The Little Shop Of Whores
By Adam
(MFF, oral)

I'd known Margo for some years, and she'd often told me to come down to her shop for a good hair styling. I kept putting it off, and continued to go to my regular barber. Finally, one day, Margo stopped by my door and handed me a certificate for a free shampoo. If I can't entice you down with freebies, you'll never come." Margo said, giving me a wink. The was she said "come" was very suggestive.

So, I decided that I'd call and make an appointment for Wednesday, since I'd been lucky enough to get the day off. Michelle, the girl who took my appointment asked if one at 5:30pm would be alright. I said yes, thinking I could get some errands done during the day.

When I arrived at Margo's, I could see why she had plenty of men as well as women at her shop. Her hairstylists were mostly young women about twenty years old up to about thirty-two being the oldest. And all of them were lovely. I walked up to the reception desk and Michelle told me that it would be just a few moments. I sat down and looked around at the place.

Margo had decorated it nicely, giving it a warm feeling. Along one wall were the chairs for styling, along another, hair dryers with comfy chairs, footstools, etc. At the back there was a curtain which led to the area where shampoos were done. I could see two chairs back there, in front of large tub-style sinks.

I was thumbing through a magazine when someone stopped a few feet away from me. I looked up, and thought I'd gone to heaven. Her name was Jacqueline, and gorgeous wouldn't be good enough. Very pretty, along the sculpted lines of Bo Derek or Linda Adams. Her hair was long, blonde and straight, reaching down to below her curvaceous waist. Slim, pretty, and a warm, pleasant personality. She led me to the shampoo area to start with. Her blue eyes seemed to sparkle as she wrapped the sheet over me, asking me how I was, and if this were my first time at Margo's.

"Yes." I said. "This IS my first time... at Margo's."

She smiled, catching my subtle little pause. "Good." She said. "I like breaking in first-timers."

I chuckled and she leaned the chair back gently. She asked me to call her Jackie, so I did, and she began washing my hair.

Now, guys, if you've never had someone run warm water through your hair, and then shampoo it, it does feel great. You relax with the warm water, and let someone else do all the work. It's especially good if you're getting washed by a beautiful young woman.

I looked up at one point, and Jackie was leaning over me, her small but firmly round breasts inches from my face. WAS like going to heaven!

"I hope you don't mind if we cut your hair back here." Jackie said over the sound of the water. "We're getting ready to close up."

"No problem." I said, and thought to myself, "just as long as you stay here and keep me feeling so good."

She rinsed out my hair and asked me if I'd like a shave too, running her hands over my stubble. I agreed, as I wanted her hovering over me some more. Jackie wrapped a towel around my head and began lathering my face. She came up with a straight-razor, stropping it on a leather strap. It made a warm, slapping noise that reminded me of the old fashioned barber shops when I was a kid watching my dad get a shave.

The warm lather had relaxed me farther, and Jackie tilted my head. She wiped a small area near my sideburns, and began. The scratchy sound of the razor cutting through the stubble and the cool feeling of my skin after it passed was wonderful. Jackie is very skilled at this. She deftly shaved my face and then my neck. She used scissors and trimmed my moustache neatly too.

"Now a warm towel to soften your skin." She said, and she put a very warm towel on my face. For a moment, it almost burned, but it quickly felt relaxing and soft. For the moment, I relaxed and enjoyed the sensations.

I felt a rustling of the covering sheet, and then hands at my zipper.

"I can't be this lucky!" I thought. The next thing I felt was a pair of warm hands reach through my boxer shorts and find my quickly hardening cock. She pulled it out, and then, more heaven! A warm, wet mouth engulf-ed me, sliding down my not yet hard cock. All the way her mouth went, down until her chin rested against my balls. Her tongue swirled sensually around the head and shaft, making me moan softly.

"That's long enough." I heard Jackie say, and she removed the warm towel from my face. She was standing over me, smiling. I looked down and Michelle looked up at me, smiling with her eyes as she slid upwards on my cock until the just the head was in her mouth.

Michelle flicked her tongue around the head, and under it where it parts to each side. I was speechless, and enjoying it tremendously.

"Now," Jackie began, "just relax and enjoy your hair cut." She started combing and cutting my hair, with Michelle pulling the cover sheet over her head while she sucked me. I relaxed and concentrated on Michelle's wonderful tongue and what it was doing to me. Michelle really liked what she was doing. She'd suck me, then run her tongue up and down the shaft, circle the head, nibble with her lips, and suck some more. I almost forgot about Jackie cutting my hair.

Jackie was standing on my right, cutting away. I glanced over and saw that her pussy was inches from my hand. I reached out and lightly ran my finger down the front of her jeans, stroking against her mons, and then slid two fingers between her thighs. Jackie didn't protest, nor move away.

In fact, she stepped a little closer. While Michelle sucked, I ran my fingertips over Jackie's mons, trying to send vibrations to her clit through the thick denim.

I heard a door open and close, and I figured that Michelle would quickly abandon that which I was so enjoying. Not so. She kept sucking me, and when another one of the shop's girls walked in, she just smiled.

"Hi Jackie. Hi Michelle." She called out casually.

"Hi Brenda." Jackie said. "Michelle's a little busy to say hi."

"So I see." Brenda said. She lifted the sheet and looked. "Oooh, nice!"

Then she looked up at me. "You mind?"

I silently said no with my lips. "I thought so." Brenda chuckled.

Brenda pulled the sheet up and got under it with Michelle. There was some various movements, and then a new feeling. Brenda's mouth was larger than Michelle's and she took my entire hardened length into her throat. I groaned. I'm 8 1/2 inches, and not too many women that I've found can do that, so it was a unique pleasure for me. I returned to stroking Jackie's pussy through her jeans, something I could tell that she was appreciating.

The girls took turns sucking on me, and Brenda (I think) unfastened my belt and button, opening the front of my pants for better access. In a moment, they were sliding my pants down to my knees. Jackie switched sides, and I switched hands, and kept stroking her pussy.

Jackie leaned over and whispered. "Ambidexterous, I like that."

I smiled. I was holding off, hoping Jackie would join the girls in trying to swallow my sword. She kept cutting and combing, finally using trimming the hair on the back of my neck. Jackie unfastened the sheet, and she used a warm, damp cloth to clean my neck. She reached around my head, pressing her warm, soft breasts against the back of my neck. She began unbuttoning my shirt. I offered no resistance...I'm not stupid!

Jackie pulled my shirt back and ran the towel down my back, getting any fine hairs that had escaped earlier. When I was clean to her satis-faction, she leaned over and began kissing the back of my neck softly, her hands sliding down my chest through my open shirt. This was so very erotic that I felt my orgasm trying to burst through, and almost lost it right there. Especially when Jackie's fingers found my nipples and began playing with them, rolling them between her fingertips.

Brenda appeared from under the sheet. "Aren't you EVER going to cum?" Brenda asked. Her tone made it seem as though it were impossible to hold out this long.

"Let me." Jackie said, stepping around. Jackie gathered the sheet and tossed it aside. Michelle still had me in her mouth, and Jackie took over, Michelle a little reluctant to give up her "toy". Jackie's mouth, by contrast to both Brenda and Michelle, was tighter. She didn't take me all the way down, but she had a great enthusiasm. Jackie sucked it slowly and lovingly. Then she did something too few women do. She pressed down hard with her lips as she drew back, pulling the skin with her. She even lightly raked her teeth over the skin, and each time she let go, her tongue would flick the upwards over the ridge of the head.

Jackie cupped my balls, lifting them as she rose. She only had to do these things for about one minute, before I could feel my cock straighten and swell, opening the passage inside. I felt a thick welling up deep in my loins and I moaned.

"That's it Jackie." Michelle said. "He's gonna cum!"

"Make him cum Jackie." Brenda almost cheered.

I felt Jackie's tongue lick from the base, just above my balls to the head, then take me back into her mouth. She shoved me all the way in, until I felt the back of her mouth and she made a slight gagging noise. Then she held me halfway in her mouth, my cock straining. My hips surged upwards and I felt the floodgates open. My thick, creamy sperm shot out, surging and gushing into Jackie's waiting mouth.

Jackie gulped noisily, and her hand slowly pumped my cock while her other gently lifted my balls up and down. I felt like I'd shot a gallon of cum, all of it in her mouth. I looked down, and Jackie's eyes were closed, her cheeks a rosy blush, her mouth full of my thick cock. She pulled back and some of my white cum stayed in the ridge just below the head. Michelle leaned forward and licked it from the groove, making me jump a little since I was now ultra sensitive. Jackie let go and Michelle sucked the head, cleaning me off.

"Ummmmm." Jackie said, smacking and licking her lips. "You taste GOOD!"

She paused, "Not like at all bitter like some guys."

Michelle stopped sucking and the told them to look. "He's still hard!"

Jackie looked at me, so did Michelle and Brenda. "A stud huh?" Brenda asked, smiling.

I smiled back, and raised my eyebrows. Michelle began to remove her dress, and Brenda followed suit. Jackie looked at me, a question in her deep blue eyes. I licked my lips and her eyes lit up like beacons. She began to undress too.

Michelle won the race, and she slid down my cock, her pussy very wet and ready. Jackie was out of her jeans in record time, laying the chair way back and stepping over my face while removing her blouse. Brenda was standing alongside Michelle, pinching Michelle's large dark nipples as she rode me.

Jackie's pussy was covered with a fine, soft, downy blonde hair, that was lightly trimmed in all the right places. She lowered her beautiful pussy to my mouth. I licked the full length of her labia, flicking over her clit.

I could feel her twitch as my tongue teased her sensitive button. Jackie's juices were sweet and creamy. I licked her pussy, using my tongue to probe her entrance. She was fresh and clean, sweet and delicious. Her soft ass felt wonderful to my hands, even with her standing and half squatting on me.

I ran my hands down her thighs, and back up, wanting to take her home with me to explore her firm body.

Michelle's pussy was wet and tight, and she rocked with an even, but urgent rhythm. Michelle's thick, coarse bush rubbed against mine, and I could feel her juicy pussy cream there too. Michelle rocked faster and faster, using me like a live dildo in her cunt. This excited me and I sucked Jackie's pussy even more, lapping up her flowing cream. I could see thick, white cream coming from her pussy, and I licked each and every drop up.

Michelle slammed down on me about three times, then came. Her cunt was gripping and releasing me as she spasmed. She was panting hard too, and I could feel her legs clamping mine shut.

"My turn." Brenda said and she helped Michelle off of me. Brenda sucked my cock again, licking Michelle's juices from it. "You always taste so good Michelle." She said. Obviously, I'd been missing a lot here at Margo's shop!

Brenda climbed on. Her cunt was sopping wet already, and she was bigger than petite Michelle. Brenda had large tits that sagged, some how very hot and sexy on her. Her sloppy, wet cunt felt like she'd been fucked by someone very large. She began riding my cock, the sensation like having my cock inside a warm, wet pool, with almost no friction. I kept sucking Jackie's pussy, letting her warm thighs press against my ears. I ran my hands over her hips, up her firm, flat belly, and found her small, luscious tits. Jackie ground her hot cunt against my mouth, moaning softly.

Brenda fucked me hard and fast, and I could sense her big tits flopping around. She kept saying how good I felt inside her, and that she wanted me to cum in her pussy. I was just beginning to feel like I could come again, but I knew who would be riding me when I did -- Jackie.

Brenda moaned loudly, grinding her cunt down hard, rocking back and forth until I felt her stiffen and cry out in short, sharp squeals. Brenda slowly forced herself off of me and moved aside. I pulled Jackie's hips down and ran my tongue around her clit for several long seconds, and then she rewarded me by coming with a short gasp, and the feeling of her lithe body laying down on me. I cold feel, and see, her pussy spasming and I kissed the insides of her thighs gently.

"Your turn Jackie." Brenda called out.

"Give us both a minute." I said. I wanted Jackie to enjoy her warm feeling after coming. She slowly got up, and moved to my right. To my left, I saw Brenda and Michelle, both laying in the next chair, with Michelle sucking one of Brenda's large tits.

Jackie took my cock in her hand and pressed it against her opening. We looked each other in the eyes, and she lowered herself onto me. Jackie was tighter than Michelle, but she was also sopping wet too. She slid easily onto me, her tight pussy gripping me, fitting me like a glove.

Slowly, carefully, she rose. Up. Down. Uuuuup. Dooowwwn. We worked slowly, looking at each other the whole time. Finally, she and I both reached a point where we knew how good it felt. She leaned forward and kissed me, her tongue receiving mine just inside her mouth. Our tongues danced, slid, and played over each other. Our loins met, drew away, and returned. Her breasts brushed my chest, her hard nipples felt erotic and sensual.

I reached down and grabbed her ass, guiding her faster and faster. Soon we were fucking hard and fast, moaning into each other's mouths. Her mouth watered, and it felt like I was licking her pussy again, tasting her juices, trying to immerse myself in her. On and on we went, until I could feel her getting tighter around me. Jackie sat up, moaning and panting, her eyes closed, her face reflecting the closeness of her orgasm.

Her pussy gripped me hard, my hands lifting and then pulling her wonderfully shaped ass up and down. Another squeeze, and Jackie cried out, a small, high noise coming from her lips. Again she cried out, and again her pussy grabbed me hard. Her milking pussy brought me up to the edge, and she did something that sent me right over, making me crazy with desire for her.

Her breathy, sexually husky voice filled my ears. "Mate me." she breathed softly. "Mate me."

I rammed my cock into her twice more, and then pulled her ass down hard, thrusting up deep inside her. Jackie cried "Ohh! YES!!" just as I shot another thick creamy flood of sperm inside her. I moaned into her mouth which clamped over mine. Her tongue entered my mouth and seduced my tongue, chasing it around my mouth, intertwining with mine. I felt like I was shooting cum in her cunt for ten minutes. Her milking pussy drained me into her, and we both collapsed in a sweaty heap, her damp body on top of mine.

I held her tight, cradling her head against my shoulder. I stroked her back, both of us oblivious to Brenda and Michelle in the next chair. They were fingering each other, watching our show. Jackie felt so good, so warm, sensual, soft, so vulnerable laying on me. She was terrific and I didn't want to let her go.

"Wow!" Michelle breathed softly. "You guys were something else!"

"Geeeezus!" Brenda said. "I thought you were going to break the chair!"

Jackie and I laughed a little, and then looked at each other. I took her face in my hands and kissed her again, gently and tenderly. She looked back at me with the same feeling I had for her. Caring, warm tenderness.

"You, sir, are wonderful." She said.

"The feeling is mutual M'lady." I said.

Jackie smiled at me again, a smile that could melt an iceberg. She kissed the side of my neck, and slowly sat up. We finally parted, and Jackie went to clean up. Michelle used a warm towel on my cock, wiping me down and taking quite a while to make sure I was clean.

The girls began to get dressed, and I dressed too. I thanked them all for a wonderful time, and gave Jackie a very special kiss. I asked her, after Brenda and Michelle went out front, if she had plans for the evening.

As it turned out, she accepted my offer of dinner, having no plans.

I paid Michelle at the front of the shop, giving her and Brenda a lavish tip. Jackie came out and took my arm, saying good night to her friends. We walked outside, and I asked her if she'd like to ride with me, or drive her car. Jackie said she'd taken the bus, and only lived a few miles away. I opened the door for her, and she stopped, putting her hand on my chest.

"I-I felt something tonight." She said quietly, seriously. "Something that I'm almost afraid to think about."

"If you're talking about a special, mysterious feeling, something that means a lot -- I felt it too." I replied, looking into her eyes.

She kissed me then, her arms around my neck, mine around her tiny waist, our bodies pressed close together. We looked into each other's eyes again, looking deep to see the wonderful meanings there.

"Where have you been?" She asked.

"Slaying dragons so I could be worthy of you, M'love." I replied.

The End.


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