The Coffey Shop
By Charley Stoney
(MF, oral)

It was late on a Friday night as Bill pulled his coat tighter in a vain attempt to block the harsh unforgiving wind.

“I can’t believe that that ass made me work late.” Bill muttered as he stepped up the pace. “Stupid prick, you never see him working late.” He continued to mutter to himself as he drudged down the road away from the stress of this horrible day.

Meanwhile several blocks away Stacey was racing down the street. You could hear her heels clicking against the sidewalk in an almost rhythmic fashion. The clacking drove her ever faster, in the fleeting hope that she wasn’t too late to meet her friends. The cold air almost burned her nose as her breathing started to become heavier. The thoughts of how great the day was supposed to go kept repeating through her head. She skidded up to the Coffey shop where she was scheduled to meet her friends. She immediately ran in.

“You just missed them.” The woman behind the counter said.

“Damn.... How long ago did they leave?” she asked the familiar face behind the counter.

“Umm...7, or 8 minutes I think?”

“They didn’t happen to mention where they were going did they?” She asked with a glimmer of hope in her voice.


Stacey said,” That’s ok; I shouldn’t have been surprised after the way this day has gone. In that case I will just have a big cup of Coffey.”

After receiving her cup she turned to exit, but the woman behind the counter asked her a final question. She turned to answer, placing her hand on the door as she did so. At that same moment bill was approaching the door. As he got closer, he saw Stacey; she caught his eye in a way like nobody else had ever done before. Seeing an excellent opportunity to be the perfect gentlemen he pulled the door open, with only the purest of attentions. As he went to do this Stacey started leaning, ready to exit the building. She lunged forward sending her straight into Bill’s lap, knocking them both over onto the cold cement below, with the succulent Coffey spilling everywhere.

“Wow. Are you ok? I’ve heard of angels falling from heaven, but I have never heard of one falling from a Coffey shop right into my lap.” Bill said seizing the opportunity he'd created.

“I am so sorry. I should have been looking at what I was doing but I was just so caught up. I mean it is so rare to find a gentleman these days…. And with such a corny line too.” Stacey spouted off

“I know, but when am I ever going to be able to use a line like that again. I will seldom, well actually probably never get such a beautiful woman to fall right into my lap.” He replied.

Stacey blushed as he spoke and replied with, “Point taken., You are so sweet to say that. I feel so bad, I mean I knocked you over and spilled my Coffey all down the front of you, the least I can do is buy you a cup.”

“That would be great.” He said with a smile.

They got up off the ground and headed in to the Coffey shop. They sat down at a small table in the corner with their Coffey.

Bill went on, “I just love coffee, especially on a cold day like today.”

“I know exactly what you mean.”

“Sometimes it gets to the point where your day has been really hard. Then you finally do get to dive into this cup, right front of you.”

As he spoke the words just seemed to melt away leaving a mysterious feeling of comfort and warmth in its place. His voice was soothing, she felt as if she could sit there forever mesmerised in his every word; the rest of the day’s difficulties just seemed to drift away like she sun over the horizon.

They spoke for what seemed like ages, with Stacey becoming becoming more and more attracted to him as the night grew. Before she knew it she had slipped off her shoe and began to run her foot up his leg, so as to try to give him a hint. Then came a pause in the conversation, Bill had stopped talking. She just sat there staring in to his eyes trying to extend the moment. Bill then raised his hand to her cheek and with a feather-light touch ran the back of his fingers across it. When his fingers moved across her silky soft shin, goose bumps grew on her arm as all of the hairs stood up. She began to tilt her head toward his hand as it slid gracefully along. With that they both leaned in for that first kiss, his hand coming to a rest with his thumb in front of her ear. Now both leaned forward anticipating the moment just on the horizon, as their lips neared.

Her heart began to beat more erratically the closer their lips neared. She thought, “This can’t be happening to me. This type of stuff only happens in fairytales.” Then their lips finally met with a burst of pleasure enveloping her body, his lips were so soft and slightly moist. It was almost as if there was an electric burst of pleasure spurting from each of them, the longer this moment went on. She raised her hand to his cheek as she plunged her tongue into his mouth. First sliding it along the front of his teeth, and then locking their tongues together. Her other hand began to tremble with excitement. So she grabbed hold of the table, to bite his lower lip ever so slightly, ending with one last sweet brush of the lips.

They slowly slid back, as Stacey began replaying the moment just before in her mind. Still uncertain that that had just happened to her, it was still so unreal. As she replayed it, over and over again, she began to catch her breath.

She finally broke the impenetrable silence, and said,” Wow... that was...amazing.”

Before they knew it the Coffey shop was closing, so they got up and headed back out into the cold. They walked hand in hand all the way back to Stacey’s apartment, talking along the way, one moment melting into the next.

As they stood outside her place holding each other, arms grasping tightly around the body of the other. Bill said, “It is hard to believe that this evening is coming to an end. It has been.... awesome.”

"I know what you mean. It has almost been like it’s out of some fairytale.” She replied, as she slid her hands from around his neck down his sculpted chest over to his ass.

With eyes locked they slowly closed them and kissed passionately. As she squeezed his ass she could feel his dick growing against her. He started to pull away being embarrassed by this, but she pulled him closer; she was getting incredibly excited, the very thought of his dick in her mouth was enough to have her scream. She had been so busy with her whole life she couldn’t remember the last time she had a good fucking. In her mind she imagined him penetrating every orifice of her body, cumming in her mouth and all over her chest. She plunged her tongue in to his mouth as he lifted up her skirt, and felt her voluptuous ass with both hands.

He lifted her off the ground then pushed her up against the wall. With that she wrapped her legs around his body, kissing his neck. She kissed a path to his ear where she gently nibbled on it then whispered into his ear, “Come upstairs with me.”

“Ok” Bill replied.

They opened the door and proceeded up the stairs to her apartment. While she opened the door, he began to kiss her neck. He started to massage her breasts with one hand, and rub her clitoris with the other. As the door creaked open she began to breathe heavier. She turned to kiss him, as he grabbed her ass and lifted her up, she wrapped her legs around him. She began to unbutton his shirt just as they entered the room.

The room was dark as they attempted to cross it. After almost tripping over a few things they fell over on to the couch. They landed with her on top, her legs straddling him. He pulled her shirt off gently, as she ripped his pants open then pulled them down. Stacey knelt on the floor in front of him. So he slid his legs forward, toward her. When she stood up and bent over to turn on a light he took the opportunity to move in behind her and pull down her skirt. She knelt down before him running her hands along his chest. She liked the feel all of his chest muscles under her fingers. She continued to slide her hands down his chest till she reached the elastic waistband of his underwear, and deftly she slid her fingers under. Then she slowly pulled them down, teasing him all along the way. When his dick did finally appear it stood straight up. At first his size startled her, he was larger than any other man that she had been with so momentarily she froze, in awe of this wonderful dick in front of her. After a short time he became slightly worried.

“Is something wrong?” Bill inquired.

“Nothing...its just...its...” She stammered.

“Is it smaller than...” Bill went on.

“No no no... It’s larger than my last boyfriend.” She said as she began to lick his dick, savoring every moment.

“Really...I never thought.” He said with a glimmer of pride and satisfaction in his voice. Her soft wet tongue felt ohhh, so good on his dick, he began to moan slightly as she tried to fit his huge cock into her mouth completely.

She found it hard to fit it all in her mouth. She continued to suck and lick his cock as she thought about what it would feel like to have it in her, penetrating her into the very depths of her soul. Her mind was focused on the lovely cock in her mouth as she licked the tip of his penis, all the while sliding her hand up and down, jerking him off. She carried on sucking, savoring the moment, until he came in her mouth; it wasn’t as much cum as she would have liked but the sweet taste made up for it all the same.

Just as he came in her mouth he could feel his penis beginning to become limp. So he grabbed her head and began to pull it up toward him, trying to avoid any embarrassment after that last conversation. He kissed her on the lips laying her down on her back.

As he began to do this she thought of her roommates coming back, so worrying they would come in at just the wrong moment she said, “No, not here; take me into the bedroom. Down the hall, it’s the last door on the right”

So with that he picked her up, carrying her into the bedroom. He laid her down on the edge of the bed, with the end of her legs hanging over the side. He moved up and started kissing her on the neck, then moving down to her spectacular breasts, savoring each moment with a tender soft kiss. He started to tease her nipples with the tip of his tongue, taking it and licking around the peak. The closer that his tongue got to the peak of her nipple, the harder her nipple got. He could hear her heart begin to beat faster, and faster. His kisses ran down her chest and stomach, all the way to her pussy; as his lips went down his hands went up to massage and play with her breasts.

His warm wet lips felt so good on her soft cool skin, and with each tender kiss the anticipation grew sending her heart beating faster; the progression of his warm body down to her pussy made her become more and more excited. The adrenalin began to pound intensely with a warm soothing sensation throughout her. Then he started to lick the outer lips of her pussy. She was already wet and excited from the intense anticipation of the moment to come. As he licked deeper into her it was as there was an explosion of pleasure that magically run rampant within her. With low moans and groans she thought the pleasure couldn’t get any better but it was about to; He cupped his tongue and began to run it up and down her enlarged clitoris. As he did this he first rubbed his fingers along the outer edge of her pussy then plunged then into her. As he plunged them deep touching her G-spot she let out a mighty moan.

She moaned, “OAHHHhhh Yes, OAHhh Don’t stop! Whatever you do don’t stop!”

Her hips surged up into his face, with back arched, as he continued, her pleasure spurring him on. He continued this action for several minutes, fueled by her moans of pleasure that excited him so. But she wanted more, she needed something bigger than this in her. So she reached down and pulled him by the hair to her face. His body followed sliding up her.

She yelled out, “Fuck me now, if you know what’s good for you.”

He pushed her back further on to the bed, and plunged his hard cock into her as she moaned louder. He fucked her wildly, pushing his cock in her as far and as hard as he could, while she yelled, “Harder, harder, faster.”

The bed began to shake against the wall with a rapid, bang bang bang, all in sync with him pounding her. She moaned louder and louder, he felt himself begin to reach the climax. Not wanting this to end just yet he tried to hold back as long as he could, until it was almost too late. He felt her begin to push her hips up like before so he pulled out and began to cum all in her mouth and all over her face. She licked up every morsel of sweet succulent goodness that busted out of his cock. Now as both were completely exhausted and dripping with each other’s sweat they lay there in complete bliss, wanting to continue but not having the energy to go on. For now this was fine but they weren’t done yet.

To be continued…..


© Copyright 2005 Charley Stoney

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