Naughty Mercy
By Gothic Violets
(MF, Bondage, Humil, Spank)

Mercy only came because her friends laughed at her for being scared. She only came because of the stupid dare. May said they would meet her there, but no one showed. Even before she could knock on the door it opened, her English teacher Mr T stood there wearing black tight jeans and no shirt. His midnight hair came to his shoulders and Mercy couldn't take her chocolate brown eyes off his hard chest.

"Oh Mercy me look what we have here." He said as he took hold of her wrist and yanked her inside as the black door slammed shut. He reached behind and locked the door.

Mr T pressed Mercy hard into the door by holding her with his lower body. He tilted her chin upward so she could stare into his blue green eyes. He reached under her blue mini skirt, tore off her panties and he stuck his middle finger into her tightness that slowly became wet.

Mercy shook her head from one side to the other side of the door's hard wall. She was his student this was not right.

"Oh sweet Mercy. So ready." He whispered into her as began to trail kisses down her throat.

Mercy put her hands on his hard chest and tried to push him way. He wouldn't budge it was like moving a metal wall. Mercy tried again only to have Mr T grab hold of her hands. He smiled as he placed them into his pants and curled them tightly around his hard jutting penis. He helped her move them up and down the length of him.

"Oh Mercy me." He groaned, but then he choked on a yelp of pain as Mercy scratched her nails hard on him.

"You let me go." Mercy hissed as she managed to cut him again with her sharp nails.

Mr T smiled but didn't meet his eyes that showed anger matching her own. With a sharp movement he turned Mercy so her face was pressed into the hard wood of the door. He had her small hands both in his large left hand.

He held them over her head as he reached with his other hand to her front. He tore her skirt off, then her violet 'Hello Kitty' tank top along with her black lace sailor moon bra. Her large breasts bounced out into his hands as he tied her wrists to a black silk that hung over the door.

Mercy tried to pull her wrists out of their binds but it was no use. She winced when she felt a hard slap on her lush buttocks.

"Mmmm Mercy. Naughty Mercy." He whispered into her ear as he leaned close. So close she could feel his hot breath and his hardness resting between her two ass cheeks.

"Please let me go." Mercy whined, as he curled her dark brown hair around his large wrist. He pulled her head back as he pressed into her buttocks cheeks. He rubbed himself lightly up and down the length of her. Placing his hands on her shapely hips, he lifted her up and moved her up and down the length of his penis.

"Oh Mercy." He hissed as he lifted her higher as he thrust deep into her.

"Mercy so tight." He whispered as he moved at a very fast and hard pace. As he rammed against her, Mercy felt a weird warm feeling in her gut. "No way." She thought, as she felt wet slickness between her and the door. She bit back a moan when he moved her to the left and rammed even harder into her. The door knob pressed tightly into her pussy's clit as he kept thrusting and pushing harder into her.

Mr T pulled out of her after he heard her muffled moan. He took hold of her hips again and pushed her tightly into the door knob. He moved her hips up and down so she was rubbed harder against the door's knob. Mercy whimpered when she became wetter. Mr T patted her back side with a black paddle he found under the side table by the front door. He patted her bottom gently then raised the paddle and brought it down hard smacking her ass. Three, then Four times.

Quickly untying her wrists, he stuck the handle of the paddle between her legs and quickly moved it up and down hard against her very wet pussy. Mercy couldn't hold it in anymore. She placed her hands and over his and let him guide her to her second orgasm.

"Mr T..." She moaned.

He threw her over his shoulders like a sack of potatoes. "Mercy how can I play with you," he laughed as he carried her limp body up the stairs to his room.

Copyright 2011 Gothic Violets

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