By Vanzetti
(MF, oral)

Cool water cascades down my entire body, refreshing it. The shower spray soothes my sun-heated body, sending multiple tiny fingers over it in a sensual warm massage. Delighting in this sensation, my hands slowly move across my body, sensually washing and exploring. My thoughts are suddenly disturbed by a knock at the door. I try to ignore it, not wanting my solitude interrupted. The knocking occurs again. I sigh as I turn the taps off, step from the shower and quickly towel myself off. The knocking becomes more persistent, "O.K. hold your horses I'm coming!" I yell from the bathroom as I tie a sarong around my still damp body and contain my wet hair in twisted towel on the top of my head. Heading to the door I'm grumbling under my breath, " This had better not be a salesman or some religious nut. " Pulling open the door I utter an annoyed, " Yes!"

I'm pleasantly surprised to see you there, your right shoulder leaning against the outer wall. Your smug grin makes me laugh. Playfully I punch your arm, "You knew I was in the shower." Gathering me into your arms, kissing my neck longingly, your reply, " Yes, I did. I know how much you hate being dragged from the shower by the phone or someone at the door." You laugh, holding me tighter as your lips slowly work their way up the side of my damp neck, along my jaw line to my lips. My arms wrap around your neck, one hand moving up into your hair at the back of your neck as my lips join yours in an ecstasy only we alone can produce. Lips search deeply, tongues flickering, tasting wanting more, but neither wanting to rush. Content in the slow building passion which both know will soon inflame us. Sending both of us careering toward the point of no return. A point we both ache for.

Slowly you walk me backward, further into the hall. Removing an arm from my damp body, you close the door. Your lips continue their sensual exploration of my mouth, you mutter something about not letting the neighbours have too much fun. Lost somewhere in the bliss created by your mouth and arms I agree, as I allow you to walk me backward through the first door on your left, my bedroom. My hands already undoing your jeans, wanting to feel more of you close to my warm damp body. Playfully you push me onto the bed. "Good things come to those who wait. " You smile as you slowly slide your jeans off your hips, letting them drop to the floor and casually kicking them aside. You remove you shirt and join me on the bed in one well-practiced movement. My arms reach for you, but you stop them, holding both my wrists in one hand while the other slowly undoes the knot of my sarong. Your hot passionate lips travel slowly down from my lips, along my jaw line. Pausing just to brush my ear, sending shivers through me. A soft moan escapes my lips as I feel the sensual magic your mouth produces through my body as it caresses my skin, igniting it like fire.

My back arches as your left hand cups and applies pressure to my right breast while your thumb slowly slipping across my hard nipple. This glorious sensation is followed by utter bliss as I feel the moist heat of your mouth as it surrounds my left nipple, suckling on it like a child breast-feeding. I try to move my hands, wanting to touch you; this causes you to hold my wrists tighter. Your mouth hungrily feasting upon my nipple sends sparks shooting through me, as your other hand rolls my right nipple between your thumb and forefinger. I plead with you to release me; you ignore me and continue with your feasting. My hips start a slow rhythm, pushing toward you wanting more. Lifting your head you smile, telling your not and me that I must wait until you feel ready sure when that will be.

A wicked look crosses your eyes as you pull my sarong from beneath me, entwining it around my wrists you tie it tightly to the bed head. " Wouldn't want you to get away now, would we?" Your lips again join with mine in a lingering deep sensual kiss, your tongue gently probing. A sigh escapes as your lips slowly release mine. This sigh is quickly replaced with a soft moan as your exquisite mouth travels slowly down my body, pleasuring every bit of me as you work your way down the entire length of me. Parting my legs you run a single finger along my pussy, feeling the growing wetness you have produced. Bending my knees, placing my legs over your shoulders you lie on your stomach facing my pussy. I gasp as your tongue slowly licks the entire area from my ass to my clit, pausing there to flicker over this most sensitive area. I squirm as this glorious sensation begins to build the tension that I know will produce the inevitable tense orgasm that only you can produce in me. Pushing my hips harder to you as I long for you to produce that ecstasy within me again. Wanting myself to feel lost in the sexual oblivion only you can create.

Your tongue flicks faster over and around my clit, teeth grazing it now and then, teasing me. Slowly you insert one finger into my tight, hot wet cunt. As I release a slow guttural moan you insert another finger, increasing the speed of your tongue on my clit. Your teeth make more and more contact with my clit, grasping it gently between your upper and lower teeth. Your fingers moving faster, probing me deeply. I beg you to stop, as I am not able to take much more, my breathing becoming faster, heavier as I push my hips harder to you. Wanting more wanting all. Your feeding becoming frenzied as you feast upon my pussy like a starved animal. Like a bomb going off an intense orgasm explodes through me, covering you with my essence. One final lick sends a shudder through me. You look into my dark wide eyes and smile; again your lips unite with mine in a sensual passionate union. Tasting me on your lips excites me, makes me hungry for more. Again I ask for you to release me, " I want to hold you feel you taste you." Your actions speak louder than any words ever could. Straddling my chest, you position the tip of your cock on my lips. I lick the tip slowly, savouring the feel and texture of it. Teasing me you trace my lips with the tip of you powerful cock, pulling it away as I try to take it into my mouth. Again I beg you to untie me, now you agree. My arms surround your hips, hands sliding slowly onto your butt, pulling you closer to me. Feeling your cock slowly slide past my parched lips and into my waiting warm moist mouth, bit by glorious bit.

I let you control the pace and rhythm, feeling you slowly fuck my mouth. Sliding deeper into my throat you feel the muscle wall contract around your cock, as I suck you in deeper and deeper. Applying more pressure to your cock. I watch you and see that this pleases you. Your head goes back, eyes close as you enjoy the oral pleasures I give you take effect. Your breathing becoming a little faster as a gentle moan escapes from you. Pulling you closer to me I suck harder, drawing you in deeper. A slight salty taste lets me know that pre-cum is sliding around my mouth, exciting my more. You pull away from me you have the look of a man wanting more. I am only happy to oblige. Kneeling beside me you pull me up into your arms. Our embrace is strong, passionate and warm as our lips are drawn together. Hands kneading, exploring every part of each other from our heads down as our kiss becomes more fevered.

Gently you lay me back onto the bed, my back facing you. Lying behind me, I feel your chest pressed close against me. Your left arm moves gently under my neck, encircling my breasts. Your right hand moves my right leg back over your left thigh. You feel for the entrance to my cunt then guide your cock slowly into me. Taking short slow strokes to begin with, you tease my clit again while your other hand rolls and pinches my nipples. Your soft lips caress my neck as we both delight in the amazing sensation of you sliding deeper and deeper into my tight hot saturated cunt. My hand caresses your butt, pulling you closer to me. Our breathing becomes a little faster as our pace quickens both feeling the urgency of our union. Your hands cease their play holding me closer to you.

I feel the strength of your left hand on my right hand as this arm encloses my chest; the other moves across my stomach pulling me harder two you as you ram yourself into me deeper. Our bodies move as one, creating in both of us the tension we know and desire. Our breathing coming in gasps, as we take another ride into the unique pleasure we alone create. Our moans become one as our bodies' blend in ecstasy, neither knowing where one start and the other begins. Your arms become a vice grip around me; my nails rake your ass, our fucking becomes frenzied as we both become possessed by the primal sexual urge that lies deep within all human beings. The ecstasy we produce is almost painful; I can take no more. From the depths of my soul comes a guttural, animal scream of pleasure as you plunge me past the point of no return. Your steel rod becoming a hot poker as you ram yourself one final time deep within my sexual folds, your cum scorching a path deep inside me like hot lava spewing from a volcano. Everything goes blank for a few seconds as you minds and senses try to cope with this electrical overload.

Slowly we return to the world of reality as our senses clear. Our bodies still locked together, not wanting to be apart are covered in an exotic blend or our sweat and sex fluids. Releasing your grip on my spent body as you remove your penis from within its sanctuary, causing a sob to escape from me. Rolling over I am again cradled in your strong arms, head nestled against your masculine chest. My tongue starts licking the sweat from your chest, flicking across your nipple. Your hand caresses my back and hair. Our lips again are drawn to each other in a lingering, gentle searching kiss. Something from primeval times stirs from its slumber. Both smile, as we know it won't be long before the primal beast returns to rule and control us once again.

Vanzetti March 2000

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