Stephano and Delilah
By Deidre Highland
(Fsolo, MF, Cheat, Oral, Rom)

And you can be sure that if you're feelinŽ right
A daydream will last along into the night
Tomorrow at breakfast you may pick up your ears
Or you may be daydreamin for a thousand years
- The Lovin Spoonful

Though early in the evening, it was surprisingly dark outside her bathroom window. The shorter days of autumn pleased Delilah, as she ignored the looming winter months that would inevitably steal away the charm of cold air, early darkness, and long horny nights. She had just finished drying herself, everywhere except between her legs, where her sweet wet juices flowed nicely after she had fingered herself to a fine release during her steamy hot shower. Ah yes, the shower was just the place to indulge in the erotic fantasy world she had constructed with a very real but now very unavailable man, a man whose sexy imagination had taken her to the mythological moon, and beyond. But for now and for the indefinite future, these self-pleasuring sessions were the closest she was going to get to Stephano's beautiful, talented, and impressively over-sized cock.

Though she had orgasmed heartily in the shower, she was still feeling horny for Stephano and the exponential pleasure he had provided her over the past months. Until she met him, she did not understand how profoundly erotic the control of a dominant man could be. Through his seductive voice and dark deep sexuality, he lured her into a world where she was willing to submit fully to his desire. Quickly, she realized that being in his command was a wonderful place to be, as he rarely settled for fewer than 5 of her orgasms.

So on this night, after her shower had raised her body heat, she willed her erotic thoughts to flow in his direction. As she softly stroked the lusciously scented vanilla cream moisturizer onto her smooth fair skin, she imagined his big manly hands, instead of her own, sliding all over her body..

Suddenly she was drawn to an almost eerie brightness of the rising full moon outside her window, demanding her complete attention like a tidal pull on deep waters. With a clenching in her loins and a heaving of her breast, she opened herself to the possibility of the psychic visit her lover had promised, ever since he had to leave her to begin a new life undercover.

She still found it hard to believe sometimes, that the most exciting man she ever met was now living under a new identity with someone else. And a female someone else, at that. Tough break, that fact. But she was nonetheless glad she'd had him, even if only for that short but very very sweet while. And glad that when it was time to part, they agreed to pursue their sultry connection if they could, through their proven ability to imagine.

She threw a light silk robe over her nakedness and stepped outside in the cool night air. It was too cold for the flimsy robe, but she didn't care. She wanted to feel the pleasure of his presence out in the universe somewhere, along with the enduring pain of his absence. She loved forcing herself into the place where the very intense dichotomy of their raw desire felt most uncomfortable. The wind kissed her face and tossled her long dark hair harshly, just the way she'd grown to like his lovemaking. The tree branches, almost as bare of leaves as she was of clothing, rattled and clattered while ghostly clouds moved swiftly through the dark early November sky. Given the situation, what better way to explore her hunger than to experience the magnetic draw of the stark white full moon on her surging female energies?

Staring at the now silvery luminesence in the Scorpio sky, she knew intuitively that this moon and this stunningly sexy night sky were being simultaneously viewed by her far away lover. She could feel his intense sexuality beginning to fill her in some mysterious way, and her fluids flowed, her nipples hardened, and her sex throbbed even more than before.

As the ache grew inside her, she reached down again between her legs, gently running her fingers through her silky liquid honey, then sending herself into further agony when she hungrily sucked her own juices off her fingers, while imagining him doing the same.

She sighed as she remembered his seductive voice and his last words to her, "I'll be back." Ahhhh...those words were her bond to him. She had a sudden naughty yearning that she could be actually "bound" by him at this very moment, under this magnetic moon. But then that hateful old expression popped into her head, "If wishes were horses, beggars would ride", and she chided herself about wishful thinking. Yet, as she heard his voice within her, again and again, she burned for him. And strangely, she allowed herself to believe him. She accepted it as truth that he would return to her, somehow, some way.

And she sensed that this act of embracing hope beyond hope placed her in a sorority of women who, over the past thousands of years, for one reason or another, simply waited and yearned for the return of their lovers, beyond all rational thought. Women staring out of windows, women waiting day after day for a letter or a telegram or a phone call. Women who loved men who left them: sailors, and explorers, and soldiers. And even spies, like her MIA man. All these women living their life while suspended in the words of endless erotic anticipation, "I'll be back."

If Delilah was lucky, she would be one of the women who somehow managed to have fantasy fucks or lusty dreams when real ones were not possible. "But WHEN?", she had thought, at the time he said that he'd return. "When and how will you be back, my love?" She dared not ask the other even more disturbing question, "And what if I am unable to feel you if you do try to come back?" So she reminded herself that her lover was not only a very sexy man but a very clever spy with more tricks, charms, and intriques than the illustrious Mr. Bond, and she knew that if anyone could pull off this mission, it would be Stephano.

She stood in the darkness sensing this connection with him, now vigorously fingering her still hungry clit and uber slippery cunt, her knees beginning to get wobbly and weak. She thought back to that last time they were together, as they explored their continued need for each other during phone sex, instead of saying goodbye. She had been barely able to utter any words at all to him, knowing that it would be an unknown period of time before this could happen again. She wanted to feel it, to remember it, to let him take her completely, to be fully vulnerable to him, and to focus only his need instead of her words. And so she simply sighed and whimpered and groaned as he pursued her orgasms again and again, until she got lost in his dark lust and her own. She gasped and cried out when she finally heard him cum loudly and vigorously, as she joined him in a huge final orgasm. She savored the lush spasming that spread deeply into her womb as she imagined his seed running through her as if it were her lifeblood. Afterwards they simply lay breathing together into their phones, basking quietly in the glory of what they had. And then he spoke those words, I'll be back.

Remembering it all so vividly, she had her second orgasm of the November night, oh god, oh god, OH GOD. When she started to chastize herself for losing her mind over a mere phantom of a man, she giggled at her own predicament and wondered why she would ever NEED her mind to be intact when she could cum so brilliantly like this?

And since the night was still so young and the orgasm tally still relatively low, she reached for the rabbit vibrator that she had grabbed on her way outside to be naughty with the moon. The vibrator was another one of the erotic gifts from this man, and she saluted him mentally, wherever the fuck he was, as she roughly pushed the wondrous shiny blue device into her cunt and groaned as it slid way deep into her oozing wet folds. She knew from experience it would soon be a wild and frantic ride as she got ready to press the ON button. But, hey, It was currently the closest thing she had to "once upon a time."

But then the moon slid slowly behind a fast moving and strangely dark cloud, and it seemed like the light of the night shimmered and shook, causing her attention to the vibrator to shift imperceptibly into the background. She felt a brief shiver within and then suddenly visualized a woman of Victorian times, standing out at night on her widow's walk, staring at a huge moon that looked just like hers. The sound of the waves crashed around this woman instead of branches clattering, as she waited for her lover to return from a voyage at sea. He was a ship's captain, he belonged to a wife in another port, and she to a husband. Their illicit love was their passion, and the more they knew they couldn't have each other, the more they wanted it, and their lust was fed by their forbidden, delicious, and juicy fruit.

As vibrations rocked her inner space , Delilah maintained awareness of her own time where she was being worked over by the rabid rabbit sex toy, yet she felt increasingly immersed and enchanted in the world of this other woman, who was apparently now her alter ego, through some sort of mojo. She not only could clearly see this woman, but she also could sense her emotions as she stood right before Delilah on the rooftop platform, on this moonlit night, waiting for her seaman to return.

Funny, Delilah always pictured the women who stood on widow's walks hopelessly staring at the sea as somewhat old, haggard, and very despondent, dressed in black clothing buttoned up to the chin, with thick pantaloons and many layers of scratchy fabric covering up any bit of sensuality a forsaken widow might still retain. But not THIS woman. This beautiful woman was dressed in an airy slip, with her bosum bound and pushed up in a very enticing fashion above a tight corset-like bodice. This lovely woman wore no shoes, and the sheer fabric of her slip revealed that she wore no undergarments of any sort. Staring at her very visible and very swollen labia, Delilah now realized how hungry for sex this woman was, just like herself. And unlike folklore would have it, this horny woman from another time and place did not stand there staring out to sea while pining away. NO, this woman stood there caressing her blooming breasts and playing with herself, while the wind had its way with her. And simutaneously, Delilah felt an erotic pang of voyeurism as she watched "little Miss Victorian" slowly close her beautiful green eyes and throw back her head, clearly involved in personal reverie over what naughty things her seafaring man was going to do to her when he snuck back into her life again.

And now, magically, both women began to merge together through their common state of desperate need. The erotic tease of this fantasyland was way too sexy for Delilah to resist, so she let her robe fly open to reveal her own naked sexuality, and she took a giant step into this woman's world. Together the two fiddled and squirmed and gave in to the ecstasy they shared. Delilah smiled and wondered whether her counterpart was heading for her third orgasm of the night, too, as the two lusty women soon convulsed and bucked as if they were one, in that intensely uninhibited way that so often happens when masturbation takes place out of doors. Or, when masturbation takes place in the presence of another.

As the delirious waves of her charmed orgasm swept Delilah away, she stopped worrying about who she was or where she was and gave herself up completely to the evolving fantasy. Though still vaguely aware of the vibrations of her own backyard playtime within her cunt, her home now seemed to be the dream and this new world her reality. She suspended logic and allowed her beautiful mind to imagine she really WAS the other woman on the widow's walk, a very sexy woman who seemed to be holding a spicy hand of cards at this particular moment in the no longer distant past. And maybe, with any luck, this other woman's lover was coming back sooner than her own!!!

Delilah's instincts would prove to be correct as usual, yet little did she imagine how intensely erotic her predicament would soon become.

Alone now, she walked up to the railing of the high balcony, and took in the sights and smells of a small town by the sea. All of the quaint houses seemed to be lit from fireplaces within, and all had a stable or corral for horses outside. She deeply inhaled the smoke and the salt air and the knowledge that she was indeed in another time and place. She noticed that the moonlight again shimmered and shook around her while her insides did the same.

Then suddenly she sensed a powerful presence, but shook it off as her imagination running wild on her. That is, until she actually felt him, right behind her, and her blood turned to ice. Swiftly, a hard callused hand covered her mouth and a sharp knife was placed under her chin, and she could feel the blade's edge just barely touching her soft vulnerable skin. She could sense that her captor was a tall, large, and extremely muscular man who had wrapped both of his powerful arms around her from behind. Then she felt his slightly scratchy, yet seductively soft beard right up against her ear, and as his lips came up to her earlobe, he hissed at her with stunning fierceness, "Don't make a sound." Before she could respond in any way, she heard him whisper again, "So. You wanted an adventure, my lusty wench, and you've just found one. Since you've stolen the place of my other hearty lass, I am assuming you are willing to perform for me just as well as she." And Delilah heard a hint of a chuckle in her ear.

But laughing in this predicament was not an option for Delilah when he tightened his hold on her while pressing his loins hard up against her ass, as a very dominant hard feature of his lower anatomy gained her full attention. Oh shit, she thought, am I really ready for this? But then, her pussy throbbed hard within her, still horny from her earlier activities, and the intense yearning she felt inside her cunt spoke to her even more loudly than her fears. As it began to dawn upon her that she could not resist him, his next whispered words confirmed it. "You. Will. Be. Mine. Whether my sweet lass is ready, or NOT." She felt him blindfold her, and her fear returned in spades. The thought of being blind to the situation terrified her, and she briefly struggled but failed to impact his strong hold on her. At least he had removed the knife from her neck. But then, she felt the cold knife blade touch the small of her back, then slip inside her corset, hearing now the sound of the satin fabric being cut and feeling him tear the corset away from her breasts. She stood there topless, feeling the hand that had previously pressed harshly over her mouth now caressing her breast, in a surprisingly tender fashion, and her cunt ached even further. Oh god.

He took her left hand, momentarily kissed her palm softly, and then tied her wrist to the railing in front of her. And then the right hand. She took a swift intake of air when she felt him pressing her legs agart, but his hand did not near her female parts. Instead, he tied her left leg to the railing, and then, oh god, her right. And then he gagged her, firmly but gently. She was tied and tethered in a spread eagle position, and she now worried if her juices would begin to run down her inner thighs. She hoped not, since she did not want to give this savage seaman the satisfaction of knowing that he was turning her icy blood to fire. She shivered again, but told herself it had nothing to do with her captor; she was, after all, half naked with merely a flimsy skirt protecting her from the cold winds coming from the ocean. Yet, she could feel his heat radiating onto her from behind, and she warmed up more and more as she felt him pressing into her, while she shivered still.

She held her breath. Waiting. Wondering. There was nothing she could do. She struggled a bit, then gave it up. And she waited anxiously as the only sensation she could feel was his hot breath on her neck and the outline of his hard cock beneath his trousers, still growing as it pressed harder into her buttocks. Then she felt a second of a touch inside her skirt...his finger pushing past her hood, onto her wet clit, ever so briefly. Oh oh oh. She waited for more, more eagerly now. After what felt like an interminably long time, she felt his palm grab the flesh of her soft cushy mound. He kneaded her in a way she had never felt before, her clit underneath so happy with even this indirect contact. But after a few glorious minutes, his hand was gone again. She wimpered. He chuckled. And nothing happened.

Then his mouth was next to her ear again, still whispering, "Tell me, my naughty wench, that you want this hardened stranger to pleasure you as you've never been before. Tell me this is YOUR desire, not mine." And as she groaned, she nodded her head. Again and again, she nodded her permission to proceed, even though he did NOT proceed, until it felt like she was begging him to molest her. Her removed the gag around her mouth, roughly. "TELL ME YOU WANT IT", he hissed. "I want it, I want it, oh please, sir, I want it!!!!" as now she surely WAS begging, and she didn't care, because she DID want it. It was so wanton and fierce, and she felt she would die if she couldn't have this bastard all over her. And IN her. "WHAT DO YOU WANT?!" he insisted again. "I want a stranger to molest me, my Lord!! I want YOU to molest me!" she cried out in desperation. For this, she was well rewarded.

He untied her left hand and left leg, turned her around, and re-tied her, so she was now facing him. She felt his hands caress her lush breasts, and her heart jumped when his mouth covered one of her hard nipples, kissing and sucking her ever so gently, yet causing bolts of electricity to strike within her. After an exquisitely long period of fondling her breasts, his hands gently slid down her sleek torso and moved to her soft inner thighs, slowly working their way under her sheer skirt again. When she felt him kneel in front of her, she literally groaned in hot anticipation. He ripped off her skirt in one swift movement, and then she felt his fingers gently spread her labia. At last his hot tongue slid through her pussy lips and then up and down and through their satiny insides. Ahhhh, it felt so good that she decided that this was how she wanted to die, even while the terrifying recognition took place within her that dying was a distinct possibility, being that she was in the hands and at the mercy of this knife-wielding madman, in a land far away from anyone who knew her.

But as he kept up his pursuit, she released her fears to his surprisingly tender licking and sucking of her genitals, as he moved ever so slowly, yet ever so relentlessly closer to her clit, while avoiding any direct touch. She squirmed, and pushed her hips toward him, and decided to beg again, since begging had worked pretty damn well with her mystery man the first time. "Oh PLEASE, my Lord, lick my clit!" But he did not. In fact, at the sound of her words, he completely stopped licking her and moved his mouth away, but just far enough away that he could simply blow his hot breath up and down on her wet cunt. And then, oh god, he blew on her clit. She wanted to come more than she ever wanted anything, but she had learned her lesson and said nothing and stayed totally still, barely breathing now. She hoped he couldn't sense the massive quivering going on inside her, since he would surely use it against her.

Then suddenly, her body lurched as she felt at least two of his fingers slide inside her. And then his lips - oh those soft naughty lips - came up and began licking and slurping on her hot hard button. Everything he did was so unpredictable that it turned her on in a way she had never felt before. And yet, this man seemed to know exactly how she liked her pussy to be eaten. The only remaining problem was he would not let her reach the point of orgasm. He'd take her so close, so very close that her toes would clench, her legs and torso would stiffen, and then he would back off and return to softer more gentle manuvers.

Just when she thought she'd never survive the teasing of this prick of a man who would not let her come, he pushed Delilah all the way up to her breaking point. With a stern yet stunningly familiar voice, no longer a whisper, he commanded to her, loud and clear, "Now cum for me, my sexy horny one. Cum for me NOW, Delilah!" And in spite of her shock at hearing the voice of her lover, she came and came and relentlessly came. And now that she was finally allowed to come, he would not let her stop. "OH YES", she cried out, "OH YES YES YES YES!!" Her long drawn out ecstacy finally peaked in one last bit of frenzied convulsions, her cunt pulsing wildly around his sweet fingers. In the now quiet pause that followed her long exhale, he simply pulled out his knife without a word, cut off all her ties, removed the blindfold, held her cold shivering body in his strong warm arms, and kissed her. Impossibly, this man who she feared might kill her, this man who was surely the lover of another woman in the distant past, was indeed her Stephano, looking rather dashing with a beard.

He placed his heavy warm cape around her bare shoulders and took a few steps back, and she flashed him a radiant smile of pure happiness. Stephano's eyes twinkled back at her, but his facial expression was dark and commanding, without a hint of humor or tenderness now. Her soaring spirits froze mid-flight when she realized exactly what was coming next.

"So, my dear Delilah, you said you would wait for me, that I would always be enough for you. Yet tonight you begged a strange man to molest you, and you begged him to let you cum?!" Caught in her infidelity of spirit, her eyes lowered from his, and she knelt down before him, her posture both submissive and ashamed. "Forgive me, my Master. I was so horny for you."

"Is that why you wondered whether Alexandra's lover was coming back sooner than yours? How do you dare to tell me such lies!! Stand up and look me in the face before you try to insist again that you did not forget about me." She stood as her Master commanded, and looked up into his dark eyes as she spoke softly, "I did not forget you, Sir." And then she had to look away, since she did not want him to see the tears welling in her eyes, "I did not forget you. I MISSED you. Sir."

He reached into a large pouch that hung over his shoulder and pulled out a sexy leather implement, similar to a cat o' nine tails. Her cunt lurched, and her eyes widened, thinking about the pain and pleasure that was soon to come her way. Seeing the look in her eyes, Stephano laughed and said, "What implement of torture did you expect a marauding pirate to have, my lass?" "Pirate?" she asked. "I thought you were a Ship's Captain?" And he laughed heartily as he said, "Do you think a leopard can change his spots? Or that just because I am now in another time and place, I will not exercise my options to be and do as I please?"

And just as she started to laugh with him, he turned coldly serious. "Take off my cape now Lila, and turn away from me. Hands back on the railing, and bend over so your lovely bottom is jutting out toward my hungry eyes, NOW. I trust I will not have to tie you, since you are well aware of your transgressions. And then you can quietly contemplate whether I will punish you as hard as you deserve."

She turned away before speaking defiantly, hiding her smile. "Does that mean I will get my turn to flog YOU for your transgressions? With Alexandra? I believe that is her name." And he answered her so softly she had to strain to hear him, "Delilah. My dear. You know that no matter where we are or who we are with, I am always yours. And you are mine. And I will thrash you or fuck you or love you wherever and whenever I please." No words could have made her happier. She steeled herself for the first blow, again hiding her smile from him.

But he was not ready yet. "Lila, tell me darling, how many orgasms did you have while NOT thinking of me tonight? That will be your "magic number" for your thrashing. I believe it was four. Please count out loud and clear as I punish you." "But, Sir', she protested, "the fourth orgasm was with YOU!" "Do you seriously think I will forget the fact that you begged a stranger to molest you? And then you LET him?!" "But 'the stranger' WAS you!" she protested again. His response was to laugh in a very not funny way, as he intoned, "Your number will indeed be four!!!"

Before she could respond, she felt the searing sting of all nine cattails on her bare buttocks and the pain oozed through her like honey from a jar. "ONE", she counted, instead of crying out. Then again, with no time for recovery, she felt the nine strands of agony lashing hard against her raw pain again. Even in her predicament, she felt gratitude towards him, knowing that the serious implement he held in his strong hand could do far, far worse damage than this. "TWO."

She bravely tried to ready herself for more, but could only tremble and quake as her juices began to slide from her quivering cunt. She could never hide her erotic thrill at these punishments, and her dark desire for the pain he administered only encouraged her to behave ever more naughtily for him.

So she boldly spoke her need to him, which she knew was strictly forbidden. "Give me my third blow, my Lord, give me THREE." He would be even harder on her now, especially since she neglected to say 'please'. This next dreaded strike was hard enough to take away her breath and her dignity, and she came wildly and wantonly over the searingly beautiful pain. "THREE", she said, her voice now barely audible. As she desperately tried to compose herself, she sensed he was waiting for her to recover before administering the final blow. But she did not think her raw aching skin and raw aching psyche could handle any more of this. Perhaps she would die at his hands after all.

But then unexpectedly, he turned her around to face him, and she saw that he now stood before her naked, his height alone intimidating her, not to mention what stood out below. She dropped her greedy eyes straight down to his beautiful member standing tall, erect, and engorged for her. "I grant your petition, Lila. Your blows tonight will stand at three, since I can no longer bear watching you have all the fun, now that you have orgasmed FIVE times to my NONE."

With that, he shoved her head down to his groin, and she finally had that beautiful fucking cock right where she wanted it. NOW she could really, really show him her appreciation. She started by softly licking his luscious mushroom dome, running her tongue round and round his distinct rim, then sucking him all the way down her throat, and as she smelled his manliness, she was inspired to use every trick she knew to make him the happiest man in the world. She was so stimulated by his groans of pleasure that she felt an intense pressure welling up inside her again, and, outrageously even for her, she began to come again just from the splendid feel of his cock in her mouth.

But before she could bring him to orgasm along with her, he grabbed her in his arms, laid her on his cape now spread on the ground, and thrust all the way into her in one swift move. The shock of his sudden entry, combined with the searing pain of the welts on her ass, caused her to immediately convulse around his cock. She cried out as she now experienced the continuation of the wild orgasm that had begun as she sucked him. And as her orgasm continued, it swelled, while her lover stayed amazing still yet very present inside her, filling her completely with his massive hard-on, as she wildly experienced the extreme sensation and bliss of full blown ecstasy.

When her spasms gradually settled, he began to thrust slowly, ever so slowly in her, oh god, her pussy juice running like slick and flowing hot lava. His hands slipped under her buttocks, his fingers pressing into her agony as he caressed her bounty. Their tongues met with a hunger that no amount of kissing could assuage. Delilah sensed that Stepano's intense need for her would not allow a slow pace to linger. And indeed, the thrusting picked up, as he pushed his pelvis and his cock deeply into her, while he pulled her hips toward him in a mesmerizing rhythm. Her aching desire for him spread now throughout her body, as his size and girth pressed into her cervix and into her soul.

She was in complete and utter ectasy as she felt every ridge and vein of his large cock taking her, and she cried and screamed with her pleasure, digging her nails into his buttocks, wanting it to last forever, but knowing she would soon explode again. She knew that the next time she came, it would be with him, for nothing could satisfy her now other than feeling his hot cream spurting hard into her vessel, coating her cunt and seeking her egg. She arched her back, and when he pushed her legs up toward her shoulders, she felt like he was impaling her, increasing the pressure and the pain. He rammed her throbbing cunt ever harder until she felt their mutual need to cum approaching like a fast moving train. Then, at last, AT LAST, she heard him cry out for her, "AHHHHHHH, my darling Lila, my good good girl, cum with me now." And wherever they time-travelled to this time, it was a place well worth visiting.

After, they stood leaning into each other, looking at the sea and the moon for a long long time. But then, as strange clouds began to gather and the moonlight began to shimmer again, Stephano's tenacious hold on Delilah diminished, in spite of his best efforts. As she felt herself drifting away, she heard him say, once more, "I'll be back." No time now for sadness after all this joy, she realized, so she flashed him her most dazzling smile and winked at him as she faded from his sight.

And then there she was, back in her own yard, with soft sweet happiness radiating all around her, as she watched the bright moon come out again from the clouds. What a wonderful fantasy, she thought.

She smiled wryly as she reached for the blue demon vibrator that was responsible for all this, laying on the ground. Of course, her rabbit was no longer vibrating after all this time had passed. She would have to change the batteries, she thought with a smile, knowing that as satisfied as she was right now, it wouldn't be all that long before her horny juices began to flow again, hungry little slut that she was.

She opened the battery compartment to remove the spent ones. But with a gasp, she saw that the compartment was empty! She had forgotten to put any batteries in her vibrator before she ran outside to be naughty with the moon!

And finally she knew, for sure. All the vibrations she had felt were real. Magically fucking real. And she knew with all certainty that Stephano was still sharing this moment with her, from many miles away. She looked up at the moon and winked again, and then softly turned and walked inside.

© Copyright November 2011 Deidre Highland

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