By Vanzetti
(MF, oral, anal)

It's morning. Mmmm so early, and the sun is not up yet, just at the pre-dawn. You open your eyes when you feel someone move and gently place an arm over you, his hand on your tummy. You try to let your head clear, then relax a little as you become oriented. You place your hand over his, caressing it oh so gently. You enjoy the feeling of his skin under yours. It wasn't a dream. He's really here with you. Your back is to him, and you hear him breath deeply, feeling the warmth on your neck. As your head clears, you start to remember last night. The two you met at your door, the adrenaline pumping. You greeted with hugs and smiles like old friends, even though you had never laid eyes on each other. You had dinner with him, sported some nervous conversation. Letting you feel the tingling the whole time. About half way through dinner after splitting a bottle of wine, you became very comfortable with him. You talking about everything, holding hands, looking into each other's eyes the whole time. He came back to your place with you, you both got all tongue tied, but then timidly kissed. After that, you remember everything falling away, forgetting your fears, both of you stumbling to your bed, pulling at each others clothes, buttons popping off, you remember pulling him on top of you and he was inside of you even before he had his slacks off. You remember now how you strained to hold each other closer and tighter, your legs open, inviting, heels rubbing his sides, fucking furiously, waves of pleasure and lust pouring over both of you. You feel your face blush as you remember (with just a little embarrassment) blurting out all those delightfully naughty things you don't normally say to a man. They rolled out of your mouth so easily. Your ears grow hot as you remember the way you pushed your tongue around his neck and couldn't help but bite him hard on the shoulder; feeling just a little wicked when he grunted a complaint. You remember musing at the fact that it didn't slow him down. His strokes hard and deep, his swollen balls slap against your ass. Then, that remarkable feeling way down inside.... you swear to yourself that you could feel the heat of his cum as it shot out of his body deep inside of yours. Your ears were pounding; you barely heard his excited yelps as he exploded inside of you. You exhale slowly as you try to relax a little after feeling those things again in your mind. You roll yourself gently over so as not to disturb him. You raise yourself on your arm and look up and down his body, stopping to gaze upon his face. After all this time, so many letters, shared thoughts and fantasies, Steve is here in your bed, sleeping in your inner sanctum. You look at his face, so very gently reaching out to touch his beard, perhaps making sure once and for all that this is real. He seems so familiar to you, and your comfort is real, but he is also strange to you, you know his mind and spirit but his face is both unmistakable and unfamiliar. You fear that when he awakes he will leave too soon, or act nonchalant, or.... He pulls you closer, still slumbering, and nestles his chin into your chest. Your fears fade immediately, you think yourself silly for thinking he came all this way just to fuck you. Silly girl, he wanted you, remember? You lower yourself onto your side, propping your fuzzy head up with your arm. His face is so close to yours. You lower your face just in front of his, press your lips to his cheek, and close your eyes. In his arms you suddenly feel warm safe. You know of nothing of the world outside your room. Nothing else seems to exist. Yes, you are warm, so you pull the covers down off of both of you, and feel the release of the heat from your bodies. More alert, you take in a big breath. The room is pungent with the smell of sex, your perfume, his cologne. You move his arm to the front of you, as you pull away. You raise yourself out of bed slowly to open a window. The sun still not up, the air is a little chilly and a little damp but clean, fresh. The breeze rustles through the trees. You take some full breaths. Looking back, you see Steve on your bed. You gaze around the room to see the remains of the evening; the wineglasses on the floor, the clothes strewn about, panties, stockings, socks, belt. You didn't even notice that one glass of wine spilling last night. You feel delicious and wicked, almost proud of the site before you. You move back towards the bed, lowering yourself onto it. You look at your man. Steve looks so gentle and peaceful, not at all like the Steve from last night, pulling your legs over his shoulders, biting your nipples a little too hard, handling you rough and deliberately, fucking you so hard. You run you hands over your eyes and face, and exhale again. You get an idea, and snuggle between his legs, rolling on his back gently. He stirs, but then the deep breathing resumes. Not much room left on the bed, but you pull the covers over you then kneel down. There is just enough light coming through to see his cock, and you lean towards it. You gently brush the hair away as you slip the head of his cock between your lips. You taste his cum mixed with yours, and take in the musky smell of your love making. You breath out sharply, the excitement already building inside of you. You gently suck him inside of your mouth. Easy now that his cock is deflated. You pull him easily in all the way, your nose nuzzled in his hair. You hold his cock there and move your tongue around the head, and the bottom of the shaft. You feel his cock respond as it starts to swell inside your mouth. You want to keep it all in as long as you can. As he grows inside of you, you pull your head back allowing his cock to slip out of your mouth under the pressure of your lips. You pull back, smacking your lips, surprised to find yourself savoring the taste. You swallow him again. Then you hear him stir again. He sits up, surprised, propping his arms underneath him, spreading his legs to give you more room. You keep at your task while you hear him moan, and give little grunts as you rub your lips on the bottom of his now full member. The bottom near the head seems to bring the most vocal responses. More sounds come as you swallow him whole, feeling the head of his cock push against the back of your throat. "Oh, Honey...." He whispers with a little faltering in his voice. You can hear his breathing grow deeper and sharper. Soon you feel the slippery feeling on your tongue as some sweet pre-cum oozes out of the top of his cock. You pull out, sucking only the head, nursing the sweet gewey stuff out of him, stopping a few times jut for a second to swallow and lick your lips to get every drop. You pull back again and feel a string of pre-cum pull from his cock and land on your tongue. You lick it up and continue. His cock continues to swell and get harder in your mouth. Then the sheet is pulled over your head. Sucking hard with your mouth you massage his thick cock with your hand. You look up at him and your gazes lock as he watches his cock disappear again and again into your mouth. Steve reaches down and caresses you face, grunting as he feels more of his pre-cum ooze from his cock. Knowing you are hungrily savoring every drop is turning him on to know end, you think to yourself, still quietly and methodically swallowing him. He caresses your breasts, then seems to gently tug under your arms. You don't stop. He pulls more just enough to start raising you towards him. His cock slips out of your mouth with a wet "pop," and you giggle at the sound. He pulls you towards him. This wonderful stranger pushes his lips against yours and kisses you deeply. Some of his own pre-cum is swept off your tongue onto his and a string of pre-cum trails between his lips and yours when he pulls away. He gazes into your eyes, smiling warmly, almost shyly. He says, "Please tell me what you want. I want to please you." You feel a stirring in the pit of your stomach as you think of your answer; of course you know what that is, but will he want that? You push past him on your knees, then put your legs around in front of him. He holds you, rubbing your tummy with his large hands, and licking your shoulder. You kneel on all fours, reaching back behind you to gently guide his fully swollen member towards you. His cock is sticky, and you feel some pre-cum in your palm. You rub his cock on your ass cheeks then massage your asshole with the tip of his cock. You know he understands by the release of his breath and the little moan he can't help but let out. You fold both arms around a pillow, lying with your face on the pillow, all flush and hot. You can't believe you are being so bad with a person you have had with you only 12 or so hours. You arch your back and move your ass slightly from side to side. After what seem like forever you feel him guide his cock down the shaft of your soaked pussy. Oooo, it's a little sore after last night. He slips gently but without hesitation down to the hilt. Moving his hips around you feel his cock get slippery, moving in and out of you with ease. You wonder, though, yes, it feels good, but perhaps he didn't understand....I really wanted him in.....well.....should I say anything? Then he pulls his drenched cock out of your pussy, which feels tingly but it was also a little bit of a relief. Then your heart jumps as you feel his lips gently nuzzle your pussy, then he nuzzles further up, moan as his lips find your ass. His kisses and licks the opening. Your stomach gets tight and your face completely flushes. His tong darts around your asshole, and you feel it push inside slightly. All the while he has two fingers gently stroking your pussy and up the crack of your ass. You feels so lustful yet a little helpless as he wets your ass with your wetness. You then grip the pillow tighter as the head of his cock nuzzles against then pushed through into your ass. You moan loudly, biting your pillow, not in pain, but if wondering what it will feel like to be impaled on him, to be at his mercy. His stops for a moment, not wanting to hurt you, then slowly pushes into your ass again. It is so tight for you. Maybe it hurts a little but you don't care. You concentrate and relax. Steve groans as he pushes the rest of the way into you. He strokes you gently but with an inflexible rhythm. You moan loud and long as you feel his tool push through your ass again and again. Unwavering, not ceasing. He wrestles with your hips to wedge in even a little further than before. He reaches down with one hand and plays with your clit. You push against his hips trying to get every inch of him. You feel like his cock passes all through you. Your new lover lies on your back, wetting his fingers on your pussy and massaging your nipples. You can only grunt as each new wave of pleasure flashes through your body. You rub your face with your hands, wiping away the beads of sweat. Trying to keep some of your senses about you. Steve drives into you again, your mind races as you feel his cock in your ass, his fingers on your hard nipples, his balls slapping you ass. It's all too much.... With a long moan you feel yourself starting to cum. Your asshole is tingling like it is on fire, but not painfully, just tingly. You wish he could be in your pussy, too, and you shudder during the first wave of pleasure. Your clit is so feel another wave of pleasure. You can't think, you can only feel, the inputs to your brain is too much. You feel your ass being pounded, the waves of pleasure, the wicked, naughty little thoughts running through your mind. You legs go week and your lover grabs your hips hard and shoves his cock in and out quickly. You can barely hear him moan then yelp, yelp, yelp, as he shudders under his own orgasm. You feel so wicked as you push backward to help him cum. You ...oh feel his cum running down inside of you....that's too much, we have to stop you think...I.... UuuuuuHH!! UuhhHH!!! You moan uncontrollably and loudly. The two of you seem to be competing for volume of moan as well as for air as your breaths grow short and sharp. You feel him fall on top of you, expended, but still inside of you. You wriggle your ass side to side playfully. The sweat rolling down into your eyes, down your nose, your pillow now soaked. The last waves of pleasure subsiding finally, after what seems like hours or days you don't know which. You feel very satisfied, even grateful? Such feelings running through your body. You feel Steve pull out of you. You are a little sore, but you almost wish for him to put it back inside of you as soon as it leaves your body. Exhausted, he falls to your side, playfully dragging you down with him. You roll around, kissing him passionately over and over. Touching your forehead to his, looking into his eyes as you wipe the sweat away from his face. Both of you lie in each other's arms; hot, soaking wet, out of breath, the calm safe feeling comes back again. You roll back and nestle your butt up against him. Nothing else exists except the beating of your hearts, the tickling of the sweat rolling off your body, and his hot breath on your neck. You fade quickly, feeling warm, safe, and deliciously tired. Bathed by the early morning sun floating through the drapes, You pull a sheet over the both of you, then pull his arm around you like a blanket, and drift off into a warm, sweet sleep.

Vanzetti April 2000

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