Just Another Plain Fucking Story
By Hungry Guy
(MF, oral, rim, anal)

Well, I'll be! I _did_ manage to sleep that night -- at least a little. I woke early in the morning, and she was still there, lying on top of me, her head resting snuggled up next to mine, sleeping soundly. My lungs were sore from straining to breathe under the weight of her body on mine, but the feeling was so good that I wouldn't have changed a thing. She can sleep on top of me any time she wants!

I rubbed her back and she leaned up and looked at me.

"Good morning," I said."

"Good morning," she said.

A moment later, we were kissing again, like the night before.

She stayed on top of me and crawled up my body, pressing one of her nipples to my mouth. I sucked it hard then she switched to the other.

Then I rolled her onto her back and started licking all around her breasts. Then I crawled up to face her again, and started nose. I put my mouth over her nose and sucked a booger into my mouth and swallowed it.

"Ewwww! How could you do that?" she asked.

I just continued licking and sucking. Then I licked an ear, behind the ear, then inside it. Then I did the other ear. It was then that I realized that I had begun to give her a tongue bath.

I licked her neck and down her arm, sucking each finger in turn - then the other arm.

I slowly covered the front of her body. For the second time, I dallied on her nipples, making her moan with pleasure. I worked my way down to her navel, sucking the gunk out of it then swallowing it.

Like the night before, I got my head between her thighs. I liked her thighs, teasing her until she grabbed my hair and pulled it into her pussy.

Like the night before, I started by teasing her mounds out of her pussy. Then I shoved my tongue between her tight pussy lips. She was so wet then. Pussy juice was practically flowing out her pussy hole, and stuck my tongue up her pussy hole and sucked it up hungrily. Then I licked up the inside of her pussy, up over her clit, then back down again. I licked more juice from her pussy hole, then up and over and down again.

"Oh yes! Oh yes!" she screamed, apparently forgetting her rage a moment ago. Once again, she grabbed my hair and pulled my face hard into her crotch. Obligingly, I started working her clit. I swirled my tongue around it, flicked it, and sucked it. At first, I sucked it gently, but after a while, I was sucking it hard, pulling it deep into my mouth with suction.

It didn't take long for her to start moaning and bucking from pleasure. I continued sucking on her clit as she came, but more and more gently. I kept her coming continuously for several minutes before she finally bade me to stop.

But I didn't stop the tongue bath that I was giving her. I licked and sucked one leg clean down to her foot, sucking on each toe as I did for her fingers. Then down the other leg, foot, and toes.

Having sucked and licked as much of her body as I could, I told her to roll over. Then I started at the top again. Starting from the nape of her neck. I sucked her shoulder bladed, down her back, to her butt cheeks. After I licked her butt cheeks clean, I expected her to tell me to stop when I started licking down the inside of her butt crack, but she continued to moan in delight. I continued to lick down the crack of her ass, lower and lower.

I paused at her asshole. I licked around its perimeter. Then I quickly flicked my tongue over it -- then again, a little slower. I felt her pucker her sphincter and squeeze my tongue when I pushed it slightly into the dimple. Then I pushed it in a little deeper. She squeezed my tongue tightly with her sphincter as I fucked her asshole with my tongue.

I had got her asshole really wet when I climbed up her back. Once again, like the night before, my cock was so hard and ready for action. I lowered myself onto her back and pressed my cock gently to her asshole.

I expected her to yell, "No!" any second, but I gently increased the pressure until I felt my cock slide a little into her anus. I pushed a little harder and it slid in a little deeper. Man! It felt so tight! Then, she squeezed -- hard -- pushing my cock out. I pushed it back in, ever so gently.

I heard her moan as I pushed it in even further. Then, when my hips were pressing tightly against her butt, and my cock was deep in her asshole, she squeezed her sphincter, making an already tight feeling so much tighter. The effort of getting my cock into her asshole had brought me to the brink of coming, and her next spasm brought me to climax, filling her rectum with my cum.

She milked my dick with her sphincter, draining every drop of cum that I had. Finally spent and satisfied, I slid my dick slowly out of her asshole, and fell onto my back next to her.

"I hope you don't expect me to eat you, now?" she said.

"Not unless you want to," I said with a grin.

"Oh, I know what I want," she answered with a grin of her own.

Then she sat up and threw her leg over my chest, straddling me. She looked down at me and gave me this weird look, then turned around so that she was facing my feet. Then she crawled backwards over my head and sat on my face. Oh man, it felt like my head was being crushed. Her pussy was directly over my mouth and my nose was poking her in the anus. I couldn't breathe, and I started waving my arms.

She grabbed my arms and said, "I know you can't breathe. This is for last night and just before. I'm not getting off until I come again!"

_How was I going to make her come just after she came a moment ago?_ I wondered. _This is impossible!_

"You better hurry up and get started before you suffocate and die."

I knew she wouldn't really kill me, but my lungs were screaming in pain for air so I started. I didn't have much leverage, so I started flicking her clit with my tongue, up and down, and side to side.

"You better do better than that to make me come again!"

Like I did earlier, I started sucking her clit into my mouth with, which was extra hard being that my lungs were trying to exhale with all their strength.

I was starting to feel light-headed, but I continued sucking and flicking her clit. I kind of went into a daze without realizing what I was doing until she started bouncing on my head screaming, "Oh yes! Oh yes!"

A moment later she got off my face as I let out an explosive breath and started breathing so fast to catch my breath.

"So, how did you like that?"

"Wow! It was incredible!"

"Really? Well, you can have yours now," she answered. She crawled down my body, turned to face me, and straddled my hips. My cock was a little soft after coming just a short while ago, but not totally limp and small. She grabbed it and held it up while she lowered herself onto it. I could feel myself inside her, if not that deep, so I started thrusting my hips. It was exhausting work thrusting my semi-soft cock into her while she sat on me, but it eventually paid off. My cock got hard again after a while, and after a bit more arduous effort, I finally came into her cunt.

With us both completely spent, she flopped down on top of me again. She lay there on top of me as we stroked and kissed each other into the afternoon.

I finally asked her, "Does this mean that we're more than just friends now?"

"We'll see," she answered.

The End.

Copyright Hungry Guy

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