Dream Come True
(1st FF, oral, veg, MFF)

It was my greatest fantasy. To have a sex session with my flatmate, Sarah, and my boyfriend, Pete. I wrote it in my diary. I always write my most private thoughts in my diary. I always assume nobody else is ever going to read it, but Pete read it. Bastard. I should have known what was going on when Sarah played up to me. Less than two weeks after I wrote it in my diary, she actually seduced me. We'd been living together for more than three years, and suddenly she wants to make love to me. Definitely should have smelled a rat. It was like this :

Sarah and I had done our Saturday shopping on Friday because we'd both finished work early, and we were lying around the flat on Saturday morning, doing nothing, just slobbing around in our pyjamas, flicking through the TV channels, drinking tea and muching on the odd biscuit.

"Hey" said Saraah, "How about putting one together ?"

Well, we only ever usually smoke a joint in the evenings, and I was a bit taken aback, but we were both in a lazy kind of a mood, and it sounded like a good idea. I went off to get our stash and I rolled us up a nice fat three skinner. When we were about half way through it, feeling nicely stoned, we started talking about guys, and Pete in particular, and the fact that Sarah hadn't had a nice guy for a while now, when she suddenly said "I don't know, Trish, I think I'll go gay. At least you know where you are with women. You ever thought about it ?"

I felt myself going red in tne face, and I spluttered something about women not having the equipment which I needed, and she said "Yeah, I know all that, but guys are such a pain most of the time. One minute they're all green light, and the next you just don't know where you are. Know what I mean ? I mean, at least with another woman you know how they're thinking. And as for the equipment, there are some nice fat courgettes in the kitchen. Bigger than anything I've ever had, and guaranteed to stay up. Or maybe I'll go both ways, a woman, then a man. Then a woman again".

BY now, I'd started to warm to the subject. Not that I'd even thought about what I'd written in my diary, just that we'd, by now, finished the joint and I was completely stoned and, you know what it's like, you'll find any subject interesting.

"The problem is" I said "how to find another woman who feels the same way. I mean you don't want to go to some gay singles bar and get picked up by some butch lesbian with tattoos all up and down her arms, do you ? I mean, you'd want to start with someone who was understanding, who knew your situation, maybe even someone who's had the same idea and also wanted to get into it for the first time". I mean, can I talk myself into things, or what ?

"Like a real good friend, you mean ?"

"Yeah, exactly".

"What, like a flat mate, you mean ?" and she looked at me in a way that she'd never looked at me before.

"Wait, wait, wait. Hang on. I didn't mean me, for God's sake. I mean, not me. I mean, you wouldn't do it with me, would you ? I mean, would you ? Seriously ? Would you ?"

"Well, why not ? We like each other, don't we ? I mean, we're as close as we can be, aren't we ? I've often thought about it when you've been walking around here with your lovely bare body on display". (I never discovered during the post mortem which followed whether or not she was telling the truth, although the way she later made love to me convinced me that she was). "You've got a fantastic body, Trish. And mine's not so bad, is it ? And the other advantage is that we know what we like having done to us. Guys so often just bang away until they shoot their load, without any regard for what we want, don't they ?"

"Sarah, are you really serious ? I mean, do you really want us to, you know, really have a gay affair ? I mean, all the way ? Do you ? Because, I have to tell you, it's been one of my fantasies for a long time now". (I didn't tell her about Pete's part in my dreams).

"You too ? OK, Trish, let's do it. Let's do it now, while we're off our heads, and before we allow sober thought to change our minds. Come on, let's do it" and she stood up and reached her hand out to me. I took her hand and she led me into my room. (I'd won the only double bed in the flat on the toss of a coin when we'd moved in all that time ago).

When we got inside, we stood staring at each other and she started to push her pyjama bottoms down, but stopped just as her pubic hair was starting to be exposed. "Come on, Trish. Don't leave it all to me, or I'll think I'm with a guy here". I started to push my own pyjama botttoms down, Sara joined in and, soon, they were both on the floor. I've always liked Sarah's pubic hair. She doesn't shave it to keep it in shape, but it seems to grow in a perfect triangle all by itself. As I was thinking this, she said "Your pubic hair is so lovely, Trish. I love the way it curls down onto your thighs. Come over to the bed" and she walked over to the bed and laid down on it. I think we were both a bit shy about taking our tops off just yet. It seemed to me at the time that that would be the point of no return, and perhaps Sarah felt the same way.

I joined her on the bed and she leaned over me and kissed me very lightly on the lips. I couldn't imagine us kissing in the way Pete and I did, and I was hoping that I wouldn't have to deal with that possibility. Then she leaned her head on her hand and looked into my eyes. As she looked at me, I felt her hand on my stomach, rubbing in small circles, then moving downwards, finally settling on my pubic hair. After a little while, her whole body moved down the bed, and I closed my eyes, half mad with desire and half paralysed with terror at what was going to happen next.

Suddenly, I felt my cunt lips being parted. I was so wet, I could actually feel my juices running down the crack of my ass. Then it came; Sarah's finger was inside me, moving in and out, in and out, and another finger rubbing my clitoris, in exactly the way I like it. I'd never before had the feelings I was experiencing then, not with Pete or with any other guy I'd been with. It must have been the situation which was turning me on so much. In no time at all, I had come like I'd never come before. With a gasp, I reached down and pulled Sarah up to me, and covered her mouth in the kind of kisses I never before imagined I could give to another woman.

When I'd calmed down a bit, Sarah sat up and said "Good, eh ?" and started to undo the buttons of her pyjama top, finally sliding it off her shoulders and tossing it onto the floor, leaving her completey naked. I've always really liked Sarahs tits. They're very firm, stand-up sort of tits, and her nipples are very dark and very long, even when she's not aroused, and they're surrounded by very dark outers. They're such a turn on.

As I was thinking this, she undid my own buttons, spread my pyjama top open, exposing my tits to her wide-eyed gaze, and said "Your tits are so lovely, Trish. Nice and big. I love the way they hang down ever so slightly on either side of your body when you're lying on your back. I've noticed it on the beach before now" and she started to stroke my tits, stimulating my nipples as she went.

I suddenly felt that I should reward her for the fantastic orgasm she'd just given me, so I sat up, took my pyjama top off, and gently pushed her down onto her back. I pushed her legs open and sat between them. Her cunt was really glistening - she must have been as turned on as I was.

I put my hand down and parted her cunt lips, revealing her inner lips and her clitoris at the top. Her clitoris amazed me, as it was much bigger than mine - almost like the tip of a baby's finger, and as purple as the head of a guy's cock. It also seemed to be standing up erect like a guy's cock. I couldn't resist it - I put my head down and gave her clitoris a blow job. It seemed to me to be getting even stiffer, and I almost expected it to come in my mouth.

I then put two fingers inside her cunt and started to pump her, just the way I like to do it to myself, and I started to wonder what it would be like to do that to myself whilst having my clitoris sucked. I made a mental note to set this up with Pete the next time he came over.

As I was going over this in my mind, Sarah started to quiver and stiffen her whole body, then she came, and boy, did she come. I thought my orgasms were powerful, but my flatmate was in a whirl, thrashing her head from side to side and shouting "Yes, yes, yes" over and over. But the most extraordinary thing was that she was actually ejaculating out of her cunt. I could see her juices, clear yet thick, pumping out from between her lips, which themselves were pulsating in and out, and trickling down between the cheeks of her ass.

My fingers were still up inside her, and I could feel the muscles inside her cunt contracting around them. The she relaxed and we laid down beside each other and played around with each others' bodies, fingering each others' cunts and sucking each others' nipples, and generally giving each other a great time.

Suddenly, Sarah said "Hey, how about getting it on with one of those courgettes in the kitchen ? Have you ever checked them out with your fanny in mind ? They always remind me of a nice stiff fat cock. How about it ?" and, with that, she got up and strolled out to the kitchen. While I was waiting for her to come back with our permanently stiff cock replacement, I was sure that I heard the front door open and close, but I paid it no mind. (Getting the picture ?)

Sarah came back with a large courgette in her hand and, although I started to wonder, lying on my back with my legs spread wide open, fingering my cunt, if I could take it all, it did occur to me that, in fact, it wasn't all that much bigger than Pete's cock, when it was really in the mood and rampant.

Sarah came over, knelt between my legs, took my hands away from my cunt, put the smooth end of the courgette up against my lips and started to rub it up and down, from my asshole right up to my clitoris, the whole length of which was soaking wet. Then she opened up my lips with her fingers and put just and inch or two of the thing inside me. It felt great and, as I'd thought just a moment or two esarlier, far from being painful, it sent shivers of pleasure through my whole body. I demanded that she put it further up inside me, and she obliged. I think it was at that point that I started to wish that my total fantasy, namely including Pete, could be fulfilled.

Then Sarah said, while still pushing the stiff column in and out of me, "You know, Trish, for the real thing, for real deep penetration, you need to get up on you hands and knees. Do you ever do it that way with Pete ? I think that's the way I like it best. This thing has to be bigger than Pete' cock, doesn't it ? I know you've told me that he's pretty well hung, but it can' be this size, can it ? I mean, if Pete had one like this, well, you'd never go hungry again, would you ?" Little did she know that Pete did indeed have a cock that could, in its more celebrated moments, compete with this vegetable, and that rear entry was one of Pete's and my favourite delights.

Sarah took the thing out and I got up on my elbows and knees, with my cunt exposed, pointing almost upwards. Sarah slid herself under me in a sixty nine position, leaving me to lick away at her cunt while she shafted me with the courgette, licking my clit at the same time. After a while, she took the courgette out, saying "Want some more ?" to which I grunted assent, and she put it back in again (or so I thought) and we carried on having our mutual fun. Then she said "Seems like you're really hungry down there".

"Mmmm, mmmm"

"Well, try some of this, then" she said, and I saw the courgette appear before my eyes. Even then, it didn't quite dawn on me what was going on -courgette here but still in my cunt ? Then I pushed myself up on my hands and turned my head around. There was Pete, stark naked, his cock pumping in and out of me.

I was speechless. Then Sarah said "Surprise ! Pete found your diary. We set this up", as if I'd think it was all a coincidence ! The she slid out from under me and went round to where Pete was standing, his cock shafting my cunt, at the foot of the bed. "And here I've been going on about the size of that courgette, and you didn't say a word. I couldn't beilieve my eyes when Pete came in - ever so quietly - you didn't hear him at all, did you - and I saw the size of his cock, and it wasn't even fully up then. He had it in his hand, rubbing it up and down, ever so slowly and, although I could see it was a honey, I wasn't prepared to see what I saw when it was fully up and approaching your cunt about six inches away from my face".

Pete was still fucking me hard, not saying a word, when Sarah piped up again. "Pete, if it's OK with Trish - OK, Trish ? - when you're ready to come, would you pull out and jerk yourself off over the two of us ? Like they do in the movies. I've honestly never seen a cock the size of yours in the flesh, and I'd really love to see your come spurting out" and, with that, Pete slowed down and pulled out. I turned over to see Sarah with her hand around Pete's cock, which was shining with my juices, and jerking him off. Pete smiled at me and winked, and I smiled back. This was my dream come true, and I seemed to have no problem seeing my flatmate with my boyfriend's cock in her hand, jerking him off.

"Better yet" said Sarah, "Let me jerk him off, Trish, please, and I'll aim his come all over your tits. Ooh, I do love those movies, and now I've got a movie right here in our own flat".

Pete was obviously having a great time and, with no objection from me, he and Sarah climbed onto the bed, me on my back, Pete kneeling between my legs, his huge cock standing up, hard and straight, and Sarah beside him. She took hold of his cock and started to jerk him off again, first slowly, then getting faster and faster, just the way I do it for him. "Just let me know when you're ready, Pete" said Sarah "and I'll cover her lovely tits with your come. Just say the word".

I knew that Sarah would need no words from my man and, within what can only have been a few seconds more pumping of his cock, his head went back in that way that I know so well, and I knew that Sarah would pick up on it, and she did. She sped up to a frantic speed, pointed the head of his cock at my tits, and he let off his first spurt of come. It hit my chin and slid down my neck. The next spurt, a bit shorter, hit its target, right on the nipple of my left tit. Then the rest came, spasm after spasm, covering my tits and my belly with that white juice that i love so much.

Sarah hadn't let go of Pete's cock, which was now softer but still huge. Her hand, which was covered in his come,was slowly rubbing him up and down, and she said "God, Trish, you told me Pete was well hung, but you never hinted at this" and she held it out for us to see it in its full glory. "I've never seen a cock like this before. Do you take it in your mouth ? Does it fit ? Pete, how long before you can get it up again ? I'd love to feel it up me, if that's OK with Trish, of course". and, with that, she bent down and took it into her mouth, sliding her lips up and down its length.

As if in answer to her own question, it started to harden up again. I knew how lucky I was to have a guy with such a lovely big cock, and with the ability to get it up two or three times in a session. Now Pete's cock was as stiff as it had been when he'd just had it up me, and I knelt up and said to Sarah "On your knees, girl".

Sarah got into the doggy position, and Pete knelt up behind her. I came around behind her, too, took Pete's cock into my hand, positioned it at the entrance to Sarah's wet cunt and stroked the end of it up and down from her clitoris to her asshole and back again, over and over, just as she had done to me with the courgette. She was moaning and pleading for Pete to put it up inside her. I relented and Pete pushed his entire length up the full capacity of her cunt, so that only his pubic hair could be seen. Sarah was in seventh heaven. Then he withdrew it so that only the head was inside her, and I could see its magnificent length shining with her cunt juices. I put my hand around it and jerked it off until Sarah begged for more. He slid it back up again and pulled it back out again. That length has always been such a turn on for me, and now it was doubly so in the context of my fantasy coming true. He pumped in and out, getting faster, until Sarah had her orgasm, just as powerful as the one which I'd given her earlier on. Then she collapsed onto the bed, face down, leaving Pete's cock standing out, desparate for a new home.

I rolled Sarah over to one side, and slid myself between Pete's legs. He then sat back down on my stomach and put his cock between my tits, pushing them up on either side of it, and started to rock backwards and forwards, the head of his cock appearing from between my tits, and then disappearing out of sight again.

I said to Sarah "Hey, get a load of this. This is really good", and she sat up just in time to see Pete come off again, shooting his come all over me.

Sarah took hold of his cock again, fascinated, adoring, and I was so proud that this was my man's cock, available to me any time I wanted it, and, now, so it's turned out, to the great pleasure and satisfaction of all of us, available to Sarah as well.......


Copyright 2005 JFL

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