Exercise Affair
By Sadie
(MF, Exhib, oral)

Dear Santa,

I wanted to thank you for that nice exercise video you sent me. I was really surprised to find it in my stocking...I mean...at 36 24 35...I didn’t feel chubby! But the phone lines were down this morning, and I was bored so I tried it out for a lark....it WAS a LARK!!!!

I got into my leotard and leg warmers and started the tape. Good old warm-ups...yuck!!... but this tape has some damn good looking dudes doing the exercises...and I got...."warmed up" as I watched. I even felt a little kinky doing the pelvic rocks as I watched their pelvises tilt provocatively towards my own. My gaze remained riveted on their pelvises as Jane began the aerobics. Through their stretchy suits I could barely make the outline of a certain muscle that I thought could use some exercise.

...damn...better get back to work! 1-2-3-4 arms front...arms back...arch out that chest...push it out! ...well Jane...I'm thrusting my chest out as arched as I can...can't you see those taut nipples pointing at those hairy chests beside you?!!!?? I’d like to lick their nipples each time they arch them towards me!

But it’s a little warm in all this...I'm sliding off the leg warmers and unbuttoning my leotard. The background music is nice...reminds me of this time I was with this guy in his car...well, never mind.

1-2-3-4 better follow the steps turn right 3-4... oh... lordy...look at HIM!

There is this gorgeous hunk of a man working on my phone lines...well... actually it seems he's more interested in playing peeping Tom! And he didn't catch me looking...I think I'll have a little fun with him!!

Besides...these dudes on the tape have been totally ignoring me!

Instead of moving my arms around in circles.. I'll let my hands circle my breasts as I rock my chest back and forth in time to the music...

Oh, yes... he's still watching! I wonder if he'll notice me licking my lips... mmmmmmm....

Ah...back to the pelvic rock again...guess I'll point mine towards the window as I pretend to keep watching the screen. My hands start on my hips but move toward my thighs with each rock...my hands are just reaching under the leotard as Jane switches to floor exercises. I'm really putting on a show now as I unbutton all my buttons and caress my breasts through my bra...yeah...this'll make him HOT!!! Now my hands are roaming up and down my thighs and I too have gotten very HOT...my breathing has changed and I no longer want to tease...I want that man... NO!.. I NEED HIM... NOW!!

I look at him and our eyes lock this time and he smiles wolfishly.

I beckon with my finger but he just smiles at me...and rakes his eyes over my wanton body. Now HE pretends he's working...but he's still peeking!!! ;-)

Two can play this game! I closed the curtains and waited...hoping.

The door bell rang! "Can I have a drink of water" "Please do cum in"

I gave him his water then turned to open the door to let him out. HE grabbed me then and said he wanted to do a few exercises with me. He had the strongest tannest arms and I wanted him...so I took him into the exercise room and started on warm-ups. I exercised my tongue on his lips and his salty, musky neck. He quickly joined me in these routines as we deviated quickly from Jane's routines. His strong and gentle hands began to explore my hungry body...my nipples arched longingly for his touch...I moaned when he found them. He caressed them with his hands...then explored them with his tongue, sending shivers throughout my body...when he took each nipple in his mouth and sucked it was too much. I became so hot and so dizzy, I begged him to stop. Instead he continued to suck while his fingers drifted down and under my leotard. He felt around for my clit as I greedily guided my clit to his loving fingers. I needed it then. Sucking and stroking he took me higher and higher…. No chance for a breath my clit hot and swollen soon exploded its passion climaxing for what seemed forever!! Damn it was good! Thank You Mister!!!

I asked if there was anything I could do to repay him...and of course he was ready with an answer. He took off his jeans and stood over me. He was ready! Through the bottoms of his red Boxers I saw his gleaming hardness. I got up on my knees for a better look and pulled the boxers down to expose his want. I quickly gave him a "blow job" breathing lightly over the length of his shaft. He responded by moving his dick closer to my mouth..."suck me...please"

I kissed the tip then wrapped my tongue around his head as he began to moan. I continued feathering his shaft with my tongue as I felt his need increase. He begged me to take it all in and I relented. He was so hot he began to thrust into my mouth. I put an end to that. I held his hips steady as I slowly sucked his weapon deep into my throat, sliding it out, sucking it deep. When I was ready I increased the tempo. He soon spurted with joy.

AS he rested himself I finished undressing and demanded equal time! He laughed and said we should be even already but that as he was in a very generous mood I should prepare myself. But I wasn't prepared for such an onslaught! He started with my lips and ears and my neck...teased my nipples and then totally mastered me with his attentions to my clit. He used his fingers, his toes, his teeth and his tongue...and what a tongue...he had me so high I never knew if I was cuming or going...I know I did a lot of cuming...Then he gave me a very wet sloppy kiss and entered me with his hard cock.

I wouldn't have thought that I had any energy left to respond.

But after a few deep thrusts, an answering need grew in me. My walls responded trying to capture his hardness as he drew back after each new thrust. He positioned himself so that the thrust was greatest near my clit. Each time he thrust a surge of shivers raked my body...

I was climbing higher and higher again nearing the places he had already driven me. He had total control and held himself back till he felt me climax...then he spent himself with 3 great deep strokes and we lay spent in each others arms.

I must admit, it WAS a GREAT workout!!! Eat your heart out, Jane!!!




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