Mystery Woman
By Mr_Zac ©
(MFF, bd, oral, swing)

I am unsure as to where I am. I hear the wind in the trees and birds chirping. Yet is dark I cannot see. I go to move but find I am bound tightly at all four limbs. There is a flapping sound and a gush of air. I realise I am not only tied but naked also. My head moves and you notice I am awake. Your lips touch mine ever so lightly as your hands run through the light hair on my chest.

I feel my cock begin to harden as I think I realize what is happening. You sit on my face letting me lick at your womanly juices then I feel hands upon my cock. I moan in ecstasy but then I hear a slight giggle from you. Your hands leave my rigid prick and in an instant they are caressing my face. Suddenly they are back on my prick. I think how swift your hands are moving then I realize there is not one pair of hands but two as I hear another giggle but not yours.

Then four hands roaming over my entire body simultaneously, leaving no spot untouched. My prick is so hard at the thought of two females ravaging my nakedness that I almost cum. However you get of my face after having reached a climax and flooded my mouth with your juices. I start to feel a little disappointed and as I am about to speak another cunt sits on my face. My tongue delves into the unknown smooth hairless twat and lap up her juices too.

I try in vane to figure out who the mystery female is and you were not telling. You lower yourself on my rigid member and fuck me hard. I cum and fill your wet passage with endless sperm. You dismount of my now very sensitive cock. I was prepared to lie back and relax however the mystery woman impales herself suddenly and made me moan out aloud as the sensitive cock head takes a renewed pounding. I have no choice as my cock gets fucked but to take it and do. I come to a second climax and fill the mystery woman with my seed as she too climaxes.

I feel you untie my ankles and wrists before releasing my blindfold. It takes a moment or two to get accustomed to the daylight and then I find I am in a tent. I look around but no sign of the mystery woman........

I look at your nakedness and you hard nipples and smile; you smile back as I ask who the woman was. Not telling you say. I get up and look outside the tent to see I am in a nudist’s camp and in the distance I can see naked couples and singles everywhere.

I realise I must have been drugged in some form as there was no way I remembered getting here. I love your surprises and this one surpassed any other you gave me. You tell me we are here for a few days and maybe just maybe I will get to know the mystery woman.

We venture outside and down to the beach where we swim to refresh ourselves. You talk to several women and I try to figure if maybe one of them was responsible for fucking my cock. Again as reading my mind you say I am not telling and wander off with two other women.

“She has you thinking hey?” I hear a male voice say. We get talking and he reveals it was his wife that had fucked me. “Pay back!” I reply. We sat down and plotted a way to get back at you women.

The following day you went to the ablution block and on your way back you are ambushed and gagged before a bag was placed over your head. You are tied with your wrists behind you. It seems like an eternity walking through scrub the bushes brushing against your nakedness caused you a little discomfort, especially with the occasional branch whipping against your vagina.

You are led into a room and tied over a table with your legs parted. You sense for a moment that it was me until you here a total stranger’s voice. You realise then it is not me and a little fear fills you but excitement too.

You feel rough hands caress you face and immediately you smell the juices of another woman on his hands befog they drop to your wet pussy. You feel hands on your inner thighs before they are lifted and a cock thrust roughly into your wet passage. Suddenly the blindfold is removed and you look across the table to see me fucking the mystery woman. You wonder who is fucking you and then realise it is the other mans wife just as he brings you to climax and cums himself. Both of you are released fully however you are not yet free to go as we take our respective partners and fuck together in an orgy. You look first at his cock then at mine and smile happily as my cock forces into your tight dripping passage.



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