By Ms Welshflower
(MF, job)

End of conference day, long, hot and mainly boring. I needed some excitement but bored with the conversation in the bar Id gone up to my room to unwind. Time to hit the mini-bar what the hell. I poured myself and Gin and tonic and slipped out of my work shoeswow that felt better. I unzipped my dark grey shirt and let in fall to the floor feeling cooler and more relaxed I padded around the room in my stockings.

Not a bad room I thought (these Americans are so much better than us Brits at building hotels), nice big king size bed, huge television, fridge with loads of ice and a bathroom to die for. Huge tub and a big, big shower. I unfastened my case and took out my toiletries bag and was arranging them in the bathroom when the phone rang. (Hey there was even an extension in the bathroom!)

It was Mark let me tell you about him. Hes the sales director from New York tall, muscular, to die for looks and only 26. Id tried to get his attention all day but he was always rushing to meet someone but why would he want to talk to a 30 year woman, he must have every 18 year old secretary in NY chasing him. He was phoning to apologies for ignoring me all day and for being such a poor host to his overseas colleagues. "Why not come down to the bar for a drink?" he asked. It was real difficult to refuse, but I said I was tired and needed to relax a bit. He said something nice about understanding and we hung up. I immediately regretted it. I should have put my shirt and jacket back on and gone done to the bar. I was kicking myself. Id got myself another drink and decided to have a shower. Perhaps I would go down to the bar afterwards...

I started to undress, just rolled off one stocking when my door buzzer went.

Puzzled I went to the door, and put on the safety chain, opened the door and peeped into the corridor it was Mark with a bottle of wine, "Hi", he said, "thought Id bring you a drink up".

Without thinking and sounding a bit too eager I said, "Come in, come in".

I unclipped the chain and opened the door. Mark stepped in and as he quickly looked me up and down I suddenly blushed with embarrassment. I was wearing no skirt; my silk blouse only just covered my knickers and had only one stocking on, the other in my hand.

"Sorry, I was just going to get into the tub, but come in please". I took 2 tumblers of the fridge top and gestured to Mark "these will do, you pour the wine, I put something on".

"Dont bother on my account", said Mark, "you look just wonderful".

We smiled at each other and I glanced down to his trousers there was the distinct bulge that only a man can form.

He opened the wine (hed even brought a bottle opener) and filled the glasses far too full, taking one I said, "Cheers! Thanks for coming to see me" .

"The pleasure is mine", he said, smiling back, "If it's not to forward, you look wonderful in your stockings".

"Well one only". I joked. "I feel I should take one off or put one on".

"My choice would be on", he smiled. Taking the loose stocking out of my hand he said "May I?"

That made me so horny; he was asking to put my stocking on for me! What could I say but "yes".

I sat on the edge of the bed and pointed my bare foot. He kneeled in front of me, rolled up the stocking and then slowly put in on my foot and unrolled it up my leg. I opened my knees slightly to let him smooth it up my thigh.

As I lifted my leg my blouse rose up showing Mark my dark blue, lacy hipster knickers. He smoothed the stocking along my thigh and without removing his hand he said, "hows that?"

"Perfect", I replied.

I could see he had a full erection tucked away inside his trousers. I put my foot on his thigh and, watching his face, and moved it up his leg until my toes were pressing against his hard-on.

"I think youre really enjoying this, arent you?"

He nodded back saying, "Stockings and feet really do it for me".

Oh god! How kinky! Id never met a man with a feet and stocking fetish.

"If you were to take him out", I said nodding to the bulge in Marks trousers, "perhaps I could make you feel more comfortable".

Mark needed no second chance, he unzipped his trousers and pulled out a gorgeous 8 cock. I leant back on the bed and put both feet against his thighs and rubbed his cock with my toes. This was definitely strange for me but I was loving it. So simple, so sexy and so naughty. Mark took hold of my feet and started pumping his cock between them. His fore-skin was now full drawn back and the shiny head of his cock was being pushed between the soles of my feet.

I drew my knees up, and he was now leaning more over me. He was close to cumming by the sound of his breathing. He looked at me and said, "I want to cum so badly, is it OK?"

"Of course it is", I said, "cover me in your seed".

Mark groaned and as his cock emerged between my feet a hot spurt of cum shot out and splashed onto my blouse and cheek. He just kept cuming, shot after shot landed on my chin, my blouse, my stocking tops and on my feet.

"Wow! Youve been waiting a long time for that I think".

Exhausted, he smiled and nodded, he was still semi-erect. I sat up, I knew if I caught him now we didnt have to stop here. I took his cock in my hand and gave it a long lazy lick. Slipping it into my mouth and rubbed gently behind his balls and felt him harden going deeper into my mouth until he was pushing at the back of my throat. He was hard and I was still horny.

I pulled back and looking up at him and then down at my cum splatter clothes said "Would you like to undress me now?"

"Oh yes", he replied, "but me first".

Mark stepped back, slipped of his shoes, dropped his trousers and shorts, took off his jacket and shirt and stood there naked in front of me. He was quite a sight. Tanned, muscular and erect..

"Fuck me!" I thought.

He stood up next to me and unbuttoned my blouse. There was a big splash of cum on the top buttons and still on my cheek. He kissed me on the lips and then kissed my cheek licking off his own cum. He slipped my blouse off my shoulders and it fell to the floor.

I was wearing a pushup bra, black, very lacy, my hard nipples clearing pointing out at him. My breasts are tiny, but pert, (32A). His dream he said as he went to unclip my bra

"No my knickers first!" (dont know why but its what I like).

He knelt in front of my and pulled down my hipsters. My pubes are shaved to a thin vertical strip which he licked with his tongue. He stood up and I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled myself on to tip toe, then giving a little hop I jumped up and wrapped my legs around his thighs. Pushing down on his shoulders with my arms I lifted myself higher until I was above his cock. I then eased myself down onto his erection until my clitoris was pressing hard against him and his cock was supporting my weight.

"Now you can take my bra off", I said.

He did so as I lifted myself up and down on his cock. I was close to cuming. His hands now held my weight by gripping each cheek of my bum pulling my bum open. God! I wanted to be fucked that way as well. As I started to cum I struggled to say "finger my bum", but he took the hint and stuck one of his fingers up my ass as I came. It was wonderful, dirty, exhausting and fantastic all in one.

As my orgasm subsided, he let me slip off his cock, we stood there and hugged, he was as hard as iron and I knew he needed to cum but I was exhausted.

"Im done for", I said, "what do you want to do about him?" pointing too his cock.

He picked up my knickers off the floor and said "you wouldnt wank me off with these would you?"

I took them in my hand and carefully putting the gusset over the head of Marks cock and stroked him with my hand. I cupped his balls with my other hand and he groaned. Within seconds he started to shudder and my knickers went damp as he filled them with his cum.

"You're wonderful", he said, "Can I stay the night?"

Copyright 2005 Ms Welshflower

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