The Hunter & The Hunted
By The Gamekeeper
(MF, cheat, oral)

Chapter 1

The morning mist had cleared as the sun broke through a low veil of cloud. It was turning out to be a beautiful winter's day deep in the English countryside and I felt great. On a day like this I would not wish to be anywhere else. In front of me was a line of people, spaced out at forty yard intervals, across a wide valley. They were all facing away from me, staring intently up at the wooded hillside that bordered the valley, shotguns under their arms. I was standing behind the sixth person in line and the reason for our being there quickly became apparent as a pheasant suddenly appeared over the woods, flying fast. Number Six swung up his gun and fired twice as the bird whirred over our heads. He looked back at me and grinned sheepishly, knowing that he had missed by a mile and knowing that I knew it too. I looked down at the two spaniels at my feet. They were shivering with anticipation, but I did not think we would have many birds to retrieve unless Number Six could get his eye in.

The birds were now passing more frequently overhead as the beaters in the woods in front of us began to flush them out. There were shots all along the line and pheasants began to fall, but try as he might, Number Six could not connect with a single one. I took a surreptitious look at the shoot plan for the day with which I had been issued that morning. On this drive the man at Number Six was Sir Grenville Green, one of the country's top Civil Servants, and standing beside him was his wife. They were guests for the weekend at the manor house. Sir Grenville, a man in his late fifties, had been getting more frustrated at his performance and now gave up entirely, handing the gun to his wife. She removed her hat and coat and to my surprise shook out a mass of long blonde hair and revealed an hour glass figure accentuated by her tight trousers and waistcoat. She was facing away from me of course, so I couldn't see much, but what I could see drove any other thoughts from my mind. Sir Grenville had obviously bagged himself a trophy wife at some point. He went up in my estimation. I moved towards them a few yards, ostensibly to observe Mrs Green's shooting more closely, but actually to get a better view of Mrs Green's tight trousers.

She swung the gun up towards a pair of pheasants that were coming her way. She did not seem to aim, but fired as she moved smoothly onto the next bird, killing both before the first had hit the ground. I sent the dogs off immediately to retrieve them. She was too intent on the shooting to notice me at all. The birds were now flying higher and consequently dropping further behind us. Mrs Green was obviously a practiced and gifted shot. I watched her as she operated the gun, moving smoothly and with assurance from one stance to the next as the birds came from different directions. I was entranced by the vision of her delectable buttocks shifting under the material of her trousers. By the end of the drive I had counted eight birds that she had shot, two of which had fallen dead a long way behind us in some bushes. I went back to retrieve them, as was my role in this thoroughly ritualised and formal tradition.

It took me a little while to work the dogs through the undergrowth and when I appeared I found Mrs Green directly in front of me. She was a lot younger than I had expected, about my age, mid-thirties or maybe younger. Her delicate face had good bone structure, high cheek bones, large blue eyes and a generous mouth. She was dressed somewhat mannishly in a checked shirt and tweed waistcoat. Yet this did nothing to hide her full breasts and her waistcoat only served to push them together, it was tailored in at the waist, delineating her full figure and the curve of her hips.

She was devastating. I suddenly realised that I was standing gawping at her with two dead birds in my hand and a pair of muddy spaniels at heel. She smiled at me condescendingly, lifting one trimmed eyebrow, "Yes?" she inquired, as if I had said something.

"Oh, right", I stammered, trying to recover some dignity by retreating into formality, "I have your two birds ma'am".

"Carry them to the Land Rover, and pick up the others on the way."

Her accent was so upper class it would ordinarily have set my teeth on edge She reeked of Daddy's money and expensive schooling, but I could also smell her faint scent of soap and femininity. There was no 'please' coming as this was not a request, so I trudged behind them, laden with the dead game, as we made our way back to the vehicles that waited to take us on to the next drive. She was accepting the congratulations of her husband, who was obediently carrying the gun as well as her coat and hat, when she glanced behind and saw me. She turned back, but instantly I noticed an extra swing in her gait and realised that she knew I was ogling her arse. It was certainly a good view, but she really knew it. I felt angry that she was teasing me, stupid that I was falling for it, but at the same time could feel a reaction in my own body.

Chapter 2

The shoot finished in the afternoon and the shooters and other guests went up to the manor house for a meal. I had not seen her again that day except in the distance. In some ways I had been glad to cool off a bit and work the dogs, but had watched jealously while the other dog handlers had the benefit of her attention. I told myself it was ridiculous as I would never see her again. I returned to my cottage in the village and put the dogs away, then went back up to the manor to clean the guns.

The gunroom was at the back of the house near the kitchens. It was a cluttered space with saddles seated on pegs, the shooters' coats and boots hanging up along one wall and a long work bench on which all the shotguns had been left. I got on with the work of cleaning each one. Most of the guns had cost more than I made in a year and it was a pleasure to handle such fine pieces. As I finished and was putting them away I stopped, suddenly distracted. I was standing at the end of the bench directly beside where Mrs Green's coat was hung, unseen until now, and could smell her well remembered scent. A vision of her from behind filled my mind and I involuntarily took a deep breath, sucking her scent in, not noticing that the door had opened until I turned around and found myself looking into her eyes.

She had not changed out of her shooting clothes and had a look of uncertainty on her face. There was no way that she could have come to this room by accident.

"Hello Mrs Green," I said with my very best disarming smile, "How can I help you?" She turned round and closed the door, then turned back and, ignoring my question, said, "You are cleaning the guns. They certainly keep you very busy." She moved into the room and I leant back on the work bench. She smiled encouragingly, crossing her arms under her breasts as she came to stand beside me.

"Yes, I work long hours, but I enjoy my work" I replied. She unfolded her arms and seemed uncertain as to how to stand as she came a step closer. I couldn't take my eyes of her beautiful face, framed by thick, shoulder length blonde hair. The first two buttons on her shirt were undone and it was only will power that stopped me looking down at her breasts. At about five foot six she was a couple of inches shorter than me.

"Did I shoot well today?" she asked, broadening her smile to reveal an even row of white teeth. I smiled back at her, "You know you did," I said, "I don't think you missed more than a few times during the whole day".

"I saw you watching me," she said. The change of tack threw me off balance and there was a tense silence as we stared into each other's eyes.

"Well," I began hesitantly, "you are a very beautiful woman." I could not quite believing that this was happening to me or what she and I had just said. Her voice dropped in tone and volume as she asked, "So you liked the view then?"

She had taken a half step closer and was now looking up into my face. "Very much," I replied. My throat had constricted and my voice had gone husky, I wanted to cough, or laugh, or something but could not break this moment. She dropped her gaze for a second, feeling the intensity of what was happening, then looked into my eyes again and said, "I liked you watching me."

She was wearing lip gloss and, as I looked, her lips parted slightly and she leaned towards me. I lowered my face and our lips met gently, then urgently, as she came in to my arms. Her hand went behind my head and my right arm around her tiny waist. I moved my head slightly to one side, not wanting to break contact, and sucked her lower lip into my mouth. I felt her tongue then, and opened my mouth to allow her to slip it in. She had been drinking red wine and the taste of it excited me more as I thrust my tongue into her mouth. Her knee came up slightly between my legs as we mover closer and my left hand dropped to grab that wonderful arse. I turned her around so that her back was to the bench and she squirmed up onto it, wrapping her arms around my neck and her legs around my waist. Suddenly, she pulled away and we stared at each other, breathing hard. She began to unbutton my shirt and I began to pull her shirt tails out from her trousers, then she lost patience and pulled my shirt off over my head as I lifted my arms up. The shirt ended up on the floor and she was kneading and kissing the muscles on my chest as I pulled her shirt and waistcoat off to reveal a small white bra. Cupping her right breast, I used my right hand to deftly undo her bra clasp. I let out an involuntary moan as her wonderful breasts were released and fell towards me. She leant back and allowed me to take both her breasts in my hands, lifting them in turn to my mouth so that I could suck on her small pink nipples. Now she was undoing her trousers and wriggling out of them as she sat on the bench. I followed suit, tugging at my belt and realising that my cock was already hardening into an iron rod. Her panties were small and black, her trousers were around her ankles as she sat back on the bench and watched me take my trousers and shoes off as one. She leaned forward to get a better look at my shorts with their impossibly big bulge and her eyebrows went up, "Good boy!" she giggled as I pushed her back, kissing her mouth and tits then pulling her panties off so that they could join my shirt on the floor.

She had a good growth of soft black hair between her legs and, as I buried my face in it, she swung one leg around over my head, turning over on the bench, proffering her arse. I kissed, and then bit down, on her bum and she wrapped her legs back around me, her knees at my waist and her feet up between my shoulder blades. I tugged my shorts down enough to allow my cock to spring free as she pushed back into me. I felt her pubic hair on the tip of my cock and then I was in her, thrusting smoothly in to the best little pussy I ever fucked. She was now half on, half off the bench, on her front with arms under her as I supported her at her waist, one hand under her belly and the other lower down. She began to moan as I let my passion take over and thrust quickly in and out, feeling my balls contract and my stomach muscles tighten as my orgasm began to build.

"Oh God!" she gasped, "I really wanted this!" Then I came with a grunt, still pumping as I shot my load.

We dressed hurriedly, not really looking at each other, unsure how to react to one another. Finally she stood up and tried to smooth her hair as I did up my belt.

"You are absolutely sensational", I told her. She gave a sheepish grin, "I could tell you that I don't normally do this", she said, "but I'd be lying." I took her in my arms and kissed her tenderly on her mouth and on her face, savouring the softness of her skin.

"My name's Julie" she whispered as she clung to me. "Hi Julie, I'm Dave", I replied.

"Well Dave, don't expect a big love affair, but I'd love to see you again before I leave on Monday?" This was Saturday evening, so I told her how to find my cottage and she slipped out of the door to rejoin the other guests.

Chapter 3

All the next day I tried to drive thoughts of her from my mind. When ships pass in the night, I told myself, they often part promising to see each other again. It gets you over the embarrassment of knowing that the attraction was as temporary as the parting will be permanent. It wasn't as if I hadn't done it myself. So I busied myself with chores around the cottage and in the garden. Being both alone and a loner means that there is always a whole list of outstanding domestic jobs.

It didn't work. The memory of her body invaded my mind. The feel of her, the look of her, the confident disdain on her face that I had seen transform into yearning passion. The winter afternoon faded quickly into night. I cooked and ate my meal and was washing up when there was a tapping on the back door. I assumed that it was my stupid neighbour come to ask me to accompany him to the pub. Then he would be able to tell his wife that it had all been my idea when he staggered home after closing time. I was in no mood for that and yanked the door open ready to give him a piece of my mind.

It was her. She was dressed simply in blue jeans and a white blouse with a green jumper over the top. There was a coat over her arm. We stared at each other for a second. I was as shocked to see her as she was surprised by the way I had answered the door.

"It's you", I said and immediately felt like a complete prat. "Is it alright if I come in?" she asked uncertainly.

"Yes, of course. Sorry. I thought it was someone else". I stepped aside and tried my disarming smile again as I took her coat to hang beside the door.

"Anyone that I should avoid? Like a wife?"

"Oh no, there's no one like that. Where's your husband?" This is all going wrong! I screamed to myself, why the hell am I mentioning her bloody husband?

"He's been called in to the office. He got the London train this afternoon. The other guests have all gone in to town to a club. I pleaded a headache and stayed behind".

My confusion gave way to joy at the thought of her being as anxious to see me as I had been to see her again. I realised that I was still holding a dish mop. We both looked at it, then laughed.

"I was just washing up. um. have you eaten?" I said needlessly, knowing that I was burbling at this stunning woman who was for some inexplicable reason standing in my kitchen of her own free will and laughing at me.

"I thought I would never get away," she said, "never find an excuse."

"Well I'm glad you did. Are you hungry at all?" Idiot! (It was the silent screaming again.) She didn't come here for sodding food!

"Dave I'm not hungry. I didn't come here for food" and she took a step towards me.

I'm not sure where the dish mop went, but my hands gently clasped her face and I kissed her on the mouth.

"Why me?", I asked her. This was, I suppose, the part about yesterday that had been bothering me the most. She looked at me and smiled.

"Didn't you see me yesterday morning?" she asked. I shook my head, I had been too busy preparing the dogs and going over the plan for the day with the rest of the team. She slid her arms around my neck and said, "I noticed you from the very first thing. The way you worked, the way you are with the dogs and the other men. Your body. I was watching you and wanting you". My cock was hardening as she stroked the back of my neck. I ran my fingers through her hair and down her long neck, sliding my hands down her sides to her hips.

"Now take me upstairs, Dave. Now". She turned in towards me and crooked her left arm behind my neck. I stooped and swept her up into my arms, then headed for the stairs. She kicked off her shoes as we went up, revealing bare feet with crimson toe nails. I paused on the landing, scrunching off my own shoes, looking down at her face. She had her eyes closed and had relaxed completely in my arms. As I carried her in to the bedroom she reached out for the light switch and flicked it on.

"I want to be able to see you", she said in that husky whisper.

"Good," I replied. "I want to make love to every inch and ounce of you". She straightened her legs, slid out of my arms and stood before me. She smiled up at me as she pulled off my shirt saying, "And I want to feel every inch of you, deep inside me."

My shirt was off and she stared at my chest, tracing the outlines of my muscles with her finger tips, following the curls of my chest hair down my belly to my belt. She undid the buckle and knelt in front of me, pulling my trousers down as I undid the zip for her. I stepped out of the trousers and she grinned up at me. My cock was growing and thickening, appearing from my shorts like it had a life of its own. I had waited for this moment all day, hardly daring to think that it would actually happen. I knew that the moment we began to make love I would come, no matter what. She eased my shorts down over my cock and, cupping my balls in her left hand, took hold of the base of my shaft with her right. I smiled down at her and leant back against a chest of drawers as she kissed my knob and then, as I closed my eyes in ecstasy, she slipped her lips over the end. Her tongue curled and twirled around my glans, sending electric tingles down my legs and up into my stomach. Her head bobbed up and down and all the time she squeezed my balls until I gasped. My cock started to throb and jerk and for a moment she pulled her head back, a long streamer of pre-cum dangling from her lower lip, then she went back to work on me and I thought my knees would give way as my legs turned to jelly. I forced myself upright as a burning orgasm seared up my cock and I filled her mouth with cum.

She stood up slowly. I kissed her deeply, searching her mouth with my tongue and tasting the saltiness of my own body. She buried her head in my shoulder and I lifted the jumper off over her head. Then I sat on the end of the bed and we smiled at each other as she stood in front of me. She was relaxed, but I could see that every nerve in her body was tingling.

"Undress for me", I told her.

She quickly slipped off her jeans, revealing a white G string that held a lacy triangle against the dark of her thick bush. She flicked her hair away from her face as she unbuttoned the blouse, looking very serious now, then looking me straight in the eye as she let it drop to the floor and with one movement unclipped her bra to let her gorgeous breasts fall free. I sat back and admired her as she stood in front of me. She knew how wonderful she looked as well as the effect it was having on me. Then she came into my arms and, as her tongue went into my mouth, she pushed me back onto the bed. We kissed long and hard, then she got up on all fours over me and started to crawl up the bed. First her breasts swung into my face and then she lowered her navel onto my mouth, squirming and rubbing her wet bush over my chest. She continued to crawl until her beautiful cunt was right over my face and I could grab her buttocks and pull her down onto me. I kissed and nibbled at her clit and her cunt but could not get in to her properly. She solved this by turning on to her back and draping her legs over the end of the bed as I slid off and then turned to kneel facing her. I pushed her knees apart as she grabbed a pillow to put under her head. Lacing her fingers together behind her neck, she stretched luxuriously and I stroked the soft skin of her thighs.

"Mmmm." She moaned, "do me, darling. Make me come."

I put my arms under her thighs, lifting her legs with my shoulders and forcing her pelvis upwards as I sank my face onto her pussy. She was dripping wet. Her bush was sopping with juice and it all tasted better than honey. I ignored the little curlies on my tongue as I lapped at her labia, stroking with the broadest part of my tongue, brushing up over her clit. She moaned and started to thrust at me as I looked up to see that her sweet nipples had grown hard and pointy. I got back to her pussy, running my tongue around inside her while fingering her clit. Then I swopped and started to suck her tiny erection while putting two fingers from my left hand into her vagina and easing them in and out. With the other hand I reached for her left breast, found the nipple and began to rub it between my fingers. The sounds she made began to get more urgent, the bucking of her hips became stronger and then she tensed, arching her back and shuddering as the orgasm took her over. She lay back, breathing deeply, and I came up for air. She propped herself up on her elbows and looked down at me. I grinned at her as her hair was all over her face.

"Well," she gasped, "I asked for it and I got it!"

We wriggled up onto the bed and lay in each other's arms, gently stroking and kissing. Her hand was on my bum, squeezing. She began to bite at my neck, gently at first, then harder. She moved her hand round to my cock and balls, stroking, pulling, moving the foreskin over the glans. It hardened in her hand and I began to thrust towards her. She rolled onto her back, pulling me on top, scraping her nails down my chest, then up over my bum and up my back. I rested on my elbows, then on my hands as I began to rub my growing cock on her labia and clit.

"Oh God, Dave,"she exclaimed, her voice hoarse with passion, "I love your prick. It's so thick and long and hot!"

Hearing this made me want to fuck her there and then. She looked down and watched my cock grow out to its full seven inches. I rubbed it over her stomach, then between her fabulous breasts which she pushed together around it, her breathing was coming in ragged gasps as she became more turned on. Then I wiped it over her neck and face as her tongue flicked out to lick it. I was kneeling over her face now and she had me by the balls as I thrust my cock into her mouth, but then quickly took it out. I didn't want to come yet. I wanted to possess her, have her, make her mine. I lay down on her again and she wrapped her legs around me.

My voice was deep and thick with passion as I said, "Julie, I need to fuck you, really fuck you"

"Then fuck me Dave, I need you to fuck me!" she responded, opening her legs wide for me.

I entered her slick pussy with one long thrust that made us both moan with pleasure. We began to move together, clinging to each other as we ground our pelvises round and round, in and out. My orgasm was not far off, but I knew that she had some way to go. So I pulled out, which elicited a howl of protest from Julie, but I knelt over her, grabbed her ankles and put them either side of my head, then took her by the waist, feeling the sensual flare of her hips, and entered her again. She gasped as she felt the whole length of my cock and I thrust until I could feel her cervix. I leant forward, bending her double to get every bit of penetration, then leant back so that I could hold her beautiful arse and slide my cock gently in and out, watching it as I did so. She grabbed the bars of the bed head and started to grunt as she pushed her hips at me. This was just too much. I could see the colour rising around her neck and knew that her orgasm was growing so I let her legs fall to the side and dived down onto her, thrusting harder and faster, feeling my own orgasm boil up from my belly and balls until with a shout I exploded into her, still pounding into her as she shouted, "Yes Dave! Yes! Fuck me! Fuck me! You beautiful man! Fuck me hard!"

We slept for nearly an hour and I woke first. I turned on the bedside light and turned off the main ceiling light so that she would not be too dazzled when she awoke. To my great surprise, she was very gently snoring. Imagine that, I thought, this glorious creature snores! It made her seem more normal somehow and |I leant across to kiss her. As my lips touched her cheek she opened her eyes. No one looks their best when they first wake up and she was acutely aware of this. She turned her face away and said, "I need a shower".

It sounded like an order so I pretended to doff an imaginary cap and muttered "Coming right up, yer Ladyship".

I went in to the bathroom and turned on the shower, then returned to the bedroom to find her looking crumpled, sitting on the bed. I grinned at her discomfort and took her hand, pulling her up off the bed and into the bathroom. She gasped as I bundled her into the shower and then let out a long sigh as the hot water did its work and I held her close to my chest.

After a few minutes she found the soap and began to rub lather over my shoulders, arms and chest. She smiled and kissed me on the mouth as her soapy hands caressed my balls, cock and arse. I was pushed back against the tiles as she soaped my chest and then stepped back to watch as her handiwork was washed off by the pummeling water.

She said, "Why don't you brush your teeth my darling, then wait for me in bed?"

I couldn't think of a better idea, or even a response, so just did as I was told. She finished her shower as I dried off, found her a towel and rinsed out my mouth. I knew that she wanted a few minutes to herself so I went to bed, stretching out, feeling relaxed but not sleepy.

When she came back in she was glowing from the towelling. Her hair was damp as she climbed in beside me, resting her head on my chest and throwing one leg across mine. She began to nuzzle and kiss my chest and my shoulders. I tensed the muscles for her and she became more ardent, climbing on top of me and kissing me hard on the lips. I clasped her buttocks in my hands and forced my tongue into her mouth. She pulled back and buried her face in my neck, then kissed down across my chest, pinching at my nipples, following the line of hair down to my stiff cock. She immediately put it in her mouth, massaging my knob with her lips and tongue. She held my balls gently in her fingers as she licked up and down my shaft. Then she straddled me, leaning forward on her left arm she held my cock with her right hand and rubbed the tip gently on her labia.

"Let me", I told her and took my cock in my own hands, using it like a dildo to rub her as she leant over me on all fours. I was mesmerised by her dangling breasts which were tantalisingly just in front of my face. She saw what I wanted and lowered herself a bit more, shifting her weight so she could feed her right breast into my mouth. I sucked her nipple in hard and bit down.

"Mmm.yes darling!" she exclaimed. Then she sank back slightly so that the tip of my cock just entered her pussy. She had become very wet. She went back further, easing my cock into her cunt and then sat down on it. I lifted my knees for her to lean against. Her wonderful arse was on my balls and I could see my cock buried in her bush. She lifted up slightly watching my face as I watched her labia stretch around my shaft and she tensed her muscles, contracting strongly and making me gasp with pleasure.

"Lie back," she said to me, "I want to play here for a while".

"You can play all you want", I replied, "just so long as my prick is inside you, I'm a happy man."

She leant forwards, drawing her nipples through my chest hair.

"Long and prick." She murmured "Two of my favourite words".

She threw her head back and I put one hand down by the base of my shaft so that her clit would rub on it every time she eased herself down. She rose up and down, wiggling her arse from side to side and squeezing my cock inside her. I reached up with my free hand, fondling her breasts and stroking her wonderfully hard body. She reached back behind her and got hold of my balls. Her mouth opened and she closed her eyes tight as her huge orgasm began to build. I was quickly losing control as she cried, "Wait for me Dave, not yet!"

She let go of my balls and bore down as I thrust up, my fingers rubbing her clit. She rocked to and fro, beginning to moan and swing her head from side to side. Then she was bouncing up and down, chanting "Fuck, fuck, fuck me! Fuck, fuck, fuck me!"

I could feel her cervix every time she came down on me and the sight of her fantastic titties thumping up and down in front of me triggered my orgasm and I started to spurt hot cum into her. She let out a great cry as her orgasm reached its climax and then flopped down on to me. I rolled her over and she gasped and twitched, clinging on to me with her nails dug into my back as I continued to slowly move my cock inside her until it was completely soft.


I never saw Mrs Julie Green again. She dressed quickly, worried that her presence would be missed by the other guests. We said kind words to one another as I smuggled her in to the manor house through the kitchen door, she turned to kiss me and then walked off into the house. She must have gone back to her husband, but I can't imagine that that marriage lasted long. She would have seen someone else she wanted and what Julie wanted, Julie got.

Copyright 2005 The Gamekeeper

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