Sitting On A Piece Of Paper
By Johannsen
(MF, oral)

Arriving at the doctor's office, I approached the front desk to discover a cute brunette with short hair and a white nurse's gown. Couldn't have been more than 22, not quite med-school, not- quite high school. Slightly taken aback, I fumbled with my words. "umm. I have an appointment. eleven. ergh. twenty."

A smile appeared.

She was amused. "Sure," she said, "just fill out these forms. I will direct you from there."

Soon afterwards, I followed her, watching her round bum affect the creases in her gown. The dryness and sterility of the whole situation was leaving very quickly and my penis was agreeing. No sooner however did we arrive in the room. It was bland and cold.

I thought to myself that if this girl were a masseur, the whole situation could be incredibly different. Nonetheless, she said, "Please take everything of except your underwear. You can hand your clothes on this rack. The doctor will be with you shortly."

Once again, I was taken aback by the dryness of the whole deal. I stood uncomfortably waiting for some sign while she filled out some forms.

"You don't have to wait for me to leave. I will be out of here in a moment."

As I took off my jeans, they dragged my boxers down a little too far and snagged, revealing my ass to the nurse who hadn't left yet. I saw her smile out of the corner of her eye. So, in spite of the professionalism, there was some sass in this girl. She came over to help me while I made an ass of myself. Nearly tripping, my near erect penis came scarily close to her lips. Expertly, she pulled my boxers up to their appropriate place. Then she left.

There I was, sitting in a cold room on a piece of paper. My penis was becoming increasingly flaccid with each passing second, becoming very well acquainted with a poster about herpes when she entered. She was amazing. She only wore doctor scrubs, but you could tell. They only hinted at the luscious wonders that lied beneath. Even her breasts were capable of fighting the baggy blues on top of her.

"Hello. How are you today? Just here for a checkup?"

"Err, nope, okay."

She glanced at the tablet left by the nurse and picked up a small flashlight.

"Now say 'Aah.'"

"Earaahckh" as she jammed a wooden stick down my throat.


The rest of the appointment went about as dashingly, until. "Now lie down."

I obeyed.

She grabbed the elastic of my boxers and proceeded to roll them downwards. I hadn't lifted my ass or anything, so she got a little stuck, shoved her hands under my butt and pulled it off. There I was lying on the doctors table, naked, and grateful that I had shaved the other day. She placed her hands at the base of my penis.

"Now cough." I obeyed.

"Again." I obeyed.

However, my penis didn't. It couldn't help but react to the contact made by this amazing (and intelligent) woman. She took a closer look, lifted my penis away from my balls, examining both. "Hmm." She called for the nurse who arrived promptly. "You can take it from here right."

"Is this normal?" she asked.


The nurse bent over and took the tip of my penis into her mouth, pressing her soft lips against me. The room didn't look so bland.

"That wasn't exactly what I had in mind," the doctor noted, "but it will have to do."

I had to agree. Then she left, what a shame.

The nurse began pressing hard against the base of my balls with her left hand, firmly keeping her lips around my penis. Using her soft tongue, she caressed me from my balls to the tip, kissed it, and began to suck on my penis. Her right hand was rubbing my chest. My heart was pounding.

She stopped rubbing my balls and spread my legs so each one was dangling on opposite sides of the table. She licked two of her fingers, starting playing and rubbing my asshole which was wet from her saliva. With two of her fingers up my ass, she continued sucking on my penis.

I imagined that this must be what its like for a girl to be fucked. I was completely exposed. Her hair, cut short, did not interfere with the view. She grabbed my penis with her right hand and started jacking the shaft. There was still enough room for her mouth to suck on the top. Her tongue was circling the top. I couldn't take it anymore. I moaned.

She shoved her fingers deeper into my asshole and pulled upwards. She took the length of my penis between her lips and I disappeared. I contracted, had several spasms as I came into her mouth. She stayed right where she was, sucking every last drop out of me. Only then did her fingers slide out of my asshole. Even she was breathing heavily.

"Well at least we know that works. You can get dressed now."

Argh. Its as though I never came.

At least she swallowed.

Copyright 2005 Johannsen

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