Ecstasy & Inspiration
By Mad Doctor Tom
(MF, magic)

To all who read my pieces.
Just remember:
"Writing is a socially acceptable form of schizophrenia."

* * * * *

I yearned for love & inspiration, yet she gave me so much more. In exchange for inspiration, she fulfilled my desire. She fulfilled my dreams.

But yet I must perform my pastoral duties, as she fills my mind and heart, even as I speak of the crucifixion, I envision the taste of her love and blood running down my lips.

The vision of her beauty & the scent of her flower beckons to me, as the bee to the honeysuckle, while her voluptuous silky white legs lay open before me.

I felt her watching, for what seemed like months. She quite openly, while I secretly admired her from behind the veil of a non-chalant priest, and of listening to her confessions. I could not make my thoughts & feelings openly known, for it would have meant being ex- communicated.

So my nights are spent filling my hands with myself, while fantasizing of my Sweet Valerie. And in the morning repenting, swearing I'd never do it again, but secretly looking forward to the sunset and the next morning when I could lay eyes upon her fair skin and heavenly form.

Still, I knew she was there, and I was waiting, always waiting, for her to make a move. My hands tied by religious and societal bonds.

Yet aching to break free to nuzzle her essence and drink of her nectar.

There are nights I can't sleep, visions of her dancing before my closed eyes. She enchants and entices me, even prayers unto God cannot sate my love for her. I find myself awake and staring at the encompassing velvety darkness, hoping to see her there.

We begin with a kiss, that burns my lips like a branding iron, sizzling its way into my soul and my heart. Hellfire has nothing on her lips. A kiss that was meant for lovers such as us. And then she works her way down. She kisses my neck as she begins to undress me.

She shreds my shirt with nails perfectly suited to the purpose, how I want her to drag them down my back drawing blood, she lets her smooth tongue slide down the crease of my chest and belly. She reaches the top of my pants and begins to undo them. From the heat of her breath and the silken softness of her hands, my cock begins to throb and beg for release.

Something(guilt, conscience, morality, who knows) made me want to tell her to stop; yet something deeper wanted her to continue.

She pulls up my cassock and then yanks it away from me. She places her delicate mouth on my throbbing manhood, and then she begins to suck.

Thoughts & feelings of ecstasy flow through me, now I know why they use it in a spiritual sense. She uses the muscles in her throat like they were extensions of her hands. Her tongue teasing, tantalizing, & terrorizing the head of my pulsating cock.

Her teeth nipping and grazing she brings me to the very brink...and stops.

I never experienced anything like it before. It feels so good, again and again she strokes me with her delicate mouth. I moan in pleasure, or maybe in pain. I don't know anymore because I am to drunk with passion. Her very presence intoxicates me.

As if she knew what I was thinking, she bit and began to drink of me, blood and pre-cum. And then she stopped sucking the life giving fluid and bit into my thigh. My God my cock almost exploded from the expert application of her teeth.

Wanting more, needing to taste her as she is me, my very teeth ache in their sockets to tear into her, to drink of her glorious blood, that liquid electricity, that courses through her veins.

She let my blood fill her mouth and drank greedily of the liquid.

When she had her fill, she began to work her way back up. It seemed to take an eternity for she teased me unceasingly along the way. She would stop here and there to kiss & lick & nip, all the way up to my mouth. And then we kissed again, with my blood & cum still fresh on her lips.

Never before and never again will I enjoy the flavor of my own life, at least not with any other, for this is ours. I grabbed her in my arms, and held her for a second.

And then I pushed her down, and she let me be in control. At any point she could have grabbed me and with but a simple gesture bade me stop. But she let me pretend that I was controlling her, she let me inspire.

I went inside her from behind, I went deep inside. Her body was so cool to the touch, but after penetration she was warm. Her body began to warm up, and with each time I pushed inside her, she heated up more, she began to pant and moan, so I know I was giving her what she wanted.

With each push I went further and further into her. Sweat began to coat each of our bodies, and intense pleasure began to fill each of our souls. She began to finger her dripping pussy. Licking each one as if it were the finest delicacy, as I know it is.

So I reached around, and began to finish what she started. I wanted to complete her just like she completes me. I want her to be completely and utterly fulfilled, just as I am. I began to move my hand with a slow motion. The more I wanted, the faster I moved my hand. All I wanted to do was return the favor. I wanted to give her back what she was giving me. She knew this is what I wanted to do, and she left me to do it.

I don't know why I did it, my pastoral training should have restrained me, but I bit her. I bit her just like she did me. I grabbed her neck & shoulder and sunk my teeth in that downy soft flesh. I allowed her sweet blood to flow freely into my mouth. I knew if I did this I would get the answer I was searching for.

Our life forces mixed together. I knew that my life would once again have purpose. And as I bit her, her body seemed to relax, it was like she came, but at the same time it wasn't. I tasted her boiling hot blood.

A flavor made of her, her true essence. I wanted more, I needed more.

I pulled out and pushed her down. It was my turn to dominate her. It was my turn to give myself unto her. I wanted control.

I released my teeth and pulled out of her. I spun her around and pushed her to the bed. I licked her stomach as I gave her small kisses and nibbles across breasts of perfection and nipples hard as steel. I began to work my way down, in a way similar to the way she worked her way down on me. I manipulated my tongue across her chest into her belly button.

My mouth seemed to have a mind of its own as it continued down; I opened it to accept her. I wanted her again. The taste of her, I can never get enough. I felt those unfulfilled desires once more. I let her blood filled lips slide into my mouth & I began to suck. I wanted to emulate what she did to me.

She came into my mouth, more succulent than any communion wine or any fruit of the vine ever could be. I never tasted anything sweeter.

It was as if I sank my teeth into the forbidden fruit of the gods, and tasted ecstasy. She pushed down on the back of my head, gentle yet firm. She wants more. She doesn't want me to stop; She wants me to stay there. So I gratefully remained. I don't now if I was there for and hour or a day, but eventually both she & I were satisfied, many times.

We lay upon our bed, and she inside my arms. I released my hold suddenly and gazed into her eyes. Together our expressions changed and we let our fangs be exposed. We bit down into each others neck again.

Not like the last time, but this time it was deeper. This time it was for keeps. We were bringing each other into a special world.

We have tasted one another's blood and she has tasted mine twice. I could feel all my blood leave my body. I felt my heart stop beating. I laid there dying to this existence, and I waited to be reborn as she did.

To be free of the ties of this mortal world, of acceptable social morals.

As we died away she whispered into my ear "You're mine for eternity."

All I could do was smile and almost inaudibly whisper back, "As are you My Love."

I was looking for inspiration, and it looks like I found her.

Copyright 2005 Mad Doctor Tom

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