Sheryl and Elise
By Jaynne

Elise looked out the window at the driving, translucent rain. "Dammit!" she said, "How am I gonna get home?" Unlike the other guests at her friend Sheryl's party, she didn't have a car, and had to travel by mass transit. In this weather, though, no one in their right mind would attempt it.

"Try in the morning. It should stop by then."

"Maybe if I had gone earlier, like the others..."

"Then you would have been caught in the middle of it."

"I guess. Well, it would appear I'm sleeping on the couch tonight." She said as she sat down on it.

"If you want to, but wouldn't you rather sleep in the bed?" she sat down next to her.

"Well, I can't just kick you out of it!"

"Who said you were?"

Elise stared at her a second. "Stop that. I know that look."

"What look?"

"The one you've got on your lascivious face."

"Look," she put her hand on Elise's knee, "you're 36 years old. Isn't it time to stop bullshitting yourself? I see those looks! And I don't just mean at me, but other women. I'm 41, I'm not stupid."

"Fine, I admit it! I'm a clam-diving, tittie-sucking homo! Ya happy now!"

"Oh, yeah! Well, now that you're out of the closet, ya wanna make it?"

She paused. "Well, I do have to admit to feeling a slight buzzing in my crotch. Sure, why not?" She kissed Sheryl on the lips, while Sheryl felt her large, soft breasts outside her shirt. "Take it off!" Sheryl began unbuttoning her shirt, and the pulled it off with some help from Elise. Then, she reached behind Elise's back and unhooked her bra, and then felt her up under it. Elise sighed. "Yeah. That's good." Sheryl rubbed her nipples lightly with her fingertips. "Ooohh!" The two started to kiss with their tongues. Elise pulled off her bra, then started to pull Sheryl's sweater off. She then undid Sheryl's bra in the front, and began fondling her breasts.

"Ooh, yeah." She suddenly pulled away and said, "Wait just a minute," she got up, "I'm gonna get something. Take the rest off while I'm waiting." She went into another room. Elise took off her jeans and underwear, then sat back down and rubbed herself while she waited for Sheryl to come back. Sheryl returned a minute later with a bottle in her hand, also totally naked. "This is my own mixture. It's clean and slick, but also safe to ingest, so we can use it on any part. It also smells like cinnamon. Want some?" Elise held her large breasts up, and Sheryl poured some of it on them. The oil flowed slowly over them, until Elise put them down and started rubbing it in and feeling herself up. Sheryl poured some on her own breasts and started rubbing her body against Elise's. In moments, both of them were covered in the oil.

"You say this stuff is edible?" Elise asked.


"Then, please, eat me out." Sheryl moved down to Elise's crotch, by now covered in oil. She started to lick slowly and gently, and Elise started breathing deeply and occasionally sighing. After a minute or so, Sheryl started to go faster and slightly rougher. Elise began to moan. Gradually, Sheryl went faster and harder, and Elise's moans got longer and louder. As she got near orgasm, she started to cry out, "Oh, god, yes! Yes!!" When she finally came, she felt every cell in her body explode, she heard a loud buzz, and she saw all grey. As soon as the buzzing and the greyness faded, she could see Sheryl looking over her.

"And I thought my first time was good. You alright?"

"Never better." She said, taking in several lungfuls of air a second.

"How about we go to the shower, and you can make me black out like that?"

"Okay. See me getting up?"

"Uh, yeah. Here, I'll give you a hand." In a few minutes, Sheryl turned on the shower head. "Ah!"

"You okay?"

"Yeah. Just, this shower always starts out cold, and I'm still not used to it."

"Well, it's hot now." Elise kissed Sheryl.

"I know." Sheryl kissed back. They got down to necking, then Elise started moving down, kissing Sheryl's neck, then her chest, feeling her breasts, then her belly, until she got to the groin, at which point she started licking her softly. "Ooh! Oh, that's good." Sheryl put her leg up on the side of the tub, so Elise could get in there better. "Ooh, harder." She gasped.

Elise started licking harder, and after a few seconds, Sheryl said, "Wait a minute. I need to sit. I don't want to fall down." She sat, and Elise continued going down on her. "Oh! Yes!

Ooh!" When she came, she convulsed so hard, she fell off the side, and the echoes of her voice reverberated in the echo chamber of a bathroom for a couple of minutes. "Ooh, yeah." she gasped breathlessly, "I haven't been gone down on like that since my 20's." They both stood up, held each other, and leaned against the shower wall, listened to the shower and felt the hot water run down their bodies.

When the hot water started to run out, they got out, and went upstairs to Sheryl's bed.

They lay down, and kissed passionately. "I love you, Sheryl." Elise whispered.

"I love you, too." Sheryl whispered back.

"God, I'm so hot."

"Me, too." They embraced and kissed, and then, when they got tired, they fell asleep in each other's arms.


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