cock on her clit and screamed and screamed. Then he entered her, his thrusts were rapid, viscous, violent but deep, oh so fucking deep! Her cunt exploded again with a whole body orgasm was so powerful it came in waves and waves as she just surrendered to her burning desire for this man.

Then suddenly he pulled his cock out. Her body screamed in disappointment and she sat up looking at him full of lust. He was breathing heavily and moaning, running his hands up and down his shaft. “Masturbate for me my Fantasy Fuck Man. Come in my face, “she screamed. As she knelt, finger fucking herself before him, his cock was inches from her face. Throbbing, jerking, ready to explode. And then he came, a vision Mia would remember for ever, head thrown back, a huge roar, chest and stomach muscles ripped and taunt as his spurted warm spunk all over Mia's face, hair and tits. Mia closed her eyes as the spunk poured over her face and gouged her own fingers deep in to her pussy and came screaming again....and again and again!!

It could have been days later, in fact it was seconds, when Mia looked up. He had gone, there was no spunk on her face but her pussy was sopping and her bottoms were loose over her thighs. Mia adjusted her bikini, putting her top back on. It looked like he really was a Fantasy Fuck Man, but a eureka moment Tom was banished from her thoughts...... for now!

As Mia left the beach I could not help noticing her, gorgeous white bikini, very brief, very sexy, toned and tanned athletic body, not pleased, now got a hard-on in my red speedos. And I looked and looked and looked...! She was.... and is going to be my... Fantasy Fuck Woman!

© Copyright March 2013 Rich

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