Sorority Pledge
By Jane Ashley
(FF, spank, oral)

I'm a college co-ed at the present. Pledge indoctrination usually takes place in early Fall. The house I'm with goes for the good lookers; the ones who can really make the guys on campus drool. Each established member gets one pledge in her charge. Mine this year was a real peach named Jennifer. Sorority girls can do anything they want to pledges, so spontaneous spankings are frequent and commonplace.

Luckily for pledges this hazing period lasts only two weeks. In the evenings, after classes, I'd make Jennifer strip down to her bra and panties or make her wear some equally humiliating outfit while she slaved away at the chores given to pledges. If the assigned chores weren't satisfactorily completed (which was nearly always) it meant going over the barrel for a spanking.

The "barrel" is a large drum shaped cylinder on short legs with handles and fastening straps. Girls are put naked over the barrel with their ankles strapped in place and their bottoms are in the uppermost position. This is a terrific device for impromptu punishments as well as ceremonial spankings.

An interesting variation on the barrel is one that I used frequently with Jeniffer I'd make the pledge straddle the device lengthwise as though riding horseback and have her lie forward and hug the barrel to keep from sliding off. This position naturally stretches the bottom good and tight and is extremely embarrassing for the "rider". I never inflicted any permanent damage to Jennifer. I usually would hand spank her until she'd start crying. As a deviation of the above sorority practices I'd like to relate the sexiest and most memorable incident of spanking that's ever happened to me.

After a boring day of classes I was itching for some entertainment in the form of spanking Jennifer's all too appealing bottom. In order to make the experience an intimate and exciting one, (for me, anyway) I left word for my little pledge to report directly to my room.

In time the coquettish underling appeared as commanded. Jennifer is a petite little dumpling with rich brown hair shortly bobbed in a becoming hairstyle. The girl was still in her street clothes and carried a handful of books. Faking a truly bitchy mood I ordered her to lock the door behind her and to strip naked. Knowing the punishment for disobedience to a superior, Jennifer began to instantly undress. In two minutes she was standing before me in her birthday suit.

She was especially nervous and trembling visibly. I told her to bring me the hairbrush from my bureau and to drop face down across my thighs. She did so with a gasp of mixed fear and humiliation. She had never been spanked over my lap like this and was obviously terrified. I applied the first spank with great vigor, the hairbrush smashed down on one tender bottom. Jennifer flinched. I then announced that she must count aloud each spank and thank me for it!

"SMACK!! One...Oh, t-thank you...SMACK. T-Two. Thank you...," and so on.

This was kept up to my great delight for nearly thirty hair- raising spanks. By now the pledge was crying and stammering, but I didn't let up. At last the despondent pledge begged for mercy and offered to do anything else rather than have the spanking continue.

The girl stimulated my curiosity and I asked her what she'd be willing to do to have me stop spanking her. I was surprised when she offered to lick my toes for an hour. I was justly intrigued by the depravity of her suggestion. "You'll have to lick more than just my toes," I responded.

"All right, anything. ANYTHING!," cried the unhappy pledge. This was too good to be true. I immediately had Jennifer stand up. Her bottom cheeks were solid red. I quickly kicked my shoes off, then pulled off my knee socks. I lifted my skirt and lowered my panties, removing them. I lay back on the bed with my legs spread wide and pointed to my snatch, ordering the girl to lick me.

A most obedient Jennifer quickly knelt down in front of me and without the least hesitation buried her face in my crotch! She began working her tongue around like a pro. That girl really knows how to eat hair pie. Jennifer does it better than any guy on campus. I came in two minutes flat. I had made a friend for life. I felt so good I wished to reciprocate, but I couldn't bring myself to perform oral sex on another woman.

Jennifer said she'd be satisfied if I diddled her with my finger. The only trouble was that her bottom was so sore that she couldn't lie on her backside. Thinking quickly I told the girl to climb in bed on all fours. On hands and knees Jennifer scampered onto the bed with her legs wide apart. From behind I fingered her slit and gave her a real cool finger-fucking with one hand, while I reached around with the other and squeezed her nipples. It was wild. I never thought I would get off on this sort of thing. Jennifer clipped when she came. Her hips were going a mile a minute. She was actually fucking my finger instead of the other way around. You'll think I'm nuts, but we were going at it so hot and heavy that the windows of the room were getting fogged.

As you can see I made a lasting friendship all because of my participation in spanking. I can't even think of spanking in any other terms but sex now. Every time I see a girl's ass being spanked, it really turns me on thinking of the subsequent possibilities.

Jennifer is a full fledged member of the sorority now, but she still visits my room on those occasions when I don't have a date.


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