Strawberries and Cream
By Ms Welshflower
(MF, oral)

I met Sandra at the coffee shop for our usual midweek lunchtime chat.

“So what’s he like?” she quizzed immediately

“Who?” I replied innocently. “Your new boyfriend silly”

“Oh, he’s very nice, polite, good fun ...

“Fun in the bedroom?” Sandra butted in.

“Well we’ve not done that yet - I think we should get to know each other first.

“My god, that not like you Beth, you have kissed I assume?” 

“Oh yes,” 

Sandra whispered, ”And felt his cock?”

“Well I did give him a blow job on Monday evening in his car after going to the movies.”

Sandra smiled. “That’s more the Beth I know, I bet he enjoyed that.” 

Whispering over our coffees, I added, “Actually Simon said it was his first ever, his other girlfriends didn’t do that sort of thing he said. I think he basically done it in the missionary position and that’s about it.”

“My, my Beth he’s in for some enlightenment with you.”

I smiled.

“It only makes me want to be wicked with him. I’m seeing him on Saturday - I’ll let you know how we get on,” I said with a wink.

Saturday: The weather was hot so we decided to go down to the coast for the day. I’d grabbed a few things in the supermarket as we were planning a simple picnic on the beach. Simon drove and I choose the beach. I hadn’t packed a swimsuit, as the beach I intended to visit didn’t require any - Simon was in for a surprise!

After a long hot journey down to the coast, we parked the car, grabbed our beach bags and headed off through the sand dunes towards the beach. Along the path, we came to a sign warning it was designated as a nudist beach.

“Have we come the wrong way?” Simon quizzed.

I laughed and took his hand pulling him playfully towards the beach - “No it’ll be fun - you don’t object do you?”

“I guess not,” came a slightly nervous reply.

We arrived at the top of the beach, it was largely empty a few people dotted here and there and a group playing volley ball in the distance. Not close enough to notice their nudity.

“Come on,” I said. "Let’s get undressed," as I unbuttoned my jeans. I kicked them off my feet and then quickly pulled down my white cotton thong. I was naked from the waist down, I could feel the warm sea breeze and sun on my naked body. Simon was staring at my brazen nakedness. It was the first time he’d seen my body and I could tell from the bulge in his jeans he liked what he saw.

“Don’t be shy on me now... remember what we did in the car on Monday? “ I teased. 

My T-shirt was off now; I unclipped my bra and felt the warm breeze tickle my nipples. Simon struggled out of his clothes like only men can. Eventually he was naked too with a fine erection. I gave him a quick kiss, took hold of his cock with one hand, and led him on down the path.

“I don’t think men are meant to display erections on these sorts of beaches“, Simon interjected as we walked along the top of the beach.

“It’LL be OK," I said, ”no ones around.”

We dumped our stuff at the edge of the dunes and then ran down to the sea for a swim. The water felt cold after the heat of the beach. We swam about a bit in the waves

"How's your 'problem' now," I called to Simon.

“Getting smaller” he grinned - adding “this is fun.”

“Do you think you can make it to the ice-cream shack over there?” I pointed along the beach. “I’ve got some cash in my wrist band.”

“I’LL give it a go, “he laughed.

We set off along walking along the water’s edge, naked and relaxed in the sunshine. Simon had a fine slim muscular body and I secretly wanted to see his now semi-limp member hard again. It wasn’t huge - small to mid sized if I was honest but beautifully shaped and more than good enough for me - I find big cocks uncomfortable and definitely no good for my new found interest in anal sex.

We walked pasted several other couples mainly middle aged - we chatted quietly about their shapes - heavy breasts and old men with big balls - it was the sort of conversation you could never have unless you were naked. Lots of the women we shaved - I asked Simon if he liked my pubes - he nodded, but said that thought was out of bounds if he was to maintain control of his manhood.

We arrived at the shack and got an ice cream each. As we stood by the shack gazing at the beach two young women approach hand in hand. As they ordered their ice cream, one casually caressed the bottom of the other - clearly 2 young female lovers.

Simon turned quickly away, “That’s done” it he muttered under his breath.

I went to see what was wrong and had to laugh when I saw the problem was his cock standing proudly to attention - "Well I think I know one of your fantasies now," I teased. We walked back up to the sand dunes Simon stayed close to hide his problem. Within a few minutes, we were back at our bags. 

I laid out the rug between two low dunes so that we were not visible from the beach unless someone walked directly in front of us. We sat there naked eating our snacks. We got to the strawberries and a wicked thought came into my head.

“Simon do you think I could have some cream with these?”

“I don’t think we’ve got any,” he said looking into the bag.

“No - some of your cream - like on Monday evening.” 

He looked shocked - “You want me to cum over the strawberries?”

“No - just some to dip them in - you lie back and let me take care of things.”

Simon lay down propping himself up on his elbows. He watched as I took his cock him my hand and slowly started to rub up and down his shaft.

“How’s that?” I said, as I rolled his foreskin back and gentle drew circles around the head of his cock with my fingertip. I took a strawberry, bit it in half, eating one bit and rubbing the other bit around the tip of his cock. Simon groaned quietly and I knew he was close to cumming. I lent over and kissed him on the mouth and whispered close to his face, “Let me have your cum Simon”.

I sat up and gave him a quick rub over pointing his cock high into the air. Simon moaned, tensed and a big gush of cum flew through the air landing on his chest just under his chin. “Oh that’s perfect,” I said as I rubbed his pulsating cock and cum flew a second and third time on to his chest. As his energy died, I let his cock fall back on his belly and rubbed him gently as the last of his juice pooled on his stomach. 

Simon broke the silence with a “wow that was something” 

I smiled a picked up a strawberry and dipped the tip in the pool of cum collecting in his belly button. I put it in my mouth - it tasted sweet with the spicy flavour and musty smell of cum.

“Delicious” I said, dipping and second and then a third into his warm cum. “The best cream for strawberries, will you try one?” I asked. To my surprise and delight Simon nodded. I popped one in his mouth –

“Its OK,“ he said - "I’ve never tasted my cum before.”

I hopped across him - one knee either side of his chest. Taking a large strawberry I rolled it around in his cum and them pushed it into my vagina until only the stalk was showing, moving up to his face I said, “Here's a special one for you to eat.”

His tongue licked against my vaginal lips making me tingle with pleasure - he pressed his mouth against me and sucked the strawberry into his mouth. With my body inches from his face, I bit another strawberry in half and used it to rub my clitoris slowing directly in front of him. I felt very aroused and as his tongue licked the strawberry juice off my clitoris the excitement of the day came crashing in with the first intense wave of my orgasm. Simon sucked and pulled on my clitoris as wave after wave of sexual release oozed from my loins.

As my orgasm subsided, I sat back down on his lap only to feel his cock hard and erect. I sat on the tip of his cock allowing him to enter me for the first time together. Our first fuck, naked in the sunshine, Simon pushed his cock deep into me as I sat upright helping his efforts by easing myself up and down on his cock. I put my hand behind me and cupped his balls, lifting them against my bum, “Cum in me please!” I squealed. Within two or three thrusts I felt his hot cum inside me. “Not bad,” I thought. "Twice in twenty minutes, we are going to have fun together."

© Copyright 2005 Ms Welshflower

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