By Poppy Rush
(MFdom, bondage, oral)

You had taken my innocence; you had taken my virginity and now it was my turn. Now I would punish you until you moaned for release.

We had undressed in a hurry and you sat expectantly on the edge of the bed watching me as I went to the wardrobe to get my new purchases. The black leather of the wrist and ankle cuffs felt cool against my warm hands.

"What's this then?" you ask grinning broadly, looking up at me all innocent like." Too scared" I softly taunt you knowing you'll take the bait. You never pass a dare by. "Get further on the bed, and put you wrist together." I buckle the cuffs around your wrists tightly and push you down on the bed. I take the thin rope and slide it through the metal loops on the cuffs, tying the rope through one of the metal bars on the headboard of the bed. I then do the same with your ankles, only your legs were spread-eagled and the ropes were tied to the bed posts.

Now I slipped a blindfold over your eyes and you laugh. God I'm going to enjoy making you squirm. I walk out the room and sit down and switch on the telly. Patiently watching some rubbish, I don't know what my mind was on you lying there, waiting. Ten minutes pass and you shout. "Have you forgotten about me?" I wait another five minutes.

I silently walk into the bedroom and pick up a long pink feather, leaning over you I slowly circle your nipple with the feather, you jump at the first touch." This is more like it." You say smiling and licking your lips. The feather circles your other nipple and then flicks across the points. It trails down your body weaving back and forward across your stomach and down your legs then back up to your waiting cock. I flick the feather across your hardening member and you wriggle, but you can't move much because of the ropes.

I feel myself getting wet in response to your arousal, I run the feather over my own nipples and for a minute or two concentrate on my own pleasure. The feather sweeps down my body and is slowly pulled back and forward between my thighs, making the feather is wet from my damp slit. I throw it on the floor behind me; I feel my clit throbbing with need.

I climb over your leg and kneel between your spread legs; I bend down and nuzzle your balls with my mouth and nose, taken in your smell.

My hand comes up and grabs hold of your sac, squeezing until you moan and try to move your cock up, trying to find my mouth. My tongue flicks out and slowly licks the head of your hard shaft; again you try to move your cock into my mouth.

I can't wait now my own needs are too much. I straddle you, inch my hot, wet pussy onto your waiting cock. You try and thrust your hips up but I push them down and continue lowering on to you inch by inch, until all your thick long cock is in me. I gasp with the need to ride you fast, but you must be punished slowly. I begin to move my hips back and forward, gathering speed, I thrust down on you feeling you deep inside me.

My orgasm is approaching and I can't help but ride you faster, thrusting my hips down on you. I can feel your balls slapping against my behind as you bounce under my onslaught." Come on Julie, give it to me, keep going." I scream out with my orgasm hitting me like a shock wave. I'm thrown back with the quivers running through pussy, my clit throbbing uncontrollably and then I fall forward onto your chest.

You're still hard inside me." My turn" you say smiling. I want to lie there on your hot body but the torment must last a little longer for you. I return to the television and sit staring at the screen not taking any of it in .I'm edgy all I want now is to go back into you. My plan was to wait half an hour, to really torment you. But I can't, I need to pleasure you as I was pleasured.

"Hey come on that isn't fair." you growl through clenched teeth, your hard cock swaying as you pull against the bonds around your wrists and ankles. I say nothing but you sense my approach. I climb over your leg and again squeeze your ball sac almost massaging it, not touching your cock. You moan and your back arches slight, your hips wriggle, trying to find a place to ease your needs.

I decide to put you out of your misery and my mouth lowers down to your eager and tormented cock. My tongue begins work on the head as my hand holds on to the root. As my mouth inches over your length my hand moves up and then down. My hand and mouth working together, mouth down hand up. My hand squeezes and I feel your urgency as your hips move up to meet my mouth.

Tonguing the head of your cock you give out a long groan and I again squeeze your ball sac. Your hips tense as the orgasm hits you, and then you relax. Then you thrust up again into my waiting mouth and the cream hits the back of my throat and runs down, another thrust and then you relax. Your thighs shivering with ecstasy and you whisper, "thank you, thank you."

I release your bonds and snuggle into your chest and we lie smugly smiling at each other in contentment. Enjoying the aftermath of our lovemaking.


Copyright 2010 Poppy Rush

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