Occasionally Three is *Not* a Crowd
By Dante' Caligheri
(MF, oral, MFF, FF)

I was lying naked in bed on a Friday morning, just beginning to awaken from a rather difficult night, when I thought I heard a muted sound coming from the kitchen. I decided to ignore the occurrence, thinking it was merely the product of an overactive imagination, when at that moment, she burst into my bedroom with a huge grin on her face.

"Hiya Trevor! I was in the neighborhood, and after I knocked and got no answer, I used my key," she explained with a broad smile.

"That's quite apparent, Alison." I chuckled as I said it.

Alison was a quote/unquote "very close" friend of mine who I had known for several years. She was 27 years old, and stood about 5 feet 6 inches tall. She had light curly blonde hair past the middle of her back, and her tight faded jeans accentuated an alluring ass that could stop traffic. Her breasts were somewhere between small and medium in size, and their firmness never ceased to amaze me. She also had a very enchanting face with rather narrow elegant lips, and her eyes were of a burnt sienna, simulating the color of honey.

Alison and I had a history of an off-and-on relationship, but I think it would have been viewed as mostly active by those that were close to either of us. We had been seeing each other for a couple of years, and had come to appreciate each other's qualities and idiosyncrasies. She had revealed that some of the reasons she was attracted to me was my easy smile, gentle manner, and my offbeat sense of humor, while I relished her gregarious demeanor and the sensual way about her. She was also a lot of fun in bed. A great deal of fun.

It hadn't been that long since I had last seen her, but she was looking even better than I remembered.

"Would you look away for a sec? I want to go brush my teeth, and, umm... I don't have any clothes on."

I knew full well that she had seen me undressed plenty of times in the past.

"Yeah, I'll close my eyes. It's not as if I haven't seen you naked before." She giggled merrily.

Alison proceeded to watch me as I entered the bathroom, and was enjoying watching my modesty, even if it happened to be feigned.

I returned from the bathroom, hands over my crotch, and I saw her lying in my bed with the sheets pulled up to her neck. I crawled in bed beside her and found she was naked beneath the sheets.

"Umm, were you hot?" I turned to face her, and rested my hand on her sensuously rounded hip.

"Well, I guess that's one way you could put it."

She had a playful smile on her face, one I had grown to love. She leaned her face close to mine to kiss me softly on the lips, taking my face in her hands, softly exploring its contours.

Returning her kiss, I tentatively slipped my tongue in her mouth until it met hers, searching the inner recesses of her mouth. I reached my arm around her waist and pulled her toward me, reasonably sure that she was aware of my growing erection resting against her soft flat stomach. I ran my hand over her firm bottom, tenderly caressing the soft skin I found there. She slowly turned onto her back, and I reclined beside her, propped on one elbow.

Moving to kiss her, I lowered the sheet to her shapely hips, gazing at her firm pert breasts. I traced a trail of kisses down her lithe neck, and as I reached to take a firm nipple between my thumb and forefinger, heard her softly moan in response. I kissed my way to her firm breasts, and while taking her sensitive nipple into my mouth, I moved my hand between her legs. Lazily trailing my finger along her shaved pussy lips, her wetness increased as I did.

I gently bathed her nipple with my tongue, and softly sucking it into my mouth, gently fondling her responsive clit with my finger. I kissed my way across her flat tummy, and she slowly spread her slender legs wider for me. Perching between her widespread legs, I continued kissing and licking down her flat stomach until I arrived at her navel. I traced a line with my tongue to her lovely clean-shaven wetness, inhaling her exotic essence, flicking the end of my tongue at her sensitive clit, and her loud moaning served to incite my desire.

Trailing my tongue along along the length of her glistening cunt, savoring the taste of her ample juices, I gently sucked her distended lips into my mouth. As her hands urged me onward, I darted my tongue deeply into her, and as she exhaled her breath, she seductively moved her hips in time with my tongue. I moved to wrap my lips around her erect nub, and penetrated her tight pussy with two fingers, initiating a slow rhythm as I tenderly bathed her clitoris with a flattened tongue.

Removing my fingers from her glistening wetness, I positioned my middle finger at the entrance to her tight ass, slowly introducing it into her as I softly sucked on her proud button. She moaned loudly as I thrust my finger deeply into her tight ass, and as I withdrew it, I rose to my knees. I took her firm breasts into my hands as I kissed her lovingly, and while she was tasting her own juices on my lips, I felt her hand position my hard prick at the entrance to her tight slit. I moved into her, feeling her vaginal walls stretching to accommodate me, sensing her hand between us fondling her erect clit, and she raised her hips toward mine as I finished my thrust. My tongue danced lewdly with Alison's, and as I pounded into her harder and faster, I brought a finger to her ass.

"Oh yes! Fuck me, Trevor... fuck me hard!" she whispered into my ear. She dragged her fingernails slowly across my back.

I insinuated my finger into her taut ass, and I felt the thrusting of my throbbing cock through the thin membrane separating the two channels. I felt her tight hole relaxing, and brought the bulging head of my shaft to her puckered rosebud, slowly applying pressure until the swollen head of my prick rested inside her ass. Alison's eyes widened in ecstatic pleasure as I gradually eased my stiff cock into her ass, and after my swollen balls slapped her cheeks, I developed an easy rhythm within her. Her hands took hold of my hips, and she pulled me into her constricting ass as her head moved violently back and forth, my hard shaft pressing forth into her. I felt a familiar sensation in my swollen balls, and as I thrust deeply into her viselike ring, released shot after shot of warm pearly cum into her.

After we had composed ourselves in my bed for 15 minutes or so, catching our breath and gazing lovingly into each other's eyes, I attempted to compliment my partner.

"Alison, you were delightful, baby. I think you know that I lo..., I started to say, when there was a soft knock on my door.

"Expecting someone, lover?"

I quickly threw on an old George Thorogood and the Delaware Destroyers t-shirt and some old lacrosse shorts.

"No, I don't know who it could be. I shouldn't be long, babe."

I made my way toward the door.

I opened the front door and peered out, and found myself looking at a beautiful woman. She had a very attractive face, and looked to be somewhere in her late twenties, with beautiful thick wavy red hair past her shoulders, effervescent green eyes, and stood about five feet seven inches. The woman was wearing a light blue button-down Oxford shirt and a mid-length grey skirt, and was carrying a briefcase. It appeared to me that she wasn't wearing a bra, if the perky nipples of her medium-sized breasts piercing through the material of the thin cotton shirt were any indication.

"May I help you, ma'am?" I was secretly hoping that I couldn't assist her, so that I could return to Alison and indulge her every whim. "And if you don't mind me asking, why are you here?"

"May I come in? We have some serious business to discuss. I'm an attorney. I couldn't reach you by phone, and my name is Monique, by the way," the very fetching young woman said. She reached her hand to hold mine, and I marvelled at the tender softness of her delicate hands. "I'm here with some very important news concerning a will."

"Umm, yeah, I guess so. And my name is Trevor," I responded in a somewhat irritated tone, wondering what this beautiful woman might want with me. "What, did someone die?" I asked her, wondering who it might be. My parents had died in an nasty automobile accident the year before, along with my little sister. Alison was there to console me, I recalled warmly.

Monique went through the doorway, and I viewed her splendid ass as it swayed temptingly. She sat down on the couch, and set her briefcase on the floor.

"Would you like some coffee, ma'am?"

I was still awed by this woman's beauty. I caught myself staring at the soft alabaster skin on her face, and when she glanced up at me, I pretended to be looking elsewhere. I wondered if she had caught me staring. I hoped not.

"Yes, please... that would be marvelous. And please call me Monique."

I went to pour her a cup of coffee. I thought that I saw her tongue linger on her upper lip for a little longer than was normally expected.

As I returned with the coffee, Monique was going through her briefcase, shuffling some papers. "Boy, that was fast, Trevor. Are you always this quick when you fulfill a task?" She had a teasing tone in her voice.

I had a nagging feeling that the question was a trap of some kind. There was something about the tone and intonation of her voice, but the exact nature of those nuances eluded me.

"Here you are," I said, handing her a cup of coffee and sitting down. "You know, I've always liked the name 'Monique'; and concerning your final question, I would have to say that it depends on the task at hand." I looked deeply into her eyes, which seemed almost iridescent as I looked at them from that angle. "I tend to eat quickly," I said, pausing for effect. "But with those tasks that require patience and a slow, easy rhythm, I know my way around that track as well," I finished with a smile. I was hoping that she had caught my not-so-subtle double entendre.

"Why, thank you, Trevor." She took the cup of coffee and quickly took a sip. "And I've always liked French Roast. And the name 'Trevor'," she added and smiled, then lightly cocked her head as if she were going to speak. "And that 'patience and slow,easy rhythm' thing sounds rather fascinating. You'll have to explain it to me someday... in detail."

"Maybe I will, Monique, I...," I was in the midst of beginning another sentence when Alison appeared at the bedroom door, dressed only in her sexy black thong, her pert breasts positioned high on her chest.

"Honey, are they gone ye...?" Alison started to say, and then her eyes met the redhead's.

Monique seemed to drink in her beauty for an extended moment until Alison disappeared behind the door.

In a few moments Alison came into the living room simply dressed in blue jeans and one of my old polo shirts, and sat down on the end of the sofa, with Monique between us.

I went to the kitchen to get her some coffee, but as I did I looked at the exchange progressing between them.

"Sorry for that little display there," Alison said nervously. She looked at Monique and quickly lowered her eyes.

"Hey, don't worry about it. I mean, it appears that I am the one intruding. In fact, I think you're quite beautiful. I'm Monique, by the way," she replied as she took Alison's hand in hers.

As I returned with her coffee, I saw Alison in mid-blush. I handed her the coffee, and sat on the other side of Monique.

"So, what's this all about, Monique?" I asked, trying not to stare at her beautiful body. It appeared that her glimpse of Alison had excited her, and her perky nipples showed proudly through the Oxford shirt.

"Well, I have some good news and some bad news. Do you remember your Uncle Rutherford?" Monique asked, and when she saw me nod, continued. "Well, the bad news is that he died recently. The good news is that you're a millionaire now. He left you eleven and a half million dollars in his will."

I exchanged awestruck glances with Alison, and my heart started to beat faster as a smile began to creep onto my face. I only vaguely remembered Uncle Rutherford from my parents' and my sister's funeral last year. I rarely saw him, as he was a well-traveled entrepreneur who lived in Europe. My mother had been his younger sister, and I was her favorite son. Apparently, it paid off.

"Umm, what do I have to do?" I asked excitedly. My head was still spinning with the incredible amount of income that had just come my way. "And how'd he die?"

I was lost in thought for a second, imagining that I could buy a new car if I wanted to. Hell, I could have seven new cars if I wanted. That way, I could have a Monday BMW, a Tuesday Mercedes, etc. 'Naaw,' I thought. 'There'll be plenty of time for conspicuous spending down the road... if it ever comes to that.'

"Well, it's pretty simple, really," Monique said as she rested her hand lightly on my thigh. "All you have to do is sign a series of documents I have with me in my briefcase," she advised, "and then I can deposit the check directly into your account." After she motioned toward her briefcase, rested her hand on Alison's thigh as my girl eyed me nervously. "And he died peacefully in his sleep."

"It would seem that this calls for a celebration," I commented. "Not to celebrate him dying in his sleep, of course, but the other thing," I recovered quickly with a nervous grin.

I viewed Monique's hand moving slowly up Alison's thigh.

"Exactly," Monique said, and with that, she turned and kissed me passionately, darting her swirling tongue into my mouth.

She broke the kiss rather abruptly, and as I sat there looking on stunned, she turned and kissed Alison, softly at first, then more passionately as her hand crept further up my girlfriend's thigh. I watched, both amazed and excited, as Alison returned her kiss, tentatively at first, then with more intensity.

"Umm, ladies?" I announced as both of the ladies broke their kiss to look at me. "Perhaps we would be a little more comfortable in there," I suggested, pointing toward the bedroom door.

"Sounds like a rather interesting invitation, doesn't it, Alison?" Monique asked her with a rather tempting smile on her face. Before she could answer, she grabbed both Alison's hand and mine and set out to lead us toward the bedroom door.

'Boy, this being rich stuff is looking like it's going to be a lot of fun... a hell of a lot of fun,' I reasoned to myself.

On the way to the door, Alison and I traded anxious glances, but with exaggerated shrugs, we both seemed willing to find out what awaited us in the bedroom with Monique. As we arrived inside the bedroom, I saw that Alison had considerately made up the bed earlier, and heard Monique shut the door behind us.

"Umm, is it just me, or do I smell the unmistakable scent of sex in here?" Monique asked smiling, first looking at Alison, then at me, as we exchanged nervous glances as embarrassed smiles grew on our faces. "It's nothing to be embarrassed about, you two. In fact, I *love* the smell of sex in the morning. Better yet, I love *sex* in the morning," she said as she flashed a toothy smile.

Upon saying that, she set about to slowly undo the buttons on her Oxford shirt.

"Here, let me help you with those," I told Monique after a moment's hesitation.

She smiled at me as I unbuttoned her shirt very slowly, looking into her lovely face surrounded by her thick red mane. Monique motioned my girlfriend over to us, and quickly pulled the polo shirt Alison was wearing over her head, revealing her pert breasts, shedding the shirt on the floor as she stepped out of her shoes. As I finished unbuttoning the redhead's shirt, she gracefully shed it, revealing her firm breasts and erect nipples to Alison and me both.

I pulled my t-shirt over my head, and as I bent to take one of Monique's erect nipples into my mouth, I saw her hands at the snap of Alison's jeans. Alison let her jeans fall to the floor, and stepped toward us, reaching for the clasp on Monique's skirt as she took her other nipple into her mouth, softly sucking and bathing it with her tongue. Monique moaned softly from the combination of our tongues on her taut nipples, and as her skirt slid to the floor, it was revealed that she also hadn't worn any panties, allowing us to see that she was a true redhead. We looked directly at her neatly-trimmed pubic area, which was just beginning to glisten in the soft light of the bedroom.

Monique slid her hand into the waistband of Alison's thong and began to ease it down her slender legs, while my pretty woman deftly slipped my shorts off, revealing my proud erection. It was the result of having two beautiful naked women in my bedroom, and I noticed both women glancing at my maleness appreciatively.

I grabbed both of their hands, and guided both of them toward the bed, and I ended up with them on either side of me in the bed. Leaning to kiss Alison softly, I looked into her pretty eyes to see them gleaming with excitement. We shared a warm and tender kiss, and she sexily traced the outline of my lips with her tongue.

Breaking our kiss, I felt Monique's breasts on my back and her hand on my shoulder, pulling me to face her. I looked into her sparkling green eyes as our lips met, our tongues writhing in each other's mouths. I reached to cup her soft breasts, and felt my girlfriend slowly running her hands down my sides, pressing her perky nipples against my skin. A trail of soft kisses was traced down Monique's slender neck, and I felt Alison reach around my hips to take my throbbing cock into her soft hands.

Monique's erect nipple found its way into my mouth, and she moaned her approval while taking my head into her hands. I moved my hand toward her dewy slit, and was somewhat surprised to find Alison's hand already there, gently sliding two of her fingers in and out of Monique's wetness. I came to her proud clit and lightly caressed it as Alison pistoned her fingers in and out of the auburn-haired woman's steamy pussy, and she whimpered shrilly, orgasming for the first time.

I sensed Alison moving over my body, ending up between Monique's firm thighs. She moved her head towards the redhead's beckoning charms, glancing up at me and smiling stealthily. Kissing Monique's swollen lips with ardor, she moaned against my lips as Alison slowly and hungrily licked her swollen quim. Monique wrapped her dainty fingers around my throbbing hardness, and I rose to my knees to offer her my stiff cock from the side of her head. She turned and took the swollen head of my shaft into her mouth, and I glanced at Alison thrusting her tongue deeply into the auburn-haired woman's dripping pussy, sampling her tasty juices.

Monique lustfully swallowed my rigid cock, and I felt myself entering her throat. I took her red hair into my hands as she slowly moved her mouth along the length of my rigid shaft. She bucked her hips slightly against my lady's face, and Alison moved upward to take the saucy redhead's erect clit between her soft lips. Monique orgasmed a second time, crying out Alison's name softly as she did, and began to apply even more suction on my stiff shaft. Monique placed her hands on the back of my ass to pull me further into her throat, delicately working her throat muscles, and I reached down to caress her pert breasts as Alison hungrily devoured her copious juices.

I withdrew my pulsing cock from Monique's mouth as she tongued rapidly around the swollen head, and as I moved behind my significant other's splendid ass, I noticed her tenderly position her finger at the entrance to Monique's taut puckered rosebud. I gazed at the wet glistening lips of Alison's swollen flower, and entered her in one thrust as I grabbed her shapely hips, while my swollen balls slapped her soft flesh. I fucked her hard and fast, and she matched my rhythm with her finger in Monique's tight ass as she noisily slurped the redhead's abundant juices, and her head was flailing side to side as she mumbled incoherently. I pounded her hard as the sweat beaded up on my chest, slowing down whenever I felt that feeling of arrival.

I felt a familiar sensation in my swollen balls, and as I increased my rhythm into her, I reached around her hip to gently fondle her erect clit. Hearing her urgent howls drove me to the edge, and I discharged a massive amount of warm sticky cum into her. Alison battered Monique's sensitive clit with her tongue, driving her to violent orgasm yet another time. As my orgasm receded, she scrambled up to Monique and kissed her softly, yet passionately. We lounged together in bed, fondling one another and grinning at one another, looking into each other's eyes as if to affirm what had just happened was real.

After an hour or so of cuddling with the two lovely ladies, I excused myself to make an important telephone call, and quietly left the room. I also wanted to tell some friends of mine that I was wealthy now. The calls took longer than expected, and I was about to apologize for my absence as I entered the bedroom when I saw my woman and Monique exchanging a beautifully impassioned kiss, sitting on the floor in front of the bed.

I stopped in my tracks at the entrance to the door, looking at the redhead running her delicate fingers through Alison's hair, eliciting a soft smile from my girlfriend's lips. I watched as Monique kissed along Alison's neck very softly as she gently took her bare breasts in her hands, softly kneading her firm mounds. She gently urged her to lie back on the bed, and as she positioned herself between the blonde's legs, kissed her way to her pointed nipples, and lazily ran circles around her excited areola.

She took Monique's breasts softly in her hands as she slowly kissed a trail down her body, and from my vantage point at the door, I had a wonderful view of Monique's sexy ass and my girlfriend's pretty face, her eyes closed and a faint smile upon her face. I watched as the redhead dipped her head to sample the plentiful juices surrounding Alison's wet folds, and I saw a soft smile form on her face as Monique's tongue made contact with her moist folds. Our friendly visitor slipped her tongue into Alison's drenched pussy, beginning a slow sensuous rhythm, flattening her tongue and slowly running it along the length of her dewy slit.

She reached her erect clit, and Alison softly rocked her hips towards Monique's lips, tightening her grip on her head as she very softly sucked and licked my girlfriend's bulging clit, and she threw her head back in ecstasy. Monique's pussy was glistening as she pleasured my honey's wet pussy, and without looking, I felt my hard cock jutting out proudly at the scene unfolding before me.

I walked over softly to the redhead's beckoning womanly folds, kneeling silently behind her, not being noticed as both of them were consumed with rapturous bliss. I eased my hard cock into Monique's wetness, feeling her vaginal walls contract around me as she moaned into Alison's hot sex, bringing a vocal response from her as the blonde pulled Monique's face tightly against her glistening wetness. I slowly pumped in and out of the auburn-haired woman's wet charms, and reached around to softly caress her sensitive clit, fondling it tenderly.

Monique shoved her sculptured ass back at me as I began to pound into her drenched sex, and she slowly wiggled it back and forth temptingly. I positioned my hands over her swaying breasts, and cupped them as I drove into her forcefully, and she moved her beautifully-shaped derriere toward me with each thrust. She continued to softly suck upon Alison's bulging clit, and my girlfriend's hands held Monique's mouth closely to her glistening sex.

I thrust in and out of her moistened folds at a maddening pace, moving my hips in a slight circular motion as I noticed my glistening thick cock as I retreated from her silken cunt. I felt that familiar threshold welling up in my swollen balls, and I grabbed her hips and thrust deeply into Monique's sensual wet pussy. As I was nearing my climax, hammering my stiff shaft into her tight hole, she was lapping hungrily at Alison's flowing slit. I perceived that sensation that I am well-acquainted with, and as Alison squealed in the throes of an overpowering climax, I unleashed torrents of thick cream into her tight channel, and she moaned into Alison's steamy box.

We lay collapsed on the floor wordlessly for several moments, and then finally I got up and searched out my shorts. The ladies crawled into bed beside each other with joyous smiles on their faces.

I returned into the room with a serving tray with fresh coffee for all of us, and after Monique and Alison took their cups, I set mine on the bedstand and climbed into bed, softly kissing each of the girls.

I took a few sips of my coffee as we all lounged in a post-coital haze, thinking a bit before my announcing my plan.

"Ladies, since Phase One of this celebration seemed to go so well," I looked over to see the ladies nodding slowly in agreement, "I'm proposing Phase Two: A sumptuous lunch. In Paris. On me. Are we game?"



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