546 Main Street
By Jude

546 Main Street, on the corner of Carolina Avenue - somehow that address has figured large in my life for nearly 20 years now. Things always seemed to just "happen" there, good and bad. These days it's a Starbucks coffee shop but in my teenage years it was "Carlo's Ice Cream and Soda". Back then, we used to hang out at Carlo's, share blissful hours listening to the old jukebox and flirting with all the local boys. Hanging out there after school and at weekends we learned about life, dreamed of escaping our small town, made friends over cokes and lost friends when we heard they'd driven their father's Buick into the river. It was there I met my first lover, my first husband and it was there, much more recently, that . . . oh, I'm getting ahead of myself.

Old habits die far too hard and even today, on any given Saturday, I spend an hour or two at 546 Main Street, sharing a coffee and all the latest small town gossip with my best friend of 20 years, Shanie. That particular Saturday we were a little earlier than normal, Shanie had an optometrist's appointment and we planned to have our coffee before heading off to pick out some new frames for her.

That evening Shanie planned to take time away from her young family and join me at a concert by one of our very own local boys made good; John Porter. John, or Johnny as we knew him, was born and raised in the next town, went to school with lots of us, made it to California and found success with his band. Most of us around here knew members of John's band, hell I even dated his drummer, a long time ago. These days John still manages to hit the lower end of the Billboard charts with his CD releases, still tours all over the country, and still lives a Hollywood lifestyle.

It had been a long time since he played his hometown, and a lot of us, especially those around my age who had known and gone to high school with John and his band, were looking forward to the concert.

"So, your date with Ed wasn't a success then?" Shanie returned to our table and set my second latte in front of me. She immediately set about sipping her own cappuccino.

"Nope." I thought back to the previous evening and my quiet dinner with a colleague who I thought might be poised to be something more. Ed was a nice guy, but obviously shy and not ready to move on from his last girlfriend - I knew that, even if he didn't! Like most of my dates in the previous few years I started out with hopes of passion and finished the evening relieved that it was over.

At thirty-three, fit and still with most of my looks intact, I craved companionship, intellectual stimulation and passionate lovemaking like never before. Having been through one husband and sixteen lovers of various skill-levels and durations, I was running out of options in our small town. "I'm figuring all the decent men have moved away now." I wistfully stared into the froth on my drink. "Not much left out there that I haven't dated, loved or been stood-up by."

"I'm sure there's someone out there doesn't fall into that category." Shanie tried to be positive.

"But they'd probably fall through the door drunk every night."

"Thank goodness I've got Frank," Shanie started off down a familiar monologue about how her husband was always ready for her, was such a good lover and had the biggest cock in town. I always thought that, knowing Shanie's history, she was well-placed to judge. Self preservation had me switching off from the conversation at this point, a lack of sexual activity for over a year now had me wondering if I would ever know what a cock felt like inside me again, never mind finding a good man to share a good fuck with.

My eyes had started wandering around the coffee shop as Shanie continued obliviously to remind me of my unfulfilled desires. I didn't notice him hardly at first, then my eyes caught up with the guy who'd come in and was heading to the counter and my brain insisted there was something familiar about him.

I watched as he slowly walked past the tables and sofas near the door and over towards the counter, where he stood back and read the menu board before stepping forward to make his order. I guess I knew instantly who he was, but tried to convince myself it wasn't him, not wanting to peel away the outer layer of my soul and open it up to the harsh stinging touch of a day long past, a deep regret.

"Spotted some fresh meat?" Shanie giggled to me as my eyes locked on the newcomer.

I gazed on just a few seconds longer before answering, "Nothing fresh there. That's Wayne Kelly."

Shanie's eyes flicked back to the figure waiting for his drink. "Oh . . . my . . . God. So it is."

As I continued to focus on Wayne my mind flashed back to another time, same place and how close he came to becoming my first lover. We'd dated for almost two months, it was all good. I knew he was leaving to work as John Porter's drummer, but he swore he'd come back. We had a date on his last night in town and I'd decided to surprise him, give him all of me. That afternoon my dad took ill and I never made it to Carlo's, where we were to meet. Those were the days before cell phones and I basically stood Wayne up. We hadn't spoken since.

Wayne smiled to the barista as he took his drink and started to slowly retrace his steps to the door. He was almost past us and gone when I heard myself say out loud, "Aren't you even going to say hi?"

Wayne stopped and looked at me, too startled to take much in, but then his features softened as he recognized me through the years. "Claire?" He smiled now. "Shanie?"

Shanie stood up and hugged him while I sat coolly and shook the hand that he offered me. "Wow, it's so cool to see you guys. It's been a long time. You look good, really good. All grown up, but looking good."

I felt Wayne's eyes run over my trim figure, pausing at my larger than ample chest. It felt good to be checked out after all this time, but there was no way I was going to give him the pleasure of knowing it. Shanie could bat her eyelids as much as she liked, I was going to be cool. I might have been the one who stood him up, but he could have made some effort to talk to me afterwards, find out what happened.

We chatted pleasantly for a while, catching up and smiling at the old days. It was a nice warm feeling as the atmosphere lightened and I felt myself melt towards Wayne and remember the feelings I had for him all those years ago. Wayne was only around for one night, the tour moved on the following day and he was taking a short break from their sound check to look around his old town.

"Look, sorry, but I've really got to get back." Wayne stood up and I noticed his powerful arms and chest stretching the thin cotton shirt he wore. "Are you girls free tonight? Would you like to come to the show?"

I told him we already had tickets.

"Great. Look, why don't I leave a couple of backstage passes for you at the Will Call desk. After the show you can come to the dressing room and have a few drinks with us. It'd be good to catch up with you some more." It seemed a genuine offer, not just a line.

I watched his tight denim ass as he left the coffee shop, but I'd obviously missed the real bulge in my eagerness not to appear eager.

"Did you see size of that?" Shanie giggled when the door was closed. "It was half-way down his thigh, might be the first one I've ever seen bigger than Frank's. He's either got a sock down there or you really missed out on him. God, I guess you never really know with rock stars, but that looked a pretty nice package to me."

I tried to cast my mind back to dating Wayne. I'd never seen nor felt his cock skin to skin, but I had rubbed him through his jeans once or twice. I remembered thinking he was hard as he pushed against me, but the size probably didn't register much back then, as inexperienced as I was.

Shanie continued to talk excitedly about going backstage with John Porter after the concert while I sipped at the last of my coffee, wistfully thinking about what might have been, and just allowing myself to wonder a little if I might just get another chance.


In the end I went backstage by myself, Shanie failing to get the okay from Frank to be out extra-late. When we first picked up the passes Wayne had left for us I had resigned to not going at all, but through the concert, watching him pound out the band's rhythm with power, skill and sweat, I decided I really did want to meet up with him and chat awhile. I tried to tell myself I wasn't interested in finding out if Shanie was right about his cock, but I couldn't completely dismiss that possibility either!

I nervously showed my pass to the staff and found my way to the door of the dressing room. One final flash of the pass, and the security guy opened the door and let me in. Immediately I wished I'd gone home too! The room was teeming with people, swarmed in groups around the band members, smoking, drinking and generally a lot younger than I was!

I took a few steps into the room, looked around me and was just about to make a swift exit when I spotted Wayne. He was sitting on a table at the far end of the room, laughing with a group of people, mainly young girls, and handing out used drumsticks to people as souvenirs. I watched for just a moment as he held court, in his element and totally comfortable with himself. In that instant I saw the boy I'd known all those years ago, and wanted him very badly.

The instinct to run away started to go, but I stood there helplessly, feeling a little alone in a room full of people and, if the truth be told, feeling a little old also. Fortunately, Wayne spotted me, slid off his table and started to wards me with a broad smile.

"Hey," he stooped to peck me on the cheek and hold my arm with a comforting grip, "I'm glad you could make it. It was such a thrill to see you today. I didn't want to leave again without spending some time with you. And man, you look so good."

He ushered me over to a table and offered me a drink from a generous spread. I took a plastic cup of wine from him and followed him away from the makeshift bar. Wayne led me to an unoccupied two-seater sofa at the far end of the room and stood by while I sat down. Then he joined me, letting his thigh rub tight against mine.

"So, you ever going to tell me why you stood me up that night?" He smiled hugely as I squirmed a little at his bluntness, however good-natured.

I sipped at my wine and told him the story of my father, how I'd tried to call him the following day, but he was gone and the rest was history. "Forgive me?" I asked with a slightly wistful air.

Wayne looked at me with sincere, deep blue and very familiar eyes. "Hey, the way I felt about you then, how could I not forgive you? I wish I'd come back looking for you a long time ago. Things kind of got out of hand a bit for the band after that, water went under the bridge faster than I ever thought and I just kept thinking it was too late to come back for you." He took my hand and gave it a little squeeze. I should be the one asking if you forgive me. Can you?"

I nodded, not wanting to take my eyes from his and the moment we were creating.

As we chatted and laughed away the missing years I took stock of Wayne, ten years on. He still had almost all of his thick black hair, his eyes brought back dates we'd had, parking out by old man Hilliard's orchard and the feeling of his tight thigh-stretched jeans pressing into my similarly-clad leg was starting to light a fire elsewhere in my jeans. His skin told of a few years, probably more than a few drinks and I'm sure more girls than I could imagine, but overall he wore well and was obviously fit, pounding the drums every day.

As we swapped stories of the missing years I glanced occasionally to see if I could catch a glimpse of what Shanie had spotted, but failed miserably. More and more as we chatted I found the desire to find out growing in me.

After an hour the crowd started thinning a little and occasionally as someone left they would ask Wayne to add his autograph to a CD cover or a poster. Each time he did what he was asked, always smiling an apology to me as he took his attention away to do so. "Anywhere we can go to chat a little more . . . if you'd like to of course?" He asked as he handed back a CD to one fan.

I laughed a little. "You know this town. Nothing much changes. There's a dance club, but it's too loud to talk there. Anyway, I'm hardly dressed for dancing." I indicated my Levis and silk shirt.

"Looks fine to me." Wayne smiled. "What about we get a coffee and walk a little while? I'd like to have another look around if you don't mind. And . . ." he stood up and offered me his hand, "I can't think of anyone I'd rather go back in time with."

We left the theatre through a back door, walked around and found a small coffee shop just as it was closing for the evening. Wayne joked with the girl and persuaded her to rustle us up a couple of large lattes. The next hour was a blur as we walked around some familiar streets, discussing our childhood days and throwing away years of adulthood. We felt close, as only very old friends and nearly-lovers can. When our coffee cups were discarded he took my hand and gently steered me across roads and down streets he remembered. I was a willing accomplice in recovering Wayne's memories and couldn't help but notice I was melting in his presence.

Once or twice I made a sly attempt to see if there was any evidence of what Shanie claimed to have seen, but either my angle was all wrong or she had been teasing me. Still, as we walked through the darkened early-morning streets I started to get the feeling that I would know for sure soon enough.

"Where are you staying?" I asked as we sauntered down a street from his past and my present.

He mentioned the only decent hotel in town, a ten-minute walk away. "Why?"

I tried to keep eye contact, but the moment lost me and I looked at a house to my left. "Because I live here and we could have another drink if you like."

Still holding my hand, Wayne started up the path to my front door and said, "Nice place."

I walked through the lounge and hallway, switching on but dimming the lights as I went. Wayne paused to look at my CD collection as I made it to the kitchen. I thought of asking if he preferred more coffee or some wine, but decided to go with the wine.

I was opening a bottle of Californian white when he came into the kitchen and asked. "If you're dad hadn't taken ill that night. We would have made love. Right?"

"Right." My voice quivered a little and the heat between my legs increased a little.

"Right." He paced around my small kitchen area. "I've always thought that. Always gnawed at me. Always wondered . . . you know . . . what if."

"Same for me." I put the wine down on the counter and turned to face him, hoping he didn't notice the extra moisture in my eye but that he did notice the extra button I'd undone.

He walked forward and wrapped his arms around me. "You were very special to me. I needed to go, I needed the career it gave me, but I wanted you, you were the only regret I ever had."

"Regrets aren't good." I looked into his eyes and he leaned forward and kissed me.

His lips pecked all around my lips as his arms pulled me closer. Then, when I felt his chest against mine, his thighs against mine and his lips closing around mine, I opened my mouth and tasted him for the first time in way too many years.

More than anything it was his arms around me that dissolved me. For so long I'd only felt the touch of inexperienced local men and boys, now here I was in the arms of my teenage boyfriend who'd been around the world and come back home. I felt warm all over, let my hands wander over his back and down to pull his ass into me. My fingers slipped into his jeans' pockets, just the way they did when we dated all those years ago.

"I missed you so much for a long time." Wayne looked down at me and I saw a passion in his eyes that I'd not seen in a man for so long. "I wish I'd come back, but I just . . . God, I wish I'd come back."

"No matter," I smiled and pulled my hands up to start unbuttoning his shirt, "Things happen for a reason, you're here now, let's do something about all those regrets shall we?" I pulled him tight against him again and kissed him. This time I could feel that he was ready to do something about those regrets, and that Shanie was probably right after all.

I pulled open his shirt and ran my hands across his chest, feeling the muscles and watching as the hairs sprang back into place as they were released by my hand. I found a nipple and tweaked it, feeling him harden, not the way mine were hardening, but there was a definite change in shape there. His hands were all over my ass, pulling me up and into him, his fingers as far around as they could go, trying to reach up to the heat coming from my crotch. I kissed him again and let my hand wander down between us to the front of his jeans.

I almost broke our kiss and gasped when I found him. He had been down his jeans' leg and was now trying to erect from those confines. The result was a huge bulge that stretched down his leg. I grasped the bulge with my hand and squeezed. Wayne pulled hard between my legs from behind.

"My God," I breathed to him, "you feel huge."

He thrust his pelvis forward as he answered, "You feel great."

Without another word he lifted me off my feet and through to the lounge. There he laid me gently on the sofa, kneeled in front of me and kissed me softly as he started to pull at my T-shirt. I sat up and allowed him to pull the shirt over my head. Victoria's Secret had done me proud and my light blue bra contrasted nicely with my skin.

"I only ever touched them like this." Wayne reached out and ran his hand on the outside of the material, pushing my 36Ds back to me and bringing them ever more alive as his hand wandered. "I always wanted more, you always had the best tits in school."

As he reached behind me to unclasp my bra I started to unbuckle his belt, pulling at him urgently, needing to release that monster I knew was in there. He pulled my bra straps down over my arms but I continued to work at his jeans, only displaying my chest fully after I'd unzipped him and fished inside his pants for him. He was so big it was impossible to release him while he was kneeling so I asked him to stand while I pulled away his jeans and boxers.

He was enormous. I'd never had such a big cock at my disposal. He was at least nine and probably ten inches long, with a girth that matched. The head was smooth and swollen, pulsing with his heartbeat as it tried to stretch even further. As I ran my hand over his length I wondered at his hardness, the power of his cock and how straight it was - just a slight bend that might ensure some extra pleasure when I got him inside me.

Wayne reached down and let his fingers play with my nipples a little and as he gripped them tighter and squeezed I reciprocated by squeezing his full balls. I couldn't take my eyes of his huge cock as I played with it and felt his hands caress my boobs. There was a raging fire in my pussy, but I couldn't resist one of my very favorite things, especially with such a magnificent tool.

I pulled Wayne towards me, forcing him to let go of my tits but allowing me to ease his hard on into my cleavage and wrap my tits around him. I looked up and saw a familiar smile beam down at me. "Your cock feels good there. How's it feel to you?" I pressed my tits in towards him and eased up and down while I spoke, stroking him with the soft flesh, watching as at least 3 inches of cock came up and down in front of me. I'd done this before a few times and the most cock I ever saw coming up was a tip, or a head. He was so big I was able to incline my head down to him and lick the end of it as he stroked upwards. Each time I flicked it out he whispered, "Oh God" as I wrapped my slippery tongue around as much of him as I could.

Wayne stood before me, easing his cock between my tits and breathing heavily. "Ever since we met this afternoon I've felt like a teenager again. Another minute or two of this and I'll be cumming like a teenager. This is incredible. Oh God."

He inclined his head backwards and his cock came up through my cleavage once again. "It's okay baby," I reassured him, "go ahead, cum for me. We've waited long enough, cum."

It was almost immediate. A couple of thrusts of his hips, and extra squeeze from me and that huge cock started jumping between my tits and spitting long white streams of cum over me. When the fifth and sixth spurts subsided and the very last of his seed seeped out of him I looked up, cum on my cheek and chin, and smiled at Wayne. He shivered as his body returned from the high of his climax and swallowed in satisfaction.

"My, my, you do seem to cum a lot Wayne." I let his cock ease out from between my tits and wiped up his ejaculation with my hand. "I think if I'd seen that all those years ago I might've been shocked!" It sure put most of my previous lovers in perspective! There was nothing worse than giving your finest blowjob and some unappreciative guy dribbles out a little cum for you. Wayne's spurting display was just reward for letting him fuck my tits.

"That was seventeen years of desire, right there." He grinned as he started to pull apart the buttons on my jeans.

"I know how that feels." I started to push my jeans off my hips for him, "seventeen years is a long time to wait for something."

Standing with my panties and jeans around my ankles, Wayne pulled me to him again and drove his urgent tongue deep into my mouth. I felt one hand on my ass, clamping me to his semi-hard cock and the other coming back to keep my nipples fully aroused and stoking the boiler between my legs. I lifted a knee up to his side, the better to get my heated pussy next to his skin. I managed to press hard enough to get the tiniest rub of my swollen clit against his thigh, shooting waves of pleasure all around my body.

"Mind you," Wayne broke out embrace and started to ease me to the floor, "seventeen years ago I probably wouldn't be able to do this."

He laid me on the floor and held each of my breasts to his mouth while he licked, sucked and flicked his tongue at my nipples, forcing me to close my eyes and concentrate on the pleasure flowing around my body like super-heated blood waking up every nerve I had - and some that I never knew I had. By the time he'd worked his way down to my pussy I was almost ready to scream with need.

Wayne knew his way around a slick pussy - that was certain. I felt his hands softly caress my thighs inside and out as his tongue drew delicious long licks up and down my lips. I relaxed and started to float on the pleasure he was building in me as he patiently worked my aching pussy, occasionally delighting me even further by darting his tongue inside a little way. It had been such a long time since I was so totally in the sexual moment and without realizing it at first I was touching my own breasts and pulling gently on my own nipple.

I felt the lightest touch of the drummer boy's fingertips creeping up the inside of my thigh, inching towards the furnace that was being stoked by his expert tongue and sucked by his teasing lips. Without pausing, Wayne let his finger keep on crawling through my lips and deep into my soaking wet hole. With his finger firmly wedged in there, he continued to lick me, but now he'd moved on to some super-fast flicking of my clit with the very tip of his tongue.

I knew it was only a matter of time before the building climax started to shatter my reality, but there was one thing in the world I wanted more than a huge orgasm with Wayne's head between my open and wanton thighs. "Wayne," I found the words hard, my heart pounding with excitement and anticipation, "you think you could please get that cock of yours inside me? Like, NOW!"

He straightened up from licking me, bringing with him a freshly hard cock that was as impressive at second sight as it was at first. I eased a cushion under my head and watched as he flattened my right leg and held my left bent and away from me. Straddling my right leg and holding my left with his hand he took hold of his huge dick and took aim for my open, wet and ready pussy. As he started inside me I couldn't quite believe how long the sensation of that first thrust went on. Deeper and deeper he came into me without a single stop. I felt him bump up against the deepest part of me and realized that there really was something in the size argument. Never before had anyone been quite so deep in me.

As he started a slow, steady, rhythm of long strokes inside me Wayne reached up and took hold of my breasts one at a time and pressed them into me, twisting the nipples between his fingers and rolling them as he moved from one to the other. I felt him start to run his tongue along the inside of my calf, which he was supporting with his hand and I gasped in pleasure at the totality of the lovemaking. His hand found its way back to my clit, making sure it was keeping pace with the rest of my body as he carried me closer and closer to the moment.

"Cum inside me." I urged. "Deep inside me, I want to feel you."

Wayne, had started to breathe deeply and had now increased his rhythm, pulling me along with him as his fingers rubbed me and my clit cried out for more. I knew he couldn't last much longer and started my own counter rhythm, meeting his strokes with thrusts of my own and encouraging him with everything I had.

Wayne took the hint, let my leg come back down to the sofa and grasped my hips to aid his slowing and lengthening thrusts. It was only moments later when I saw his belly start to tighten and he brought his other hand back to finish my clit off. I slammed back at him for all I was worth, knowing that I would lose what little control I had over my own body at any moment. As I came I took one last look at Wayne's scrunched pre-orgasm features as I closed my eyes and let the moment have every last inch of my body.

The intensity of it all was incredible. All at once my whole body was molten pleasure, my pussy was hosting a huge cumming cock and Wayne was still rubbing at my clit, teasing every second out of the biggest climax of my life. I felt his ejaculation shoot hard inside me as his strokes broke their rhythm and his monster cock literally jumped inside of me, spurting and shooting another load of his lovely thick white cum.

As the last quakes of our shattering moments subsided Wayne eased himself down beside me, his cock still staying easily inside me despite deflating. He wrapped his strong arms around me, smiled one more time and pulled me close. I felt his skin rub against me, seemingly from cheek to toe, both of us making tiny movements, keeping out nerve endings alive and high. Seventeen years had disappeared between us.

As I lay in Wayne's arms, seventeen years after I should have lost my virginity to him, I thought again of the magic of 546 Main Street. That morning I'd been having a coffee there, wondering where my next date was coming from, never mind the most intense lovemaking of my life. I held onto Wayne, felt that monster of his against my thigh and smiled at the thought - like I said, things happen at 546 Main Street.

Copyright 2005 Jude

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