A Spot of Tea
By Madison D'Angelica
(MF, oral)

We had just ended an pleasurable date at a fine continental restaurant, having dined on superb seafood, and as we were leaving, several women paused to conspicuously take notice of Dalton. He was only about 5'10", but his broad shoulders and expansive chest made him appear larger. He had thick dark brown hair that was cut fairly short. Most people considered him handsome, and many told him that he looked like Tony Danza. And he did. I wasn't sure exactly how he felt about that, but it seemed he was beginning to tire of the observation. I noticed the women looking at Dalton, but it didn't bother me anymore. I was kind of proud to be the one on his arm, if you must know. He paid them no mind, and it was me he had his arm around, and he seemed to be quite devoted to our relationship.

Our conversation was animated on the way through the streets of London to my place, and we laughed heartily recalling scenes from the movie we had viewed earlier. We arrived at my apartment, and after he put his arms around me and kissed me softly, turned and began to walk to his car. People find me quite fetching, and while my breasts were on the smaller side of the ledger, my shapely bum gave observers something to appreciate. He found that to be a fair trade-off, as he had told me early on that he found larger breasts somewhat ponderous. He also seemed to be fascinated by my lightly-curled auburn hair hanging to the middle of my back. And I had quite a pleasing face, or so everyone told me.

"Would you fancy a spot of tea, love?" I called back to him in a winsome manner as I was beginning to go inside my door. He happened to adore my British accent, as he was overseas on sabbatical from teaching at some college in New Jersey. Rutgers, I think he said the name was.

"You know, some tea would go just fine about now, Meredith," he said with a grin on his face, and turned to take my outstretched hand, following me into the flat. My offer seemed to catch him by surprise, but he certainly seemed willing to see what might transpire.

"I'll make us some tea," I called brightly from the kitchen, "make yourself at home."

"What, you mean I can turn the stereo up real loud and dance without restraint?" he joked.

Walking up behind me, he rested his hands on my softly rounded hips.

"Hey!! You'll disrupt my rhythm!" I scolded him mockingly.

I leaned my face forward to kiss him very softly, trailing my tongue along his lips, as I entwined my arms around his waist.

"Hey, let's see some tea!" he said jokingly, then left me to finish making the tea as he sat on the couch in the living room.

I thought of how he and I tended to get along so well, and we seemed to be great friends. I was sort of surprised by the present status of our relationship, and was encouraged. We had never quite gone "all the way", as Dalton seemed to sense that I wasn't yet ready. We were proceeding at the pace I set. I had a surprise in store tonight.

I came into the room with a tray holding our tea cups, and politely offered one to him. After he took the cup, I cast a sultry look into his brown eyes and said, "I'll be right back, Dalton... you don't mind waiting, right?" I flashed him a mischievous smile.

He was sitting on the sofa, and as he was bringing his cup to his mouth, stopped in mid-sip as I came into the room dressed in a long filmy silk white nightgown.

"You like?" I asked softly with a huge grin on my face.

"What's not to like?"

He opened his arms to make room for me to sit on his lap. He appeared to very much like the feel of my firm derriere on his lap, and I became aware of the bulge in his pants.

"Thank you, Dalton. I appreciate it," I told him as I put my hands behind his neck, and I moved to kiss him. I pressed my lips to his, and softly insinuated my tongue into his mouth until they twirled sensually together. I stood upright, taking him by the hand, and led him silently to my bed. We sat arm and arm on the edge of the bed, and I kissed him passionately as our hands slowly explored each other's bodies. He reacted to my dainty fingers journeying over the growing bulge in his pants, slowly moving his hands up and down my sides until they came to rest on my firm breasts, and my fingers deftly unfastened the button on his jeans.

I slowly unzipped his trousers, and as he moved his hands to caress my shapely backside, I reached in and took his growing member in my hand, softly gripping it and stroking it as he moaned softly. I worked his jeans from his legs, and removed his shirt standing before him, revealing his impressive chest and rippling pectorals, my eyes glistening sultrily. He slowly removed my nightgown, and my naked body was revealed to him as my long gown fluttered softly to the floor. He got up from the bed to take me into his arms, and we exchanged a loving kiss, and he reacted to my perky nipples hardening against his chest. He traced a soft trail of kisses across my cheek to my lithe neck, and took my rounded bottom into his strong hands, and heard me sigh softly as he began to kiss and nibble his way down my supple neck.

He reached my collarbone, slowly trailing his tongue to my firm pert breasts, and lazily kissed and sucked on both of my hardened nipples, while his hands roamed in small circles over my rounded swells. The sensation was exquisite. Dalton felt my hands in his hair coaxing him upward, and his lips met mine in a passionate frenzy. Slowly guiding his tongue into my mouth, I sucked on it gently as I moved him almost imperceptibly toward the bed.

I followed him as he fell back in the bed, lying on top of him, and the feeling of my erect nipples against his chest was electric. I kissed him with yearning, swirling my tongue tenderly with his, then slowly pulled my face from his to gaze deeply at him, and I think he perceived the kindled passion in my pretty green eyes.

Gently rolling me over onto my back, and beginning at my forehead, he traced soft kisses over my eyelids en route to my quivering lips. I was wetter than I can ever remember. Intimating his tongue into my mouth as I wiggled my hips beneath him, he cupped my taut breasts as he kissed me deeply . We kissed with great passion for several minutes, and as we broke our kiss, he gently trailed his tongue over the outline of my soft lips. Trailing kisses down my graceful neck, then down my sloped shoulder, he arrived at my firm mounds. Dalton kissed softly around my heaving breasts, and then took a perky nipple into his mouth, softly sucking on it while bathing it with his tongue as my fingers entwined in his hair, urging him onward. He kissed his way very slowly across my flattened tummy, and as he softly tongued my navel, I'm quite sure that he detected traces of the enticing scent arising from between my long slender legs.

Dalton traced a trail of kisses to the beginning of my puffy moist folds, and looked into my eyes for approval. I smiled softly at him, spreading my legs slowly, almost unnoticeably. Deliberately avoiding my musky sex, he slowly kissed and nibbled along the insides of my firm thighs. He kissed his way to my moistened flower, and slowly ran his tongue up the length of my distended lips, savoring the taste of my plentiful juices. He pushed his tongue into my increasingly wet opening, and again felt my hands on the back of his head, pulling him closer to my need. My vaginal walls opened to receive his tongue as he eased it inside of me, and as he did, I raised my supple legs up onto his shoulders, allowing him better access to my velvety charms.

Rhythmically easing his tongue in and out of my moistened womanhood, my fingers tangled in his hair, urging him onward with my hands. He flattened his tongue, licking along the length of my feminine crevice, and he finally arrived at my erect bud. Dalton slowly and softly wrapped his lips around my excited nubbin, and I whimpered in rapture as I pulled him closer to my moist fragrant charms. Taking a last extended soft lick on my raised button, he felt my hands beneath his shoulders, pulling him toward my lovely face. Slowly kissing and nibbling across my soft belly, he then leisurely tongued and kissed my breasts, teasing my pert nipples with his tongue before he continued towards my lips. We kissed passionately, our tongues interchanging, and he ran his fingers leisurely through my fresh-smelling hair.

Our lips met briefly, and as he slowly moved his hands over the rounded globes of my derriere, I began to kiss and lick on the side of his neck, gently moving my warm tongue over his excited skin. I very softly kissed across his shoulder and collarbone, and slowly descended to his erect nipples, taking my time, lightly bathing them with my swirling tongue as I reached to take his engorged member into my hands. He moaned softly as I tenderly wrapped my fingers around his swollen shaft, and watched as I continued to lightly kiss my way across his stomach, which was just beginning to bead up with perspiration.

When I came to his stiff member, I slowly bent my head to softly lick the head of his cock, clearing the drop of pre-cum there, and I softly enveloped the swollen head with my lips, lazily running my tongue in slow circles around the sensitive crown. I took as much of his length into my mouth as I could, looking into his deep brown eyes as I lightly caressed his swollen balls in my hand, and I moved my lips unhurriedly up and down his rigid shaft. I continued to tease him for several minutes, running my tongue along the underside of his swollen rod, and he reached under my arms and pulled me up to him, feeling my breasts as they glided across his body. I moved my lips to his softly, and traced the outline of his lips with my tongue before easing it into his mouth.

As our tongues intermingled, I gracefully straddled his hips. I took his expanded hardness into my hand, and I lowered myself very slowly onto him, gradually descending until his glistening shaft disappeared into my warm wet sex. He dropped his lips to lick and suck upon my hardened nipples, and at the same time tenderly cupped the firm globes of my rounded ass, guiding me slowly up and down his enlarged shaft. I slowly raised and lowered herself down upon him, all the while maintaining eye contact with him, looking sensuously into his handsome face.

Smiling directly into his deep brown eyes, I quickened my pace on his throbbing tool, and he watched as I brought my fingers to gently fondle my proud clit, seductively moaning as I did. Dalton reached to softly caress my breasts as I slid up and down his hard shaft, lifting up slowly until only the bulging head remained inside my wet folds, and then plunging back down on his rigid member, only to start the process over again.

I could feel my crest approaching, and the rhapsodic look in Dalton's eyes told me he was nearing completion as well. Suddenly, he grabbed hold of my hips and started to thrust upward into my drenched folds, and the friction on my sensitive button pushed me over the edge. As I tilted my head back, eyes tightly closed, I could feel his seed flooding my tight channel as he thrust one last time into me, his hands tightly gripping my hips.

I collapsed on top of him, his softening tool still inside of me, and kissed him ravenously as I ran my fingers though his hair. I rolled off of him, and lay beside him while he seemed to gather his thoughts in silence. In a few moments, he said something.

"Boy, this dinner and a movie thing seems to have a lot going for it... a hell of a lot," he spoke up with a broad smile on his face.



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