Wet Dreams
By Jeana
(MF, job, cheat, oral)

The dreams had become more frequent, but I didn`t really think nothing of it til they hit me when I was wide awake... Hot wet day dreams! I wanted to feel him deep in side me. Oh my god, what the hell was I thinking! I didnīt need this shit in my life right now... He was married, We had to stop this, and I tried, HA! It didnīt work.

It all started as playful flirting, then I made the mistake of letting him know how I felt, to my surprise he felt the same about me. The teasing went on for weeks, I'd get wet just thinking about it. The conversation got serious, we decided this couldn't happen, too many people could get hurt..... Then came the playful flirting again, I couldn't stop myself , I wanted him so bad i could taste it.

This went on for weeks and weeks, and then one day I went to see him at work , BIG mistake on my part. I made myself look good for him, tight jeans, low cut top, make-up, not the way I usually look. I even sprayed perfume where it wasn't intended to go, I was asking for trouble, and boy did I get it....

Every one had already left for the day. I got brave or just plain stupid, he ask for a peek at my tits, so I flashed him! He turned red and I did too, it suddenly got very hot on that cool fall day. It was only me and him on the parking lot of his job that day, and I was hopping for things to heat up even more!

I was so nervous and hot by this time I ask did he have the keys so I could go back in for a drink of water. He unlocked the building for me and as I passed by him to go back in he grabbed my shoulders, that's all it took, a shock went through me, I could feel my body quiver, my knees got weak. He told me he would stand at the door outside so we wouldn't get in any deeper than we already were, I was kinda disappointed. As I turned to walk out he was there in the building right in front of me! I almost knocked him down...LOL

At this point, I guess he kinda forgot about his wife, and maybe the thought of losing his job never crossed his mind? And by this time all I could think of was feeling his hot throbbing cock deep inside me.... I had to walk by him as I headed out the door, I figured i'd tease him a little more so,I whispered in his ear "I want you". To my surprise, he grabbed me and kissed me, it was a long hot passionate kiss, our tongues swirled, and I gently bit his lower lip, he broke away from the kiss , I thought maybe he didn't like it, then he said "are you sure this is what you want?"

I was in shock, I never thought it would really go this far, just nodded my head as to say yes. He grabbed my hand and lead me to his office , he looked in my eyes and asked once again "are you sure?" I took a deep breath and said "yes."

He ask me if I was alright, he said I seemed a little nervous? I told him I was a little nervous and kinda hot, He laughed. I lied, I was very nervous and extremely horny. As he locked the office door I took a seat in the chair at his desk, he began to rub my neck and shoulders, I said " I don't need that kinda massage for the type of stress I have." His reply was "sorry!" And he reached down the back of my shirt and unhooked my bra , he began kissing my neck as he slid his hands down the front of my shirt and began rubbing my already hard nipples, I had waited for this for so long, now it was happening I didn't know what to do.......

That morning before I left the house I put on my sexy black lace panties with the thought this thing we had might go a little further, well there was no need for them any more they where already soaked. I told him , he got to see mine, it was only fair that I should see his too. It took him about 2 seconds to come out of his pants. He was fully erect, his big hard cock pointed straight to the ceiling.

I wanted to taste him so bad, I placed both hands around his cock and began to stroke him, I licked my lips , placed them around the head of his dick , swirled my tongue around and got my first taste of his pre-cum. I began sucking and stroking him with my hand at the same time, I removed my hand allowing him to fuck my mouth, he grabbed my hair and slid his dick as far as it would go, I had to back off, I was about to choke and besides that, I didn't want him to cum yet. My hot wet pussy was throbbing aching to be filled.

I got up from the chair and sit on his desk, to be closer in his reach. He put his hands on my hips and slid them up my sides, my shirt had buttons but he decided to go the easy rout and pull it off over my head, my bra slid down my shoulders, there I was in full view, and he was taking it all in. I'm pretty sure he liked the view.

He cupped my breast with both hands and began swirling his tongue around the nipple of my right one then to my left, he was gently bitting my nipple. He knew I liked this, we had talked about this before, I told him a little pain is good......

He was kissing and licking his way down my stomach, I began to quiver and a slight moan came from my lips, he look up at me and gave this evil little grin, I had to come out of my jeans , I wanted to feel his hot breath on my wet pussy!

He undid the button of my jeans and slid the zipper down, I lifted my hips into the air so he could pull them down, I pulled my shoes off and then my jeans where gone too.... And there I was sitting on his desk in nothing but my black lacey panties, I pulled them to the side to allow him better view of my wet swollen clit.

He began kissing my stomach again going down further and further til he was there licking and sucking my very wet pussy lips. He inserted one finger then two "OH GOD!" I screamed, I couldn't help it , I was shaking uncontrollably as I came all over his fingers. He gave it one more lick and decided I needed to taste my on juices , he kissed me, this turned me on so much, I demanded in a whisper "fuck me now..."

He lifted me off the desk, spun me around forcefully and bent me over the desk. I thought , ok, he's gonna fuck me from behind, this is good...... He slid just head in at first slow and easy, and the with one hard deep thrust he was all the way in, I don't think anyone has ever went that far before. He then said " the teasing is over now, are you ready?" I didn't say a word my moaning became a cry of pain, the pain then passed and I was screaming for more....

"oh yeah baby fuck me harder!"

I could feel my pussy contracting around his big hard cock. I was cumming again, my body was tingling all over, he began pumping faster and faster , I could tell he was about to come. He was moaning and thrusting harder, he then pulled out and shot his hot thick gooey load all over my ass cheeks. He leaned over me grabbed a hand full of my hair kissed me hard , and handed me a box of tissue from his desk.

This was a wet dream cum true.



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