Spiritual Reading
By Angelina

I had a very full on week at work and it being my Son's Birthday, made it more stressful. So I thought I would go and have my hair done, a real transformation, something with the "Wow Factor" and I knew exactly what hair saloon and what Stylist I wanted. (In more ways than one!!)

My stylist was Lisa and she owned the saloon. Very attractive, petite but in all the right ways. Her boobs were so perfect and very pert, just right for a girl like me to nibble, tease, suck and to draw those nipples hard!! I would say she was in her mid thirty's with long (fire engine red) hair. Very confidant, very stylish and a gorgeous personality. They say "you don't get it all in one package," but with this one you did!!

So, Friday came and I was feeling so sexy because all I had done was fantasising about having Lisa. Both of us Horny, Sexy and Confident, wanting to please each other. Little did I know want was going to come!!

I sat down and it was non-stop chatting from as soon as I walked though the door. I could feel the chemistry and was hoping she was noticing it too. She asked me what my name was short for, so I told her and then she just stopped, looked at me in the mirror and said, "I went for a Spiritual Reading yesterday and the lady told me. A women with your name will come into my life and change me for the better, in more ways than one."

I was feeling so wet and pussy was twitching from what Lisa had just told me. (Would this mean; she would be open for me to make a sexual move on her because I just had to have this one!!)

We decided to really change my hair and came up with dying it Black with Electric Blue Highlights. (This so fitted my personality, a bit of a show off and to leave everyone I came into contact with, "Wow what an incredible women."

The hair was coming along great and I really needed to relieve this aching in my pussy that Lisa was causing with every touch of her hands though my hair. I really needed a cigarette too and asked if I could go out the back for one. Hoping Lisa would join me and then I could make my move.

My wish was granted!!

Lisa came with me outside. It was a lovely small, walled courtyard with creeping roses up the walls. (The smell was pure heaven it's self). There was a bench set in one corner so I made my way over to sit down, when my arm was pulled from behind, making me spin around and it was Lisa. She had been feeling like me and just had to have me.

We looked at each other, buzzing from every glance and feeling our breath on each other's bare necks. She smelt so good and I needed to smell her own sent from her pussy. (I was sure it was going to be as sweet and tasty as mine!)

Our lips touched, our tongues feeling their way into each other's mouths. (It was one of the most passionate kisses, I had ever had from a women). This made me move my lips down her neck, lower and lower until I came to those pert boobs. Those nipples were so hard and breasts felt firm to the touch. I sucked and pulled on her nipples and she was whimpering from every action I took. She was twitching and rocking her pelvis, as if to reach my mouth and to let me know she wanted more of me.

I looked up and our eyes meet again (sparking like the dew on a spiders web). I took her hand, our fingers interlocked, and I lead her to the bench. (I thought it better she sits down, before she falls down).

Lisa sat down and I was standing in front of her looking down, just taking in the whole experience, when Lisa put her hand up the inside of my leg, raising my skirt as she slid her soft hand higher and higher. She suddenly stopped and looked up at me. My body twitching from every stroke she made. When she said, "What do we have here?" I looked at her with a sheepish look because I was feeling so horny that my love juices had started trickling down my inner thigh and her fingers had found it and were making circular movements though it. She took her fingers into her mouth, so she could taste me for the first time.

I just could not take this any longer and knelt down in front of her and we shared my juices, which were on her lips. I pushed her back because I just had to feel her clit on my tongue and taste her sweetness. (I was not disappointed). Her pussy was very juicy and she was so open for me to probe with my tongue and fingers. Her clit was so hard and as I fingered her with two fingers, hard, deep and with a stirring motion. She let our a cry, "Fuck, I'm going to cum... And it's so strong." This made me work harder because I wanted her to have the best ever.

Her pelvis rocked and I knew she was cumming because I could feel her pussy clamping on my fingers and her clit twitching and squirting on my face. MMMmmmm (She sure tasted sweet and I was definitely going to be coming back for seconds!

Lisa just collapsed and let out a shy, looking like she had never cum before. (With that coy schoolgirl look on her face).

I lent forward and kissed her gently and said, "I think my time is up, you need to finish what you started, and work your magic on my hair."

She said, "I want to make you cum."

I said, "I know this isn't going to be a one off, so I'm sure you will repay me."

She just sat up, put her hands on my cheeks, and said, "You are the most gorgeous, sexy, horny and giving female I have ever met, THANK YOU and I will repay you more than once."

I just kissed her button nose and said, "Come on, you can finish me off in a different way today."

We both started laughing and walked back indoors.

My hair looked incredible and made my eyes look HOT and everyone thought so and told me. I walked out of the saloon feeling invincible and so excited about the whole experience. I just could not wait to get home and tell my Husband all about it.

He definitely finished off a perfect day and knowing Lisa was going to be with us both, next time!!

Stay Horny, It is the miracle in your mind and I think the Spiritual Reader knew this too!!

Copyright 2005 Angelina -The Bi-female

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