The Car Journey
By Rodreguez
(MdomF, oral)

He stopped his red Toyota sports car half way up the deserted road, and they both got out to look at the fantastic scenery. They were high in the hills and hadn't passed any houses or civilisation for the last hour on this remote road. She was hot and horny, as she had been sitting on her cute lil ass for hours while her boy friend was driving to their holiday destination and she was sure that they were a little bit lost.

She stretched her arms up in the air and sat on the long low bonnet of the car with her legs spread apart trying to cool her hottest parts down. It was never going to work. Her boyfriend could see the white triangle at the top of her thighs and said. "Do want to keep going or relax a bit"?

"You shouldn't have to ask me that,Ē she said, "You should know."

"OK," he said and opened the boot and removed from his work box, two of his window fixers suction pads. "So relax it is then."

And picked her up a little and shifted her back fully onto the bonnet and laid her down. He slipped a sucker onto each of her arms at the elbow and then jammed them down on the bonnet, flipping the lever to make them suck down. A naughty smile came over her face.

"Don't you touch my breasts while I can't move!" she shouted and this was like a red rag to a bull.

He said, "I'll touch whatever I like young lady," and leaned forward and kissed her hard on the lips and neck and let his hand wander down the front of her 'far to thin city blouse', she wore no bra as she was too hot in the car driving for hours and her nipples almost burst through the skimpy material.

"I told you not to touch my breasts, now look."

Thatís just what he did; he stood back and had a bloody good look, as he looked the first spot of rain fell onto the blouse.

"Now itís bloody raining," she said. "Get me off of here.Ē

He just smiled and keeps looking.

"Get me out of this rain for Christ sake I'm going to get wet."

He just looked, and the blouse was getting wetter and wetter and her gorgeous breasts were getting more and more visible through the wet cloth and at the same time getting harder and harder. She had a little struggle and slid a little down the bonnet. This caused her tiny little skirt to stick a little on the bonnet and she was just starting sliding out of it. She could feel then rain on her exposed thighs and was not quite sure if she liked this on not.

"Don't you dare touch my knickers you bastard"

It was almost an order to him, he moved forward and put his hand over the front of her panties, they were made of the same silky material that the blouse was made from. He moved his hand up and lifted the skirt a little higher and stood back. The rain was coming down steadily now and within two minutes the tiny pants and blouse were totally transparent and dripping wet. He leaned over and put his lips against the wet blouse and felt the fullness of the erect nipple under his touch. He sucked the nipple right inside his mouth, material and all and playfully chewed on each one in turn. Her eyes closed and her back arched a little.

"Stop!" she said,

But as expected he carried on even more so. He undid the top button of her blouse but with difficulty, the water had made the material difficult to slide over the buttons and after the first button was open he just put both his hands inside the material and ripped the blouse completely open. She lay there with the rain beating down on her glistening breasts; her mini skirt looked like a rag tied around her waist now and her damp little pussy looked as if it was trying to bust right out of her transparent knickers. He hooked his finger inside the gusset of the tiny briefs.

"Don't!" she cried,

Then with one wrench he ripped the crutch right out of the material. Her fanny was a beautiful site and the rain was beating down and running in little rivers over it. He knelt down in front of the car and put his face right up close to the soaking fanny, she could feel his breath on it as she could feel the fluid inside her body busting to get out. She knew she was wet inside and outside and she squirmed a little at the gaze of her boyfriend.

"Why didn't he touch it?" she thought to herself.

Just having him look at it was like a torture and a torture that she was really enjoying. He put his elbows on the bonnet with his hand on his chin like he was really thinking. He had to shift her legs open a little to get the room and with that her lips parted like a flower opening on a spring morning. A little tear of moisture came out and was immediately washed away in the rain. She lifted her knees a little and the flower suddenly came into full bloom. Water was running over the lips and even trickling inside and this was adding to her own pleasure.

Her boy friend still just looked. Her fanny was on fire now it felt like gallons of water was inside her and she kept having to pump it out by flexing her innermost muscles. Little tiny rivers of fluid came out; some of it was rain but not all. He moved at last. Placed his fingers on each of the pink petals and pulled them wide open. The chasm filled with water very quickly as he put his face down and drank the water. He licked the cup as well and parts of the handle.

She lifted again and he slid his tongue under a tasted the pleasure of her so damp arse hole. It was greasy and slippery, far more so than just water. He lifted her up by the knees and pulled his dick into position. The tip of it went in and he held it there just teasing the outer chamber of the love cavity. She pushed herself on a little more than he lay right forwards and grasped her rain soaked breasts and squeezed and squeezed then licked and bit and sucked until; they were like cherries.

He eased back down the bonnet and pulled his girlfriends legs over his shoulders and buried his face in her wetness. His tongue was licking the inside and every part that he could reach while his hand held the cheeks of her arse wide open, then his tongue could also go down under and lick that arse hole again and again, no matter how many times she said, "don't lick my arse" the silly girl.

Next thing you know she is saying, "Whatever you do, don't turn me over and fuck me up the arse across the bonnet."

Well guess what..........

© Copyright 2005 Rodreguez

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