Butt Experience
By Mr_Zac
(MF, anal)

I look down at your sleeping form. Lying naked and spent I recall your email letters and stories pertaining to being tied. Gently I wake you by kissing and licking your sensitive pussy. I ask if you still would like to be tied and you reply yes but still a little uncertainty in your voice. Before I tie you I make very clear a "safe" word for you to use. I assure you if I hear the word UNCLE I will immediately cease whatever I am doing and release you from your bonds. With that assurance you are more relaxed and permit me to tie you spread eagled across the bed. You look so vulnerable and inviting. My cock is erect and eager to please you and you beg for me to fuck your heated passage. As much as I would like to sink my cock deep inside you I resist.

Running my hand over you pussy area I feel the stubble that has grown since you last shaved. There is little either side of the existing full growth. I blindfold you and say I will be back shortly. I leave the room to get some shaving gear. You are not aware of my intentions. I return quietly and remain at the doorway looking down as you try to struggle against the secure bonds. Your pussy is yearning to be touched and I hear you moan softly. I approach quietly; with a can of shaving cream and a hot flannel in readiness. You call out wondering where I have gone. I answer with a warm cloth placed over you vagina. Not expecting it you jump as the warmth from the flannel makes you pussy tingle more. Next you hear the hiss from the aerosol can and the coolness of the cream on you pussy area. Gently I massage the cream over the entire area. I know you do not like to be completely shaved so I intend to shave only where you have previously done so. You wriggle as the razor touches your sensitive skin. I ask you to be still so I will not nick you accidentally. Your find it hard but succeed for the duration of the partial shave. I wash the remaining cream away after completing the shave which has left you very horny and begging to be fucked.

I caress the newly shaved areas before I lower my head and suck on your now very sensitive clit.

During the shave my cock has gone semi limp. I get up and you sense you are about to be fucked. You are wrong as you feel my cock against your mouth. You open your mouth to receive me and I let your tongue lick at my head until I am fully erect. I then pull away and position myself between your outstretched legs and finally I slowly sink my flesh into your quivering fuck hole. Your want me to fuck you hard but I resist that temptation for now. I slowly bring you to your first climax. Just as it subsides I lean forward and remove the blindfold. Your eyes are tear- stained; but you manage a smile.

I suddenly ram my cock-head deep into you taking your breath away momentarily. I continue to ram into you and bring you to your second and more intense orgasm. I place my fingers over you G spot and massage it as I once again ram my cock deep within. I feel my own burning climax about to explode but manage to wait until your third climax. We cum together in the most intense climax we have both felt in a while.

You want more you say; so who was I to argue. You gained my trust by tying you down and agree to let me pay attention to your butt hole. Using the slim vibrator I work firstly on your still sensitive vaginal area then ever so gently and slowly I work your juices around your anal entrance until you are comfortable with the vibrator in your rectum. As you begin to moan at the pleasure I remove the vibrator replacing it with my index finger which slides comfortably inside your anal passage. I worm my finger gently but firmly deeper into you. The depth is not as deep as the vibrator and you beg for me to enter with my cock which is just a little longer and thicker in circumference.

Confirming that is what you really want I lube my cock with gel to make it easier for you.

You feel the head against the tight anal opening but force yourself to relax. Slowly I enter you making sure you are comfortable as I penetrate deeper into the tight anal passage. You murmur softly after I enter full and begin to slowly fuck your butt. Your moans turn to screams of pleasure as you climax shortly afterwards causing me to also climax and fill your ass with my hot cum. We lie back in each others arms and you thank me for being so gentle and caring...



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