Special Night
By Feetfirst
(MF, oral, rom)

You knew it was going to be a special night. You had been leading up to this night. You and your new gentleman had started dating two months ago and you had been the perfect lady. You are beautiful, intelligent, and sophisticated. You had been out to dinner several times and had done nothing more than kiss. Tonight that was about to end. Tonight would be the night he would find out his lady was capable of so much more.

You had started out the day with a trip to the beauty salon. Your hair had been perfectly styled; your nails treated to a manicure, your whole body had had a sauna and massage. You had even had your bikini line done professionally for the first time. You were going to make tonight a night to remember.

You were going to be picked up tonight at seven and you couldn't wait. You had bought the most glorious dress, a long flowing black number that accentuated your curves to perfection. New fabulously high black shoes that were going to see some action tonight.

How you had been looking forward to tonight. You have had a fašade of the perfect prim and proper lady on for so long now that you yearn for the passionate sexual release that hopefully tonight would bring. Not long to wait now.

As seven approached all you could think of was that soon you would be at his apartment dining and soon after that......... sigh

As seven arrives you hear his car. You itch to stand and fly out your door, but no. You must wait just a few short minutes. You mustn't seem eager. Three minutes later you stand and go to him. He looks fabulous in his car. Dressed in a dark Armani suit, long wavy hair flowing behind him. God he is gorgeous, even as he smiles at you your heart stops a beat. You can't wait.

Arriving at his apartment you are in awe at the size of it. A massive building but evidently only one storey. Entering you see a wonderful open plan affair. You can see dining area, kitchen, bedroom, Jacuzzi and spa. Wow you can't wait.

Taking less than two hours to complete, dinner was a bland affair compared to what you have in mind for afters. At least he had served your favourite, monkfish and asparagus. He suggests you retire to the lounge area and you follow.

Once seated you can wait no longer. This is your time. You are going to devour him whole. You lean toward him and kiss, lightly at first but then harder. Soon you are kissing him roughly and he pulls away. He stands and walks toward the Jacuzzi area and starts to light candles. You sit and watch him in amazement as he lights a dozen and then proceeds to the kitchen for Champagne. He returns to you without a word and resumes kissing. God he is good at kissing. You can actually feel your legs shake from the passion.

You stand and lead him to the Jacuzzi. You remove his jacket and unbutton his shirt. But you are not here to be nice lady; you are here to show him just how you can be. In fact just how you are. You start to kiss him again and then slide slowly, trailing your tongue down his torso, down to your knees. Once there you unzip his member and take it in your hand and stroke it gently. As it starts to get hard you bend your head close and, pulling back the foreskin, lick it gently round the top. Stroking your tongue gently along the fraenulum in an up and down motion. Your gentleman sighs and thrusts at you. Instead of backing off to keep in the same position you open your mouth and slide forward taking him into your mouth up to the hilt. He gasps once more, much louder than last time and you suck heartily.

You carry on your sucking, bobbing on him in ever harder motions. Teasing him and sometimes pulling out so that a string of precum extends from your lips to the end of his penis and looking up at him and smiling before plunging down on him again, taking him all the way. Soon you know he is ready to cum and you want to swallow him knowing fine well you can get him hard once more later when you want him to fuck you. As he reaches his no return point you plunge even harder down onto him and he pumps loads of sweet sweet cum down your throat. As the last few drops are being pumped you ease back from him and allow cum to pump onto your lips and you look up at him and watch his surprise as you lick it off. But as he sighs his contentment you finish off undressing him.

But you are not done yet. As he recovers you seductively slide your dress off your shoulders and allow it to drop to the ground. Stepping out of it you unclasp your bra and remove it. He stands in front of you in awe, unable to move, his jaw resting open in shock.

You sit on the side of the Jacuzzi pick up your Champagne glass take one sip and pour the rest down your front, over your breasts and down to your sopping pussy. God that feels nice! You spread your legs and look over to him expectantly. Your man doesn't leave you wanting as he immediately kneels in front of you. He bends down all the way to your feet and starts a slow, gentle, long lick upwards. On reaching your pussy he slides one finger into the band of your thong and pulls it gently to the side. He leans forward and blows a warm breath of air onto you sending shivers and goosebumps all through you. Leaning closer he places his lips on you and you get the first kiss. Now it is your turn to sigh, a sweet and long passionate sigh that almost causes you to orgasm. But you are not ready yet. You yearn for him to lick you and bite you and you tell him so. His pace quickens and his circular movements are divine, driving you higher in your desire. Driving you to moan and scream in purest pleasure until you can stand no more. At that point you come. Not a run of the mill orgasm but an earth shattering one. An orgasm that causes you genuine pains as the pulses are so strong, convulsing your body with its strength, the pleasure swarms through you leaving you on a high plateau.

You remove your thong and you step into the Jacuzzi pulling him with you. As you do so you can already see him getting hard again and you smile. You can't wait to feel him inside you, to feel him slam into you giving you another orgasm. The hot water and bubbles ease the pain of your orgasm pulses but you yearn for more. You pull him close and kiss passionately, drawing him in bodily so he can slide into you. As he does so you close your eyes and savour his hardness. He is not a large man but he IS hard. God does it feel good. You raise your legs and wrap them around his torso allowing you to lower yourself onto his hardness further. Now he starts to pump you, slowly at first but then faster with more urgency. Harder and harder he slams into you each time hitting your clit and sending small spasms through you. As your climax builds you hear a change in his breath and you know he is getting close too. You can't wait to feel him cum inside you, to feel his warm cum. This thought is in your mind as you realise your orgasm has started. You scream out as another wave of contractions hit you and you hear him scream too as he cums. He thrusts hard into you and you feel yourself being filled with cum. He grabs you tightly and you slow your riding of him. As you unwrap yourself you smile at him, kiss him lightly, lean toward him and whisper once his name, Daniel.

The End.

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