On The Beach
By Hungry Guy
(MF, nc, oral)

My boyfriend and I were relaxing on the beach that warm fall evening. The temperature was warm enough for us to lay on the beach in a bikini and trunks, but not hot enough for us to go in the water, so the beach was deserted. Plus, we had found a cozy secluded rocky spot around a bend away from the boardwalk. We were all alone. It was great!

"Dear," he said to me, "Why don't you let me bury you in the sand?" He loved to bury me in the sand up to my neck and then pretend to walk away.

"Sure," I answered.

He dug a hole in the sand about two feet deep and about two feet square. I stepped into it and kneeled down and then he filled the hole back up. My head was sticking out of the sand like I was some kind of sand monster about to pounce on unsuspecting passersby, if there were passersby on the beach at this hour.

"Hey love," I said to him then, "Why don't you walk over to that pizza stand we passed on the boardwalk and get us something to eat?"

"Sure, but will you be all right? It's kind of a hike back to civilization."

"I'm not going anywhere!"

"Well, sure, what do you want on your pie?"


"Okay. I'll be right back."

Dave walked away, leaving me buried and helpless in the sand.

I started to get scared after about a half hour seemed to go by and he hadn't returned. I figured the line might be long, but with no one around, how could that be. After an hour seemed to go by, I started to panic. I started yelling. "Hey! Come on out you asshole! This isn't funny any more! Hey! Someone! Please! Help me!"

I figured that _someone_ must have heard me screaming my head off, but still no one came.

About an hour after that, I was frantic, "Help! Someone! Help me! I'm trapped! Help!"

A few minutes later, some guy in shorts and a white-tee shirt came around the dunes and walked up to me.

"Thank God someone heard me! Please dig me out of here!"

He walked up close to me and kneeled in the sand right in front of me, like, his crotch was right in my face.

He looked down at me and said, "I'll let you out. But you got to do something for me if you want me to do something for you."

Oh God! It didn't take a genius to know what this bastard wanted.

"Please!" I begged. "I'm trapped here. It's your duty to help someone in distress. You can't rape me! Please!"

"Oh man!" he said, "It's just like a bitch to want to run her own life, and I'm actually all for equal rights and all that. But the minute she's in a bind, then everyone else _owes_ her their blood, sweat, and tears! Well, bull shit!"

He stood and started to walk away.

"Hey!" I shouted, "Where are you going? You can't leave me here!"

From several paces away, he turned. "Listen bitch. I'd never rape anyone. If you want my help, it has to be by _mutual_ consent. Do you know what _mutual consent_ means?"

"Yeah, it means, like, free trade and all that. But what's that got to do with this?"

_"Mutual consent_ means that no one can force another person to do anything. That goes for anything at all. No one can force someone else to trade with them. But mutual consent is a double-edged sword; no one can force someone else to give them charity, no matter how badly they need it. So if you don't want to pay my price for helping you, then I'll walk away and it's just like I was never here and you're no bettor or worse off that before I showed up." He started to walk away again.

"Wait," I said. Here I was buried up to my neck in the sand, and I knew that high tide would eventually roll in. I had no choice but to give in to this bastard's demands, even if it made me sick. I have never given head. I had no idea what it would be like, and I didn't want to find out. And I had finally found a boyfriend who didn't demand it. My girlfriends all told me that I was missing out because I never received it either, but the thought of that dirty thing that he pees out of in my mouth made me feel queasy.

"What?" he turned around again and asked.

"I'll do it."

"Really?" he asked, sounding really surprised that I agreed.

"Yeah, sure," I said.

He came back over. He pulled his shorts down and squatted as he had done before. His cock quivered right in front of my face. He then unfolded his legs out on either side of my head and rocked his butt forward slowly inching his cock toward my mouth.

"Open up!" he said.

Of course, I was scared shitless; what if my boyfriend showed up now? Yet, I opened my mouth as wide as I could and he slid closer still. I felt his cock rub against my lips and over my tongue. Yet he still continued inching his butt forward, pushing his cock deeper into my mouth. I started gagging when it started pressing against the back of my throat, but he still pressed on until his cock was rammed part way down my throat, his hairy muff was pressed tightly against my nose, and his balls were rubbing against my chin. Oh man, this was so gross. And the gagging was awful, I couldn't stand it!

But the worse was yet to be. He started rocking back and forth on his ass, sliding his cock in and out, and fucking my throat. The pain was horrendous, and I could hardly breathe!

I knew he was about to come in a second or two. Then, suddenly, he wrapped his legs tightly against the back of my head, forcing my face into his crotch and his dick even deeper down my throat. I couldn't breathe at all and I just knew this bastard was going to suffocate me to death while he gets his rocks off. Then, _Gaaak!_ that intense gamy smell of cum attacked my taste buds. At least it didn't taste as bad as it smelled.

My lungs were screaming in pain for air when he finished coming down my throat. Yet he remained motionless, with his legs pressing hard against the back of my head and dick deep down my throat as it slowly shrunk.

I was just about to pass out when he finally relaxed his legs from around my head and I finally managed to get my gagging under control and catch my breath.

Finally spent, it seemed, he back up and slid his cock out of my mouth, all covered and dripping with a mix of his cum and my saliva.

I gasped a few times still catching my breath. I swallowed and asked, "Now can you get me out of here?"

"Sure thing!" he answered. He put his shorts back on and then started digging around me with his hands. It wasn't long before he had dug deep enough that I could pull my arms free from under the sand. We both continued digging me out and it wasn't long after that I was able to stand, albeit all covered with sand.

He held his hand out for me to help me step out of the sand, and, like a jerk, I took it.

And then, like a bigger jerk, I said "Thanks," to the bastard who just taken avantage of me.

He smiled and said, "You're welcome," and started to walk away again.

As he was walking away, I couldn't believe what was going through my head. "Wait!" I called out to him again.

"What? Need a ride anywhere?" he asked as he swung his hands out from his sides.

"No. I'm not really sure, but."

"But what?"

"You like to get head, but do you like to give it too?"

"Yeah, I love to give head. Why?"

"What 'why?' Do you really need to ask 'why'?"

"I guess I don't," he answered as he approached me again. I hoped he couldn't see how beet-red my face just became in the darkness, but I pulled my bikini bottom off and laid down in the sand spreading my legs apart. He laid down between my legs with his face in my crotch. Then I felt it. He started licking my pussy! With his tongue! Wow! I couldn't believe that another human being could enjoy putting his tongue inside that dirty place. Still it felt so good!

He licked up from just above my ass. He stick his tongue into my hole as he went over it, then he continued up and hit _the spot!_ Oh My God! I never felt something so good in my whole life! Then he went back down again. Oh please! Go back up and lick my clit again! Then he licked up around the inside perimeter of my cunt, up over and around above my clit and back down again. Oh wow! Don't tease me like that, man! Then he went back up the middle again, like he did before. He lingered a moment over my pussy hole, fucking me with his tongue. I was on the brink of coming! He continued up and played with my clit again with his tongue. I felt like I was about to burst! I had never come so close to coming so quickly before. I didn't think it was possible for me to come without at least ten to fifteen minutes of foreplay. But this guy had me on the brink in a few minutes just by licking and teasing my twat with his tongue. Back down he went, and around the perimeter again. Get back to the target, man! He went back up the middle again, like he did the last time. I was _this_ close to coming, and he started sucking on my clit, and just my clit. Hard! Like my clit was a tiny dick he was sucking on. Here I come! Oh God! Here I come! I started bouncing and thrashing like I had never came before. He even continued sucking on my clit while I came! I just continued coming and coming until my clit started to hurt. And then I still kept coming and he still kept sucking.

I finally expended myself and he stopped sucking and started gently licking my clit and pussy. I still continued to quake every few seconds to that. And then it was over.

But, man! I didn't know it was possible for a woman, especially me, to come so quickly and easy and to keep coming for so long! I mean, I've done guys with hair triggers that took longer to come than I just did! Wow!

I then looked down at him looking up at me, both of us panting furiously. "Come here," I said to him.

He crawled up my body and flipped my bikini top over my tits. He settled on me with his face above my boobs.

"Wow!" he said. "look how hard your nipples are! You liked that, didn't you?"

"Damn, I loved it! Now suck my nipples."

He leaned over and started sucking on the left nipple. He sucked so hard I thought he was going to fucking swallow it. Oh, man, that felt so good! He sucked it for countless minutes before I nudged his head over to the other one.

After a few more minutes, I nudged him to crawl up higher on me. As he did, I reached up and grabbed the back of his head by the hair and pulled his mouth down to mine. I could heel his cock quivering and rubbing against my pussy.

We broke the kiss and I asked, "Are you hard again?"

"I got hard again sucking your tasty cunt."

"So what are you waiting for? Fuck me!"

As if waiting for my okay, he thrust his pelvis down and I felt his cock slide into my cunt. I was so slippery from being wet on my own and from his saliva inside, that it went in without the least fuss. And, oh man, was he hard again!

He started pumping and I was still pumped up from coming a moment ago. I knew it would take much for me to come again, now that I had a rock-hard cock pumping my pussy.

I was right! I started quaking all over again while he was pumping me. God, it felt so good!

He pumped me and pumped me, and I kept coming and coming to his rhythm. Damn, he was good! I was amazed how long he could hold it in before he finally came into me. This guy was amazing in many ways.

Then, panting, he said, "Wow! I'm sorry I took so long to come that time. Being the second time in a row took a bit of work."

Wow! He was apologizing for taking _too long_ to come! I couldn't believe my ears.

"Where have you been all my life?" I asked him.

"I've been around."

I figured my boyfriend split on me or something. Man, is he going go hear about it in the morning, but I just now realized that I never got that pizza and was starving.

"Well, maybe it's time to get going? You hungry, maybe we can,like, get something to eat or something."

"Yeah, I'm starved," he said, "I was in line at some pizza joint over on the boardwalk before when some punk on a skateboard plowed into the line."

"You're shitting me?"

"No, why would I shit you? Sent one guy to the hospital with a concussion."

"Really? What the guy look like?"

"Oh, tall I think. Light brown hair. Had on trunks and a football jersey."

Oh my God!

"What! What's wrong? You look shocked!"

"That's my, uhm. That's my boyfriend. What happened to him? How bad was he hurt? Did you see anything?"

"Yeah. Uhm. I don't know. I heard the ambulance dude say to the cop that he was knocked out, but he'll come to in the hospital and he'll be fine."

"Look, I gotta go." I looked over my shoulder and was relieved to see that my purse, car keys, and the rest of our stuff was still there on that rock.

"Okay. I hope your boyfriend will be okay," he said.

"Yeah, thanks. But, uhm, listen. I sometimes come down to the beach here by myself in the evenings. I mean, uh, just so you know."

"Yeah, I do too, sometimes," he said. "Maybe we'll see each other again."

Damn, I hope so!

The End.

Copyright Hungry Guy

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