By Geoff Chaucer
(Fsolo, exhib, voy, Msolo, oral)

Reading library shelves, that is, checking the shelves and putting the books back in correct numerical order, is a boring job at the best of times and this was not the best of times. I was worn out from three days of work on my Masters Thesis and I needed sleep more than I needed money. At least that was the way it felt right then. When rent time came it would be a different story. That was why I was grinding out my late shift at the university library. But I was not being diligent. I was sitting on the floor deep in the stacks hoping the assistant Librarian would not come back and catch me dozing.

I was having a delightful dream. A young woman named Caroline, tall, with mahogony red hair, and perfect legs that took up what seemed two thirds of her six foot height, featured rather prominently in it. She had been in several of my dreams since a chance encounter on a stairway a couple of weeks before. We had bumped together in our hurry and thrown papers and books all over the stairs. During the apologies and the squatting down (she two stairs above me) to sort and retrieve books and papers I had gotten a very good look at those legs, and the garden of Venus at their junction. That garden was protected by the thinnest, most translucent wall of baby blue panty imaginable. Through it I had seen the swell of her mound and the pout of lips which begged to be kissed. The panty had worked its way up between the lower globes of her bottom and the round white of them glowed between the blue and the darker flesh tone of the top of her stockings. In the up and down and turn and stoop required to retrieve our papers and books a few curly wisps of red hair had sneaked out past the elastic of the panty legs. I could hardly keep myself from crying out with pleasure as I caught flash after flash of heaven.

But then the sorting was over and the view was closed and the hurrying began again. I had been so rattled by the encounter that I hadn't even asked her name and that was a regret I would have punished myself with for the rest of my life, but the god Eros was looking out for me. I ended up with some of her papers in my stack. They contained her name and her address.

The trouble was I had been both too shy and too busy to return the papers, so I contented myself with dreams of Carolineand hopes of bumping into her again when we had more time. In my dream Caroline was once more two stairs above me and as I watched the silken blue shield disappeared. I was staring at the most beautiful titian fringed womanhood I had ever seen. The outer lips, flushed a delicate pink, like the inside of a conch shell, were pouted open the width of my finger and the swollen inner lips of that fragile femininity pushed out. These were deep scarlet and they glistened with desiring moisture. A tart, salty perfume that made my head spin wafted toward me. . . .

Some noise snapped me awake, my heart thudding like it wanted out of my chest. I was sure for a moment that Mrs. Austin, the librarian, had caught me sleeping--and with an embarrassing bulge in my trousers besides,-- but when I regained full consciousness and looked around there was no one but me in the aisle.

Another noise, the sound of a scraping chair leg, caught my attention and I bent forward to look through the book shelf. The aisle on the other side of the shelf was wider than the one where I sat, and a double study carrel had been set in it. The carrel was far enough back to provide real privacy, but it was an old one with a scarred desk top and no modesty panel below. It was positioned such that the lack of a modesty panel didn't matter much since the only way to see beneath the desk was to be sitting on the floor in the aisle--where I was sitting.

The study carrel had desk lights above, but underneath it was dark and shadowy so I couldn't see very well, but the legs I could see were female, shapely and wrapped in flesh tone stockings. The knees were primly together.

Just as well, I thought. I'd probably have a sexual overload heart attack if they were open and showing me another V of silky panties.

I had no more than finished the thought when the lady flicked off her high heeled shoes and set her feet upon the under seat cross bar of the chair. Her knees came up, fell open and I had a full view of her panty-clad vulva. The only thing obscuring the picture was the shadowy dark, which was made darker by the navy blue skirt she wore.

A moan of tortured pleasure almost escaped me, but I bit it back and wished with all my might for a flash light.

There was one up at the check out desk. It was there for the times when the electrical system of the old library building got cranky and blew a fuse, but if I could get hold of it-- I got to my feet, being careful not to make any noise and crept down my aisle to the cross aisle which lead toward the check out desk. I almost broke into a run there, but then I thought the sound of running feet might disturb the lady at the carrel, maybe even bring her down her aisle to see what the noise was, so I gingerly stepped along.

My mind raced. What the hell am I gonna tell Ann, I thought. She was another student slave in the university library, who had some how worked it so that she sat at the check out desk during her shift while I read shelves. Until a few moments before I had resented that. Now there was a whole new light on the subject. A flashlight.

No need to have worried about it. When I got to the desk there was no one there. I guess Ann had gone to the john or something. I didn't stop to think about it, just went to the drawer and got out the flashlight. I flipped the switch to check that it worked and it did. I had to clench myself tight to keep from running back.

Quietly son! Quietly! I commanded myself as I moved past the aisle where the lady sat. I hesitated a second there and tried to get a glimpse of who the lady was, but I couldn't see and I didn't want to go down there for fear of disturbing her. Instead I went on to my aisle and slid to the floor.

She was still there and she still had her heels hooked on the cross bar.

I put my fingers over the lens of the light and opened the middle two just enough to allow a narrow beam to escape. I didn't want to shoot a blaze of light over there. She might see the glow through her skirt and start screaming or something. That would have been a disaster! I could almost hear my faculty adviser reading me the riot act and ending it with "You're through here! Pack up your things and don't even think of looking back. . . "

The thin beam was perfect. It was like a spot light which showed about six inches of round pale thigh above high reach stockings. The hose were kept up by a garter belt. One of the straps just peeked out from beneath her right thigh. Her legs were perfect! They had just a thin covering of soft girl flesh over long, strong muscles, and they were parted wide enough for the tendons which connected to her pelvic bones to strain and swell just a little.

The panties were the color of a peach, and like the skin of a juicy peach they were stretched tight over sweet flesh and sugary nectar so delicious it could take you to heaven. The leg openings were trimmed with lace which looked crisp though such closeness to the warm humidity of her pubis should have taken the starch out of them. I was a lot farther away than that lace and it was taking the starch out of me--except for in one place. I was hard as stone and had been for so long that my balls were beginning to ache from the pressure.

I had almost decided that I had to end this torture. I needed to stroke myself off, but the stacks of the library were not the best place for such a thing so I thought I would make my way to the john for a few moments, but just as I pulled the flashlight back I saw a delicate, long fingered hand with tapered red nails sneak down between the legs. I re-aimed the flashlight and held my breath, unable to believe what I was seeing.

The long fingers began to stroke over the satin V. I could almost hear the gliding rasp as the velvety flesh of the fingers circled on the nylon. She was not touching any specific area of her pussy yet, just letting the pressure of her finger and the scratch of her nails transmit electric shivers through her panties.

My mouth was cottony and the tingling of desire, of sexual hunger ran through my balls and into the pit of my stomach. I hadn't thought it possible to get any harder than I was, but my erection had gone from stone to steel.

The lady shifted her hips forward on the chair and moved her feet from the cross bar of the chair to the cross bar of the desk so that she could pet herself from the flower of her anus to the junction of her pussy lips above her clit. Her lacy panty legs slid higher and exposed the lower globes of flesh on her bottom. I could see the creases where her legs joined her hips.

She was petting more specifically now. Her index finger was circling her clit through her panties. I could see the pressure she was applying by the dent her finger was making in her panties. I could see the effect it was having by the slight darkening of them below her moving hand. Her nectar was oozing out like honey from an overflowing hive and wetting her panties.

Her finger moved faster now, back and forth in tiny circles, but the delicate electricity of stroking the nylon was no longer enough. She stopped petting herself and brought her left hand down to pull the right leg of her panties open, exposing her naked pussy to her fingers. She pulled so hard the stitching of the panties crackled in the silence. I was so surprised, so hypnotized by what my flashlight showed me that I sucked in my breath with a moan. The curly pubic hair I was looking at was the same as in my dream. It was the dark red curls I had glimpsed between Caroline's legs that day on the stairs. The curls were damp with perspiration and the wine of love, and they clung to the flesh of her mons.

I feared for a moment that she would hear my moan and stop pleasuring herself, but she didn't. She began pressing her swollen clit back and forth rapidly. Every fourth or fifth stroke she would press that scarlet nub against her pubic bone and stretch it down so that it looked like a tiny penis being pulled out of a little red nest of flesh.

My erection was throbbing in time with the strokes of her finger, and I had to clench my teeth and the fist not holding the flashlight to keep from unzipping my pants and squirting my pearly love all over the book spines.

A soft groaning that vibrated in rhythm with the moving finger started. It was so quiet I thought I was imagining it at first, but as her climax drew closer the sound grew a little louder and a little louder.

Oh God, I thought, please don't let her cry out and make somebody get curious. At least not until she is finished! My light was shaking from the tension in my body. I had long since stopped trying to control the beam with my fingers. It was all I could do to hang onto the light.

The tension suddenly seemed to flicker from me to her, like lightening. The muscles of her thighs and bottom strained through the warm marble of her flesh, and the inner lips of her pussy swelled and became a deep plum color right before my eyes. The lips parted a little, opening the way into her, then, as though drawing something in to be swallowed, they pulled in, pursed like a perplexed mouth. A dribble of clear glistening wet squeezed out of the opening, and, at the same time, a few drops of urine spurted in a miniscule golden arc from just beneath the still moving finger. She groaned with pleasure and release and the sound of it was like cool wind on a humid night.

The hand, which only a second before had been all blurring movement, dropped, limp. The other hand which had held the panties aside let go and the lacy elastic pulled the leg opening back into place. A little of the curly damp pubic hair still stuck out like beckoning fingers.

I couldn't stand any more. I was past caring who might come into the stacks and catch me. The ache and hunger had spread from the base of my balls up to my throat. My temples throbbed with it. Still holding my light on the love soaked V of Caroline's panties I unzipped my jeans. The sound of it was like a scream in the quiet. "No! Don't!" A woman's voice said in a loud whisper.

"I'm sorry. . ." I said, thinking I was caught.

"No. It's OK. I just. . . .Come here," she said.

Tension had come back into the hands hanging between the legs under the carrel. Now one of them crooked a finger at me. . . .calling me over.

I tried to swallow, but my mouth was so dry I couldn't. I got up and readjusted my erection so that I could walk and went around to the other aisle.

It was indeed Caroline. She still sat with her knees under the desk and the cool composed upper half of her belied what I had just witnessed. Her rich, mahogany colored hair was combed smooth and lay on her shoulders in sharp contrast to the stark white of her blouse.

"Bring the other chair around," she said. It was a command, but one delivered in a throaty sensual tone which could cause ice to melt at it's touch.

I did as I was told.

"Now. Sit down and open your pants. I let you watch me, now I want to watch you." She said.

I sat. My zipper was still open, but now, with a quick glance over my shoulder, I undid the button and pulled down the waist of my jockey shorts. My throbbing maleness sprang free. The shaft was red, and the head was purple. A drop of crystal clear liquid clung to the tip like a sugary teardrop. "I'm afraid it won't be much of a show," I said. "I'm so close now that about a half a stroke will be all I can stand."

Caroline smiled and I felt the heat of it just in back of my balls. "Then don't touch it yet," she said. She scooted her chair back and turned it so that she faced me, then lifted her feet and put them on the seat of my chair with her toes under the outsides of my thighs. Her skirt slid up above her stocking tops and the desk light gleamed off the soaked crotch of her panties. "Just look and listen," she said.

I could only nod. I would have fallen to my knees and buried my face between her legs if she had said too. At the same time there was a little flame of fear in the back of my mind. What if Ann, or someone else decided to check on me and found us like this?

"I have been waiting for days for you to call me," she said, running her fingers along the inside of her thigh.

"I made sure you got some of my papers with my address on them after we--met on the stairs. I wanted you then, you know? That is why I made sure that you got a look up my dress. Didn't you notice that I was doing an awful lot of bending and stooping? And my being above you on the stairs. You think that was an accident? I wanted you to see my panties. I wanted you to see my pussy. I wanted you to think about putting your hand under my skirt and down the front of my panties. I wanted to feel your fingers inside me. I was dripping wet. I'm surprised you couldn't see that my panties were soaked. I was so wet I was late to class because I had to go to the restroom and dry my pussy. I was afraid the love juice would soak through the back of my dress while I sat in class. . ."

Hearing this was not like stroking myself, but her words moved up and down my mind and the feel of them was like a warm wet tongue running from my anus to the tip of my cock. I could feel her tongue stop at the opening and pick up the glistening drop, drawing it out in a long strand like spider silk.

"I locked myself in one of the stalls," she continued, "And petted myself then like I just did for you. I thought of you watching me. I thought of you kissing me and running your tongue over my nipples. . .and pushing your tongue in where my finger was. I did not take long for me to cum. Then I had to dry myself all over again.

"I knew you worked here in the Library, so I've been coming in every night looking for you. Then tonight when the girl at the desk told me you were back here I came back to find you.

When I saw you it was like on the stairs all over again. I couldn't help myself."

Listening to her I was almost ready, but when she stopped talking and turned her sea green eyes full on my aching cock, and the tip of her tongue flicked over her lips, I couldn't stand to wait any longer. I formed a loose ring with my thumb and index finger, like the OK sign, and stroked slowly down from the head to the base of my member.

Caroline drew in her breath with a hiss, as though she were feeling a tiny ache that was there and suddenly gone again.

I turned my eyes down from her beautiful face to her wet panties and stroked again down my cock. The aching tightness of my balls clenched yet tighter, my climax building from the depths of my chest.

Caroline could see that I was almost there. She laughed, low and raspy like fine emery cloth. Delighted and hungry. She brought her left hand down and pulled the leg of her panties aside again so that I looked once more into the depth of her femininity. She brought her right hand down and with her finger and thumb opened the outside lips of it so that I could see the delicate little nub of her clit, and the swollen inner lips, purple as the head of my cock.

The grip of my climax began squeezing at the root of my cock and the shining white liquid, thick as syrup, came jetting out with such force it squirted across the distance between Caroline and I. A large drop spatted against one corner of her mouth and, quick as thought, her tongue licked out and pulled the drop into her mouth. Other drops landed on the bosom of her white blouse and on her skirt. But one huge drop knew where it belonged. It landed squarely between the pussy lips her fingers held open and mixed with the juice of her still soaked vulva. It slipped down and in, and was swallowed into the gleaming wet depths of her.

"Oh God!" She whispered. "Oh God!" She dropped her feet to the floor, reached out and stroked two fingers over the head of my still throbbing member. My love elixir still oozed in slippery drops from it and when Caroline's fingers slid over it they picked up some of the fluid. She brought her fingers to her mouth and licked them clean.

"I want you Caroline," I breathed. "I want to see you naked and I want to kiss your pussy. I'll do anything you want if you'll just let me taste your pussy."

"Yes," she moaned. "Yes! Now! Do it now!"

"No. Not here. I want to have you naked so I can kiss you all over."

"All right. My apartment is only a couple of blocks."

Caroline's body was as delicious to look at as I had thought it would be. She was long of leg and arm and the muscles beneath the soft layer of flesh showed through; not bulging, but delicately defined. Her hips were wide enough so that she could never be mistaken for a man, even dressed in men's clothes. Her skin was white and smooth as thick cream. Her breasts were not large; just a little more than a handful, and the nipples were delicate pink around the aureole shading to cinnamon at the tip. They stood up from the globes of her breasts as though I had been suckling them, though I hadn't done anything yet except watch as she took off her clothes. But what drew my eye and shortened my breath the most were the wispy red curls of her pubic triangle. She uncovered them quickly, slipping her lacy panties down. Her other clothes she had just tossed aside, but the wet panties she twirled on her finger as she stepped closer. I sat on the foot of the bed.

"You want these?" she asked.

"Yes," I answered.

Her smile was luscious and her eyes were full of mischief. "Lay back," she said.

I did as I was told.

She knelt over me, straddling my still jeans clad loins. Her pussy lips were parted and light glistened from her shiny pubic curls and from the wetness once more seeping out of her.

"Close your eyes," she breathed.

I did, and she dropped her wet panties on my face. The smell of them made my head spin. It was a delicious mixture of some flowery perfume and the aroma of the ancient sea. I moved the soaking crotch of them down from my nose to my mouth and drew it in, sucking the salty, tart taste of them onto my tongue.

Caroline began unbuttoning my shirt and kissing my chest, one fiery kiss for each button, then she kissed my nipples and began running the tip of her tongue around them. Micro shocks of pleasure ran from her tongue through my nipples to my cock. It was beginning to throb again, begging to be loose from the confinement of my jeans.

I took the panties off my face and opened my eyes. She was still straddling me, but now her soft shiny hair hung down and blocked my view. I reached down and stroked it back from her face. The feel of it running between my fingers made me breath harder and when Caroline glanced up from suckling my nipple, her face only inches from mine, her green eyes were full of laughter. She lifted her chin and kissed me, darting her tongue between my lips. I caught the tip of it between my teeth and held it for a moment, biting just hard enough to let her feel the pressure. She pulled back an inch and my tongue followed hers out of my mouth, stopping long enough to run a complete circuit around her full lips before darting into her mouth.

At last she pulled her greedy mouth away from mine and trailed kisses and tiny licks down my chest. Her firm breasts hung down and the aureoles and nipples were like pink pointed caps suspended a breath above my stomach. As though she could read my mind she brought them lower and swayed herself back and forth, dragging the erect nipples across my belly.

"Undo my pants," I asked, almost begging.

"OK," she said, but rather than slide off the bed to do it, she spun around and put her knees one on each side of my head. Directly above me was her slippery, dripping pussy, the lips spread open. I lifted my hands and put one on each of her bottom cheeks, spreading them enough so that I could see the cinnamon brown flower of her anus. She was so wet already that every inch between her bottom cheeks, from the base of her spine to her mons was slippery-shiny with it.

As I lost myself in looking at her womanhood, Caroline unzipped my jeans and pulled them and my jockey shorts, damp with cum we had not taken time to clean up, down. My cock sprang free and stood up.

Caroline moaned at sight of it and lowered her mouth over the head. She swirled her tongue tip around the helmet, then down the underside to flick over my glans. My stomach muscles clenched with pleasure and I could not stop myself from groaning. I brought my hands up to the small of her back and pressed down. She understood and brought her pussy down to my mouth. The aroma of it was almost enough to make me cum. The flowers and sea odor mix were a hundred times stronger with my nose between the lips and now there was the full, heart wrenching fragrance of female heat which had been so faint in the crotch of Caroline's panties. And the taste! Oh God, the taste! More rich than the finest Bearnaise sauce, and more sweet than Maple syrup! I darted my tongue into the opening between the inner lips. The heat of her was scorching and when my tongue went in her hips and thighs and belly convulsed, squeezing a tiny runnel of nectar into my mouth. She moaned, long and deep, and she pushed herself tighter against my mouth. She had been slowly, lightly, running her lips up and down the length of my manhood, but her climax was so intense that she lost the coordination to continue. Instead she just let the head of my cock rest in her mouth upon her velvety tongue.

I kept darting my tongue in and out for a few moments stealing her mind and coordination. She climaxed over and over squeezing drops of her honey into my mouth with each spasm, and the taste and texture of it were so mind wrenching that I didn't at first notice that each spasm was also producing the little golden arc of urine too. But the super-salty acidy smell and taste of it over came the other aroma at last. I noticed then that rivlets of Caroline pee were dribbling onto my chin and running down my neck onto the bed.

It was too much. Just the thought of it was enough and mingled with the tiny movements of Caroline's tongue and lips around the head of my cock I started to cum. It was an aching, burning, screaming release that started at the soles of my feet and squeezed my balls with such agonizing pleasure I was out of my mind. My hips began jumping in the classic motion and Caroline began sucking and pulling up in rhythm and in seconds the inside of my lower belly turned into sweet cum and squirted out into her mouth. There was so much of it that she could not hold it or swallow it fast enough and some of it dribbled down her chin and into my pubic hair.

We lay tangled in each others arms upon the bed, too spent to move.

"I want more," Caroline whispered. "I want more of you."

"But not tonight," I said. "Not tonight. Come back to the library tomorrow night. Right now just rest. . . ."

But I needn't have said it. Her sweet breath had already become slow and rhythmic against my chest. I smelled the tangy perspiration drying in her still soft mahogany red hair and I kissed her brow. Tomorrow, I thought. Tomorrow at the Library.


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