The Apartment
By Rogue Marie
(MF, voy)

Chapter 1

I had been dating the same guy for 6 months and decided it was time to take the next step together and we had agreed to live together. Both having good jobs and nice places to live it was hard to decided who's place to live, but as my apartment was more secure with the guard on the door of the building and the security system in place we decided that until we had enough put together we would stay at mine. It had taken 4 days to move everything of his place into mine but we were finally sorted it in time for weekend, to celebrate we went out to our favourite restaurant. At 11.30 we got back and entered the building the guard nodded to us with a welcoming smile saying hello to us by name and asking if we had a good night out, we said yes and heading for the lift.

As we entered the lift 3 other people joined us pushing the button for the 4th floor. Once inside the lift my partner never took his eyes off me. We reached the 4th floor they others left the doors closed and we were alone. Asking if he felt ok he said he was fine and how much he loved me as he moving close his hands on my waist as he pushing me against the wall, his soft lips caressed my neck and his right hand moved up to fondled my left breast. His left hand sliding up my skirt to feel the edge of my panties, I moaned softly but stated we did not have much time as lift would be at our floor in a few seconds. His right hand darted from my breast and hit the stop button with a wink he said "not now it won't" and continued to explore my body. He unfastened the belt of my skirt and as it fell to the floor he kneeled in front of me and began kissed my legs working his way up my inner leg. Pulling down my panties he lifted my right leg placing on to his shoulder to steady me as he lapped at my pussy he tongue became flat and pressed against my pussy lips making me quiver. My clit began to stiffening and swell as he lick and sucked on it, I pulled open my blouse reviling my low cut black bra and began playing with my breasts. His tongue now diving in and out of me till I was writhing against his face.

After a few minutes of ecstasy he stood up in front of me he pants filling out with his bulging cock, I knelt down lowering the zip and button I released him and taking his hard member in my hand I stroked up and down this hard thick cock in my hand as he stood watching me, I licked the tip and circled my tongue around the head. I then took it in my mouth and sucked it long and hard, his cock sliding between my soft wet lips as he groaned, my hands moving round his legs and up onto his ass as I needed it with my fingers. Feeling him stiffen more in my mouth I moved one hand round to the front and teased his balls before standing and kissing and licking at his nipples, his hands on my shoulders he then pushed me back against the wall and took my legs, lifting me off the floor and pressing his hot body against me his heard cock pushed passed my wet lips and entering me. Kissing passionately as his hands healed on to my ass as he thrust deep inside me. Within a few deep penetrating thrust I was cumming and screaming as I road over his hard cock deep inside. His tight ass thrusting between my legs drove me wild as I came and bite down on his neck. Lifting me higher his body clenched as he came deep inside me filling me deeply, my body contracting round him until we both satisfied and breathless.

Releasing my legs I stand and get dressed he placed himself back into his pants and hits the button for the lift continued until we reached out floor. We leave the lift and go to the apartment. The following morning I get up to pick up the mail with the mail there is a package I take it in to the bedroom sitting on the bed with my partner I open it, there is a note with that package it reads



Chapter 2

Taking the note of the package it just reads "Thank you" I look over at my partner puzzled, "open it" he says and I do. Inside we find a video cassette. Getting of the bed I walk to the small portable TV and VCR in the bedroom and place the cassette in, sitting back on the bed I turn the tape on.

"It’s the lift in our building" I point out looking puzzled, next I see myself and partner walking into the lift with 3 other people. "I know that dress! It is the one you had on last night" he points out. As we watch the 3 other people leave the lift and as we sit on the bed watching, he starts kissing me and pushing me against the wall of the lift.

"Hell I forgot about the camera's" I state and go to turn the tape of but he stops me saying "lets watch it" so I sit back and the bed and we watch the video, as his hands move up my skirt on the tape, watching him bend over to kiss and suck my breast, I suddenly realise I am getting turned on watching us like that all hot and passionate. My hand slowly starts to rub his leg as we sit on the bed his hand now moving over my shoulder down to my breasts as he strokes over my nipple, rolling it between his thumb and finger. Watching his head between my breasts and lifting my skirt was just too much for me, my hand grabbed his cock which was already semi hard and I started to rub as the same time as he was fucking me in the lift.

Lying on the bed watching the man in my life thrusting hard between my legs is incredible and a major turn on. I looked down at this hard cock in my hand and move down to it kissing the tip, with pre cum already on the tip I licked it off. Rolling my tongue round his member while I watched myself on tape the sensation was incredible and I found myself sucking him hard in time with the tape. His hand moved down my back and pulled at my waist till I moved round and his hand slide between my legs and he starts to rub my clit which was already sensitive to the touch and I am so wet. As his fingers explored me watching the tape we could hear our cries in our head and get so much hotter.

My lips tight around his throbbing cock my tongue rolling round sucking him as he fingers me, my hand moves to tickle his balls slowly rolling my thumb around him and squeezing just enough to make him want to cum. As the tape comes to an end he grabs my face and tells me to let go or he will cum there and then. I stop moving off him as he pushes me over turning me round. Pulling my ass up to met his hard cock he thrust inside me hard and long from behind. Pulling me back by my hips he thrust harder still ramming inside me like a wild animal on heat. My breasts swaying under his strong thrust his hands on my waist move up to take hold of my breasts, holding me tight kissing and biting my back as he fucks me deep.

I slide my hand between my legs rubbing my clit to stimulate myself more I push back as he move forward ramming inside I feel his cock sliding in and out of me with force. His balls slamming against my ass I can touch them with each thrust. He suddenly stops deep inside as I feel myself contracting hard around his cock my fingers stroking his balls. His strong hands holding my breasts rolling my nipples between his fingers as I scream; my body shuddering as I cum. He rolls his hips against my ass grinding inside me, his thrust become shorter and more intense, as his body shakes and he cums deep inside me thrusting harder. He pulls my body up straight and kisses my neck and bites my ear as he continues to thrust making me cum for a second and third time in one go. We collapse onto the bed in each others arms after one of the most intense sex sessions we have ever had. "I will have to thank the guard" I say with a smile.

Chapter 3

It is a Friday and I am out shopping a few groceries and then I go to my favourite shop, which sells the sexiest lingerie going. I pick up three teddies same style but different colours. "The white is so not you" I hear from behind me and spin round. With a smile I said "Hi Sam how's you" it is an old friend I had not seen in 6 months. "I'm great thanks just meeting my new fella in here."

"And who might that be" I ask.

"He’s behind you" I turn to see a striking man stood behind me with a smile on his face.

"Hello I'm Chris, please to meet you" he shakes my hand and all I can think about is his cool blue eyes and strong grip. He looks down at the teddies in my other hand and his smile broadens. Sam turns and says “You like those do you? Mmm the black looks nice" picking up another she heads for the changing rooms. "They are nice but the red is much more you" Chris says to me, I look at him with surprise. "You don't know me do you?" Chris asks.

"No" I reply and he laughs.

"But I know you so well, I work in the building you live in." he says with a wink and my body runs cold.

"Oh God you’re the security guard who sent the tape." I state.

"Sure am and you were so hot in it" he says with a big smile. Before I get to answer Sam joins us saying she will take the black.

"Think I will have the red" I say and we head to the counter and buy them, then decide to have a coffee.

"You look down?" I ask Sam as Chris is getting the coffee. She tells me that she and Chris were due out tonight it was her cousins 30 birthday but he has been roped into work as they are short handed and he will be the only one able to work and monitor things tonight. Chris joins us and we chat away for a little while, then I say that they should go to the party.

"But how when I am working" Chris asks.

"Easy I know someone or more over two people that will cover for you, one good turn deserve another and I do owe you." I say with that Sam looks very puzzled but Chris laughs. "If you come into work as usual we can meet you in the room and you can sneak out the back way while we monitor things. There is just one thing.”

"And what is that?"

I look Chris up and down "I expect the same pay back."


My partner looks over at me sat in the chair watching several monitors, it is now 11 p.m. at night, "What are we doing here again?" he asks and I smile "covering for a friend, you got to admit it fun watching the neighbours" I say laughing and kiss him. At that moment Chris and Sam walk into the lift, "mm and now the fun begins" I smile. As the lift passes the 4th floor Chris hits the stop button and pulls Sam into his arms. The realisation crosses over my partners face with a smile, "so he is the security guard and that looks like Sam your mate? Wow." With that he sits back to watch.

I smile "Always knew you liked Sam" I say and move over to sit on his lap. "He’s called Chris and is Sam's latest. Sam was never one for holding back and has Chris naked in seconds with herself. Watching a good friend with this very hot guy was great and my hips start to rock over my partner. He hand sliding up my leg and he feels as turned on as me, he pulls down my wrap over top and sucks on my breast. My hand slides inside his pants and I rub at his cock. His hands lift my skirt to find I'm not wearing knickers and his fingers slide over my hot and wet pussy lips. I stand and take his pants down lower as I pull his penis free; placing it at my entrance I slide down on him hard, neither of us take out eyes of the monitors watching Sam and Chris.

I start to ride this hat throbbing cock deep inside me wildly, forcing it deeper with each thrust. His hands squeezing my breasts rolling my nipples between his fingers making me hornier then ever as I rock. He starts to rise his hips under me and he thrust upwards I bounce down hard on top of him. I put my hands on the chair arm to give me support as his grips both breasts with one arm his other slides down to rub my clit, sliding his fingers over to stimulate me more. I scream out as he pumps deeper and long inside my wet pussy. Driving me to orgasm several times before his cock swells more and he cums deep inside me with great force.

As I open my eyes I see Sam and Chris getting dressed in the lift and starting up again. Two minutes later there is a tap at the door and Chris enter with Sam, the look of surprise in her face as she realises that we had seen everything. "You have good night?" I ask in innocence and she laughs and says it could not have gone better we all laugh. I look over at Chris giving him the tape to watch and he slips in another tape he had put together so it looked like he had been working all along.

"We will have to get together sometime for a drink" Sam says and we all agree it would make an interesting night.

Too Be Continued

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© Copyright 2005 Rogue Marie

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