Sandra's Dad
By Ms Welshflower

I was 22, single and having split up with my lovely, but slightly boring boyfriend, I was at the end of a holiday with my best friend Sandra. She was on holiday at her folk’s apartment in Majorca and I’d flown down to see her for a few days. We’d had the place to ourselves and spent the days on the beach working hard on our tans. Being Europe, all beaches are topless – a new experience for me, but it felt very natural and no one paid any attention. Even Sandra’s perfectly formed 36C breasts (of which I was ever so slightly jealous) seems hardly to get a glance, my tiny 32As didn’t get noticed at all.

On Friday, her dad flew in to do some jobs on the apartment over the weekend, Sandra had a flight come on the Saturday (I was staying until my flight on Sunday) so we all went out for a meal and drinks on the Friday evening. Her dad was lovely and not at all parent like – I couldn’t imagine going out and getting drunk with my dad.

On the Saturday morning we all went for an early swim on the beach (some crazy idea from the night before). I wore a short sports vest and my usual bikini bottoms but I was surprised to see Sandra go in the water topless in front of her dad. I caught her eye and asked if she got embarrassed being nearly nude with her dad – ‘‘Don’t be silly, he’s here all summer seeing topless girls!’’ - put like that I did feel a bit of a prude.

After our swim, we walked back to the apartment and had breakfast around the pool. The sun was already hot and I wanted to work on some more on my tan, so I slipped off my vest and tried not to look conscious of my near nudity.

Her dad bought us fruit and coffee to the poolside and I’m sure he looked far too long at my breasts. I felt shy but also flattered – no one had noticed me all week! I even felt just a little bit aroused, which I knew was crazy as he was 30 yrs older than me and my best friend’s dad!

After breakfast, it was time for Sandra to leave for the airport. Her dad, Brian, was taking her in the car so I said my goodbyes and decided to stay for a swim in the pool – it was my last day after all.

Off they went and I took my swim. Afterwards I changed out of my bikini, slipped on a white cotton thong, and went back to the important job of the day – lying in the sun. I fell asleep and it was about 2 hours later that I woke to hear Brian returning. ‘’Hey’’, he said; ‘’Don’t burn now I think you should put on some sunscreen’’. Still half asleep, lying on my front, I said ‘‘Rub some on my back please’’. Brian picked up the bottle and poured some of the cold cream on my back. I tensed. ‘’Ooh that’s cold!’’, but then I felt his warm hand start to rub it into my back and relaxed back down...

‘‘That’s much nicer’’, I said enjoying the back rub.

In the warm sun I felt like I was melting into the sun lounger and without really thinking I rolled down the cotton band of my thong an inch and said ‘‘Don’t miss this bit’’ the sun rays get through you know. His hand had now moved onto my naked buttocks I wriggled slightly and said ‘'Don’t forget my legs as well’’

He paused for a moment. ‘‘Perhaps I should let you do the rest?’’, but I was enjoying the attention too much …

‘‘Please you do it, I’m enjoying the sun’’.

Brian started with my feet and worked his way up to my knees. I was starting to really enjoy it now and ground my pubic mound against the sun lounger. I tilted my heels apart opening my legs just slightly. ‘’Keep going please, this sun is so hot’’.

Brian’s hands moved up over the backs of my thighs rubbing the sunscreen into my tanned skin. His hands just touched my bum but then I felt him hesitate… ‘‘Please finish doing the job’’, I said in a sleepy whisper. He began to rub the cream into my buttocks, squeezing and rubbing then hard. I was becoming very aroused as my clitoris began to tingle. I knew I couldn’t let it stop now and I knew what I wanted from Sandra’s dad – a good fuck.

I rolled over. ‘‘Would you do my front as well please?’’, I asked in a slight shy but provocative tone. I didn’t look at Brian; I faked interest in the hot sun and lay flat out, eyes shut on my back. ‘’My breasts first please’’, I murmured, ‘’Don’t want sun burn on my nipples’’.

I heard Brian mutter some thing about it not being appropriate so I reached out for his hand and placed on my left breast – ‘‘Please’’, I murmured again. He took no further encouragement, his hands caressed my breasts and he rolled my now erect nipples with his fingertips. I opened my eyes and pushed myself up on my elbows, Brian paused, I looked him in the eye and said ‘’Please take my knickers off for me’’

He needed no second invitation, I lifted my hips as he hooked his fingers under the band on my thong, ran then down my legs and off my feet in one easy motion. I settled back down on the lounger and opened my knees wide. The next thing I felt was his mouth and tongue kissing my pubic mound, over my clitoris and down onto my vagina. I was warm, wet and very horny. He kissed, licked, and sucked my lips slipping a finger inside me. When he started to suck my clitoris I knew I as minutes away front an orgasm. I felt a second finger enter me as he licked and teased my clit; my orgasm came in a big rush. I forced my hips into the air against his mouth and shuddered as my orgasm waved through my body.

Afterwards, Brian lifted his head and stroked my hair as he knelt beside my sun lounger. I lifted myself on my elbows once again and glanced down at my naked body, legs still splayed apart. ‘’I think you’ve earned a damn good fuck if you want it’’. Brian said nothing; he simply pulled off his shirt and dropped his trousers and shorts in one quick move. His cock was a good size and rock hard, I reached out and took hold of it and rubbed him gently easing back his foreskin. ‘‘Would you like me to kiss and suck him?’’ I asked as I rolled my tongue round the head. ‘’Or does he want me now?’’ ‘’I don’t think I can hold on for long’’, he groaned as I rubbed my hand up and down his shaft. Quickly I rolled over on to my front and then pushed my bum high into the air with my head on the lounger.

Brian needed no second prompt. He moved behind me and seconds later I felt his hot cock slide into me. I felt the walls of my pussy stretch to accommodate him and the end of his cock nudging against my womb. I could sense his tension and the pressure building inside my pussy. We were both so close. He started to slide his cock. He was on about the third hard push when he groaned and felt his cock spasm within me. He came and came and came.

He held me tight for a moment and then we rolled apart breathing heavy. It was over quick, but it wasn’t really over. It was just the beginning…

(Wait for chapter 2 on loosing my anal virginity)

© Copyright 2005 Ms Welshflower

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