Michael's House
By Chuck Throw
(MF, oral, swing, creampie)

I awoke to a familiar aroma, fresh coffee. I opened my eyes to see a pretty maid at the bed side, completely naked apart from a small white lace apron. I heard a moan to my left an realised that Debbie was already awake, her lush lips wrapped around the fat cock of the servant who had brought her breakfast. It was obviously carefully orchestrated by our horny hosts because no sooner than I was awake then the maid climbed on the bed a straddled my face.

I breathed deeply appreciating the heady aroma of the swollen pussy lips directly above my mouth. They were perfectly smooth, I assumed cleanly shaven that morning before the maid commenced her unconventional duties. She sank lower until my mouth and nose were covered by her silky, pussy-juice dripping folds. I stretched my tongue upwards to taste the early morning dew presented to me. The old man rose to attention immediately as the sensuous nectar slipped down my throat.

Soon the maid was writhing above me, grinding her slick labia into my mouth, drooling juice into my thirsty mouth. I felt her cunty walls gripping my lapping tongue and all too soon she came, her warm juices bathing my face. What a way to wake up. Almost as soon as she had come she raised herself off the bed and padded softly out of the bedroom.

To my side things were coming to a head, so to speak! Debbie was busily sucking the living daylights out of the bloated cock head buried between her lips, scraping under the crown with her teeth. The servant gasped as his cock exploded, filling my lovely wife’s mouth with pulse after pulse of hot, white sticky semen. He too rapidly retreated from the bedroom leaving us rather out of breath. I’ve heard of breakfast in bed but this takes the biscuit! Debbie grinned at me, the last of the servants offering dripping from the side of her mouth. The old man dribbled in appreciation.

The morning was very warm and we wandered to the bedroom balcony which overlooked the grounds of the house. There was a surprise in store.

Down on the lawn were numerous couples already fucking and sucking, we were I for an eventful morning. As Debbie leant over the balcony I couldn’t resist the charms presented to me and I sank the old man into my wife’s sopping pussy in a single thrust. Debbie grunted in appreciated, her already soaking pussy lips closing firmly around me, pulling me deeper. We set up a steady rhythm, warm squelching sounds coming from Debbie’s overheated cunt as we fucked in unison with the couples below us. This was too much for the old man who promptly burst, filling Debbie’s hungry pussy with a nourishing portion of my milky spunk, her walls spasming in orgasm as I did so. We decided to shower and Debbie wandered into the bathroom first, a tell tale stream of milky jism trickling down the inside of her legs as she did so.

Once freshened up, and after some much needed coffee we decided not to bother with clothes. What we had already seen suggested that they would be superfluous!

We found our host, Michael, on the lawn his bloated cock thrusting vigorously in and out of the ass of one of his maids, as she leant over the edge of a fountain. The maid in turn had a cock in both hands and another filling her mouth. They all came in a hail of white spunk, Michael pulling out at the last minute so that his hot spunk jetted over the lovely ass cheeks in front of him. He wiped his cock clean as her ass, slapping it playfully as he did so. The maid obviously enjoyed her work as she smiled back at him, licking sticky sperm from her lips as she did so.

To our right was what could only be described as a roundabout, upholstered in soft leather, slowing turning. Michael explained his plan. He was to gather the twelve couples who were his guests for the weekend. The twelve women were to lie on their fronts on the roundabout with their pussies exposed to the sun. The twelve men were to stand on the ground around them. I was intrigued. Michael explained his plan.

One of the ladies was to have a real treat. Ten of Michael’s male servants were to jerk off into his wife, Susan’s, pussy. She would only permit the tip of each cock between her labia, and only then to deposit the sperm into her. Once she was full Michael would invite the winner of his “little competition” to lie under his kneeling wife as he would sink his cock into her brimful cunt. The lucky lady would then benefits from the ten cock-fulls of spunk as it oozed out of Susan’s cunty folds, replaced by Michael’s hard cock. The finale would be Michael shooting his load into the lucky lady’s throat.

This caused some excitement amongst the ladies, all hoping it would be they that would get to swallow eleven cock-fulls at once!

This was Michael’s plan. The twelve men would fuck whichever juicy pussy was in front them as the roundabout turned. This way each man would be able to experience the feel of twelve different women in succession, and then repeat the exercise! The winning woman would be the one who took the last man’s hot spunk.

The ladies took their places and we stood behind them. I couldn’t believe this. The old man was about to fuck twelve women in quick succession. This was heaven!. Debbie was at the far side of the roundabout, the man behind her had his legs hidden so that his pole stood proudly over her back. She looked at me, lust written all over her face. The sun was to my side and the old man’s copious dribbled glistened in the sunlight. This was new to me, I had never fucked in the open air and the feel of the sun on my back and the cool breeze on my hot cock was a terrific feeling.

I moved forwards slightly as the roundabout moved so that my pre-cum dripped onto the waiting gash in front of me. I slipped the tip between the fleshy folds presented so lewdly before me and pushed. I was enveloped in warm pussy. Due to the movement of the table my cock pushed against the side wall of the lady’s cunt. As it moved sideways each strike of my cock explored a different part of her flesh. All too soon the table’s movement forced me to pull out. The old man bounced upwards as he was released, slapping excitedly against my belly. I was coated in warm juice, glistening in the sun, cooled by the breeze.

Soon I was presented with a smooth, black-skinned woman, her gash purple and engorged with lust, her hot juice oozing from her inviting hole. I was sorely tempted to sample her inviting ass-hole but that was against the rules! I didn’t hesitate and thrust into the musky flesh. It was hot and sweet and the Negro’s strong pussy muscles pulled me in. One by one the pussies passed until I recognised the loving velvet of Debbie’s familiar walls. This was almost too much but I kept my cool. One by one the men began to come. Some spurting deep, others enjoying the sight of their white sperm cascading over the backs of several women as the turntable revolved.

Debbie won! She had used her expert cunt walls to milk three of the men dry before the last one came over her back.

Time for the next part of Michael’s plan. The ladies climbed off the roundabout and Michael switched it off. He’d just watched the competition and his aching tool stood out proudly. He asked one of the maids to suckle his cock as he supervised his wife’s filling.

The ten servants stood in line and Susan lay back on the now still turntable. Each servant took turns to stand before their mistress, massaging their meat. Susan help the lips of her juicy snatch together, holding just the glans of each servant between her lips. As each one pumped her full of hot, creamy sperm she groaned in lust, looking with pleasure at her horny husband, his cock buried deep into the maid’s throat..

As each servant pulled away, Susan held her lips together trapping the precious liquid in her musky hole. Michael pulled away from the maid before he came, her saliva leaving a slick cock exposed to the sun.

After the ninth servant had shed his load Susan said that she was full but Michael insisted that she take the tenth as well. Despite Susan’s best efforts to contain the pressure of hot spunk inside her, as the tenth man came the pressure was too much and a jet of creamy semen squirted sideways – she was well and truly full!

Debbie could hardly wait and almost pushed the servant away in her haste. She sat on the ground with her head up-turned, just below the brim-full pussy above her. Michael, his own cock rock hard now stepped forward to fuck his wife, surrounded by his friends. Susan kept her firm grip on her lips as her husbands twitching, dripping cock nudged her cunty lips. As soon as Susan released her grip a torrent of spunk cascaded down into Debbie’s waiting mouth. She swallowed as fast as she could but just couldn’t cope with the flow which erupted from Susan’s engorged pussy, as hard cock replaced semen. Debbie’s face was almost completely covered – it dripped from her nose and chin, dribbled from the corners of her mouth and cascaded over her breast until they too were covered in countless pearls, shining in the sun.

Finally, Michael could hold out no longer and shot his load, initially into Susan’s semen-slippery, orgasming hole, then over her lips and finally over Debbie’s waiting face below. A cheer went up from the guests at this extraordinary show and two of the women quickly ran and lapped the copious spunk from my wife’s sun-drenched skin – none was wasted.

The rest of the day was a continuation of the feast. We fucked ourselves stupid so that by the time we were ready to leave, we were covered in spunk and pussy juice. Debbie looked wonderful. Her ass was distended from numerous cocks and both her holes oozed a heady mixture of musky cunt juice and semen.

Michael is planning another party in a few month’s time.......

© Copyright 2005 Chuck Throw

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