By Angelina
(FF, oral, MF, swing)

This is my account of what happened that night.

Chapter 1

I’m a married bisexual female, with a gorgeous husband and a very good sex life (when every, where ever, and as much as we can). With two small kids, both working and a home to look after.

I love nothing more that showing off in front of the camera, planning sexy nights and of course driving my husband wild. (And others!)

Over the last 6mths, we have been chatting to another horny couple, Mark and Sally.

We met on the PC and have swapped our sexy pictures and we liked what we saw!

The sparks have been flying and some good cam nights have been had, but we were all dying to meet for a drink, or more…..

So we managed to organise a date for drinks on Gregg’s Birthday.

It is Saturday morning and tonight is the night.

I had to speak to Sally that afternoon on the phone, it was our first time, up until now all our conversations had been on the PC. It was so sexy to hear her voice, we did not talk dirty but it was very horny for me and made me more excited about the evening to come!!

The evening arrives, the kids have been feed and the baby-sitter is wishing she hadn’t said, “yes”.

I just could not help myself, Gregg looked so sexy and smelled so good, that as soon as we were alone in the car, I just had to taste and suck his cock.

He felt so hard and was very wet with precum. Mmmmm (He sure tasted good)

We were feeling so horny because all we have done is fantasise about our evening with Mark and Sally.

To have Sally and myself show the boys what we’re made of, Mark taking the pictures and Gregg just not able to control himself and joining Sally and myself having fun.......

Gregg had to pull over, he was going to explode!!

Wow – there was more than a teaspoon full that night!

Well, we are here and the butterflies are starting as we walk into the bar. We all saw each other straight away.

To see them in person, hug and kiss for the first time was electric!

We sat chatting for hours and as I found out Mark is a chatterbox like me, so there was not ever an uncomfortable silence.

It was so lovely to talk with a couple with the same wants and desires!!

We walked into our favourite strip club and I felt so proud that this lady with us, was our play thing and everyone else in there could look and not touch.

We got our drinks and made our way upstairs to a table over looking the Pole Dancing Girls.

Mark sat next to Sally, I sat opposite her and Gregg next to me, opposite Mark.

I was feeling so wet and horny, being here with this great couple, chatting about sex. What we liked, didn't like, what we expect from our friendship, watching sexy naked girls dancing’s. Exploring our desires together. Mmmmm

Sally was looking so gorgeous sitting there opposite me, in her pastel pink, sequinned top and the way here delicate necklace sat on her neck. Her eyes sparking with expectation of a girly thing. (I would be Sally’s first and what an honour). Her mouth so delicate and with a permanent smile, was just too much, I had to slip my foot out of my shoe and rub it up and down her leg.

I did not get any objections, so I slid my foot up to her pussy. It felt so warm and moist as I massaged it. All this time chatting and laughing.

Sally looked at me and asked were the ladies was. What a signal, I could not disappoint. “I’ll take you”, I said.

When we were alone in the lady’s, I made a move and looked at her, put my hand around her neck, onto her hair and draw her close, so I could kiss her. That kiss was electric and I wanted her there and then, but we had to really control ourselves. We decided to hire a room for the four of us. The desire for each other was too strong to ignore!!

Chapter 2

As we walked into the room, you could feel the excitement fill the air, we were all laughing and joking and yet a little nervous.

We were all standing, looking at each other, not sure what to do next, but I looked at Gregg and he winked at me. This was the, “It’s o.k, go for it babe”. Therefore, I smiled and turned to look at Sally.

My heart was pounding! I smiled and moved closer. Slowly I touched her, my hands moving all over and feeling her heart pounding like mine.

I slowly and gently kissed her nose and a smile broke the ice.

My hand pulling up her top and seeing her fit body for the first time. Her breasts were perfect and felt just right, her nipples were hard and needing to be chewed, so I looked at Gregg and beckoned him over.

The guys looked at each other and smiled, they couldn't quite believe they were here and that their wives were their very own porn stars. You could tell they were excited by their pants. They were not in control of their cocks anymore!

Gregg kissed Sally gently on her mouth and his hands were on my bum and Sally’s great boobs.

I slowly started to undo Sally’s trousers to reveal a very wet and clean-shaven pussy. I knelt down in front of that pussy, so I could see the affect Gregg and I were having on her, while we used her.

I looked up and looked at Mark. He looked down to me and winked and mouthed “Thank you”. His hand slowly moved to his trouser pocket and unbeknown to us, he pulled out a camera. If there was a night for taking photos, this was it!

I just had to taste that pussy right in front of my face and it smelt so good. I started kissing her thigh and rubbing my fingers over her lips. She was twitching from what Gregg was doing and what I was about to do, open her lips and lick, taste and find that clit. It wasn't hard to find as Sally was open, wet and ready.

I had to sit back because I needed a breather. I was so aroused that I felt faint.

Gregg started to take his clothes off, to reveal a tanned, toned body and his cock. It was bigger and harder than I had ever seen before.

I kept seeing flashes and realized it was Mark, having the time of his life with the camera.

I moved over to Gregg and Sally and asked Sally if she would help me to relieve that cock of Gregg’s.

Sally and myself lay down either side of Gregg’s hips. It was so horny. Seeing another women dive in onto his cock because she could not resist it.

Gregg just could not take his eyes of us, as we shared his pre cum when we kissed.

I just had to undress and asked Mark to help me. We did not do anything sexual except a kiss, but we did not need to, just watching our partners enjoying each other, was Great!

Gregg and Sally were in the 69 position by now.

Now fully naked and feeling very hot, sexy and confident, I moved over and knelt down by Gregg’s head and kissed it. He led my lips to Sally's fantastic pussy and we licked and shared her juices.

I really needed to feel my husbands cock in my pussy. He lay down and kneeling over him, facing his feet, I lowered my pussy over his cock.

We fucked so hard and Sally was rubbing her pussy while Mark replaced Greggs cock in her mouth.

I started to rub Sally’s pussy our hands touching and making both our bodies twitch, with the electric shocks running up and down our bodies.

Both men felt the effects through their cocks and it did not take long before Gregg fired his cum into my pussy.

Mark was also close now, so moving up alongside Sally, we put our heads together ready to receive his load.

Mark went weak at the knees with the intensity of that cum and Sally and I sharing his cum. Kissing and licking each other faces.

I started licking to lick Sally's pussy and Gregg just had to have those boobs again. He started fingering Sally at the same time. To feel my husband’s hand in another women was out of this world!!

I was rubbing and licking her wet pussy and Gregg was finger fucking her hard, we soon knew she was close, Sally could easily prolong her orgasm but she was enjoying herself too much. She could not resist the power of 2 as she succumbed to the pleasure.

Her body arching, twitching and the moans, were just the result we wanted!

She squirted all over my face that night and it was so sweet. I just had to ask Gregg to kiss me and share it.

Sally and Mark were lying there cuddled up and reeling in the moment, when Gregg and I thought we would give them a show.

Gregg was fucking me hard with my legs right back and my knees by my ears. I always fuck with my eyes open, so I do not miss a second. The looks between us were something I had not experienced before, in 17yrs with this man and it was good!! The love was flowing out of the room.

I was rubbing my very wet, clean-shaven pussy. It looked hot that night!

“I’m Cumming”, “Fuck it’s strong.”

Gregg pulled out and finger fucked me hard to finish me off, because he wanted Sally and myself to make him cum. licking up and down his cock and sharing his cock and my juices still dripping down it.

I snogged that man, as I had never done before.

I looked at Mark and Sally, who were playing again between them selves, so I gestured to Sally to take my husbands cock in her mouth.

I started licking and sucking Gregg’s balls and slowly rubbing my fingers everywhere in that area.

He could not resist like Sally could and he soon covered our faces with cum. If there ever was a perfect “cum-shot”, this was it. We had it in our eyes, ears, mouth and hair. We loved it!!

Suddenly there was a knock on the door and we all jumped out of our skins!

“Hello”, I said and the reply was not pleasant.

“You only paid for an hour and you have been in there for two”.

We all looked at each other and what we looked like and started giggling as school kids, grabbing clothes, trying to find you are own and bumping into each other.

I said “Sorry we will be out in 5 mins”.

We said, “good night” at the cars, still reeling with sexual energy and organised our next date for drinks.

I do not think anything could top that night with Sally, but who knows might happen next time!!


Oh yes, the photos turned out fantastic and still remind us of that hot night!!

© Copyright 2005 Angelina -The Bi-female

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