Sandra's Dad Part II
By Ms Welshflower
(MF, anal)

We decided to do lunch. After our morning exertions Brian needed a rest but something deep inside me kept me aroused. I wanted more and I wanted to be daring.

Anyway, I showered as Brian took a quick dip in the pool. We were off into the local village for a café lunch and I wanted to wear something sexy. I rustled through my bag picking out my pale yellow cotton dress. In bright sunlight it was just about see-through in silhouette - I'd normally wear a silk shirt or something underneath but not today. I'd just been fucked by my best friend's dad - this was no time to be shy. Humm, knickers - which ones to wear I pondered. The cotton thong would look good but I rummaged for something sexier, settling for some white lace hipsters - they'd make a teasing outline through my dress. So off we went me in my lacy knickers, cotton dress -no bra required.

We got to the café and ordered lunch in the warm sun. That's quite a revealing dress, Brian commented, I'm not sure if these people think you're my daughter or my mistress - you've certainly caught the eye of your waiter.

'You know, as you lean forward to the table, he can see the perfect outline of your cute breasts in that dress.' 'Do you like them as well' I asked? Brian smiled and laughed; of course I do they are perfect. I never, ever thought we'd be doing what happened this morning - are you OK with it? You won't tell Sandra will you?

No, no - I lied. You bet I'd tell Sandra her dad had fucked me I thought- she'd be shocked but I know she'll want to know. Our waiter returned from the bar with our lunch and a bottle of wine. As he approached I innocently undid the top button on my dress, I knew as he stood over me pouring the wine he'd have a good chance to glance down my dress, my nipples were hardening in anticipation. My dress brushed lightly against me playing on my nipples' sensitivity and the more I thought of it the harder they became. I saw Brian looking at my breasts and I'm sure the waiter started to get a hard on as he poured my wine.

'You're quite a little tease aren't you at times' Brian whispered - 'No its you' I said, ' I've never felt so full of sexual drive' it must be the excitement of doing something we shouldn't. Brian agreed adding 'we could try something special this afternoon if you wish'

I looked at him curiously but very interested. We'd finished lunch and I was ready to go back for some action. 'What exactly' I quizzed not wanting to sound too excited. 'Let's have some coffee and cognac first' he suggested.

Our waiter came back and eagerly took our order. My nipples now ached and he could have fondled them with pleasure had he the nerve. The drinks came and I pressed Brian to tell me his ideas. We leant forward over the table so as none of the other diners would hear us.

'We could try the backdoor' he whispered - it didn't click, I was thinking of the layout of his house all of a sudden. He clearly read the puzzled look on my face ' have you ever done that' then added - 'you know, anal'

I coughed into my cognac, bloody hell; he wants to fuck my arse. I tried to be cool about it. Coughing again (if only to make it look less of a total shock) I said 'I've never done that - have you?' 'Yes, its perfectly good fun, Helen lets me do it'

Shit he fucks Sandra's mum in the arse - I was really shocked now. Sandra's mum always appears prim and proper to me. I couldn't image her sucking cock let alone doing that.

And then he added. 'you haven't said no yet' My head was spinning, did I want to do that? Everything said no apart from a tiny bit of me that said now's your chance to try it. I gulped down my cognac and said, 'pay the bill, lets go ' and I added with a wry smile 'before I change my mind'

As we walked home Brian rested his hand on my hips but it felt different to normal. It was pleasant, arousing even, but also I was a little nervous. I tried to remember exactly how big his cock was. He wasn't huge, not the biggest I'd seem but not the smallest either. 'You won't cum inside me will you' I blurted out 'don't really want it dripping out afterwards' - Brian gave me a re-assuring hug - 'no don't worry, I think you're going to enjoy it'

We got back to the house and Brian led me into the bedroom. It was now or never. Brian disappeared to the bathroom and I slipped off my dress but my kept my knickers on. He came back with a small tube of KY jelly - 'to make things a bit easier he said. We kiss and I felt his hard cock through his trousers press against me. I started to feel more relaxed. 'Lie down' he said 'and let me give you a gentle massage'

I lay on the bed face down, knees together. I heard him undress and then felt his kiss on the small of my back. He slipped his fingers into the band of my knickers and slowly pulled them off me kissing my bum and legs all the way down to my feet. His kisses returned up my legs and I eased my knees and thighs apart slightly. His tongue now pushed between the tops off my thighs and I opened my legs wide apart to feel him lick my lips. I was really getting aroused now, no man had done it like that before. Then I felt his tongue touch my bumhole. He pulled my cheeks apart gentle and licked and ran is tongue around that most private spot. I was on fire; my clit was shouting for attention this was amazing. He paused to squeeze a bit of KY on my bum, I felt it ooze between my cheeks and reach its destination. I was slightly nervous again - was this going to be it? He tongue returned and then a finger. I felt if push against my bumhole, my muscles instinctive holding him out. But with a slight push his finger was in. It felt OK, in fact it felt fine. A second finger appeared and was pushed into me. I bit tighter now but OK and I WAS enjoying it.

I started slowing rocking my hips has he gentling worked his fingers into me. He knelt behind me and as I lifted my hips I felt the fingers from his other hand touch my lips and slid into my warm, moist fanny. This was really good. I pushed myself up onto my knees - it was time!

Brian took the signal, withdrew his fingers and the next thing I felt was the head of his cock against my bumhole. It felt really big. I tried to relax as he pushed against me but it was no good. 'Put your hand on my cock' he said ' and you do it' I put my head on the pillow and reached behind me grabbing his cock in a firm grip. I eased myself back onto it and pulled it into me. I felt a lot more relax and in control. I gave way and the tip of his cock slipped into me. It was tight, burning slightly but I pushed on, rocking my hips easing his cock into me. His hands were on my hips now, gently helping my rocking motion. He slipped further and further into me, I let go my grip and he was all the way in. His balls touching against my lips on each thrust. It did hurt slightly but only around my bumhole, he was deep in me and his balls slapping against my fanny was amazing, he pushed a finger into my vagina and rubbed my clit with his thumb. I could feel him inside me, not like a normal fuck but still good. (I knew then that one day I would need 2 cocks) . We rocked back and forth his cock deep inside my bum, I reached between my legs and lightly held his balls, this was amazing and I just needed more and more. Before I knew it Brian withdrew and he was good to his word. I felt his hot cum splash on my back and into my hair.

I turned over, 'finger fuck me please' I murmured, 'hard and fast' Brian bent over an kissed me on the mouth as he put 4 fingers into me. He stretched me so hard and I came so violently I couldn't help screaming out.

(How will I tell Sandra about these goings on?)

© Copyright 2005 Ms Welshflower

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