Missing You
Written by Jacqui Horn
(MF, bondage)

Missing You

Hello lover, sweetheart, baby;

I'm missing you this morning and I'm badly in need of fucking.  I did get a good night's sleep, hadn't been to bed early all week.  Now my body realizes that itís been a few days since I heard your voice on the line.  I'm really restless now.

How about you?  Restless? 

I'm thinking about using your silk ties on your wrists and ankles.  We've stopped into a little hotel.  The bed is big and soft and fresh.  And you are tied to it.  I did that to you.  And you let me.  You didn't even fight as I "accidentally" brushed your lips with my nipples while tying you, or when I settled my wet pussy on your thigh.  My cunt is facing you as I lash your ankles with those ties.

Now that you're all secure, I stand back and admire my own handiwork.  You look so sexy there, restrained that way. 

I'm beside the bed and I want to jump on you and just fuck you silly. 

But I want to look at you too ... and you are teasing me, your tongue flicking at the air, letting me know how well you can soothe the burn in my cunt. 

I'm licking my own lips, caught between options, my lower lip caught between my teeth as if world peace depended on my choice.  But my pussy is so hot ... I come to the head of the bed.  You have a smile on your face.  You were sure you would win.

I straddle your chest, and lean over you allowing you to kiss and lick my nipples for a moment while I plump the pillows under your head.  Now you have the perfect view. 

"Come, let me touch you, Sweetheart," you say. 

And I inch forward.  My soft ass sinking onto your strong chest, leaving a trail of my cum there for you to smell later.  I am two inches from the tip of your tongue.  I'm hot thinking of how much you want me ... 

"Closer, Jacqui..."

I'm fighting you.  Mentally.  You always win.  Your tongue is out and my pussy is wet.  I want you so badly, but I want to win...  Just this time.

An idea.  I run my hands up my thighs.  One trails inside until it covers my cunt.  I press for a moment, grasping at the flesh, my fingers just at the entrance of my cunt, the heel of my hand high on my mound.  As I clutch at myself, I get that first starter cum.  The one that lets your pussy know this isn't a tease.  I'm riding my hand, your chest feels good beneath my ass, your lips and tongue still only inches away.

As a matter of fact, as I ride, I feel your tongue licking juices that have eased between my fingers from the back of my hand.  It's exciting.  I catch my breath every time your tongue is able to reach me.  And each catch, each gasp is a contraction in my pussy.

A distraction.  I need a distraction.  I take my breast in my hand and play with the nipple.  I'm massaging a cum out of myself with my hand, and riding you ... baby...  ummm ...  It's deep, deep inside ... the cum.  It's starting way at the back gathering power and spreading through my flesh.  My eyes have slipped closed and my lips are parted ... breathing ... little wisps of air, of oxygen ... exhaling the sighs of pleasure.  You know them ...

"Mhhhh" you say, watching me.  You are still now.  Entranced in watching the orgasm overtake me ...   It's internal, like a spasm in my womb.  It's tightening and bunching and now every breath is a quiver or a hum, or a groan of the pleasure - no that's too tame...

It's not pleasure, it's climax, it's explosion - no implosion, that's it, my pussy is imploding on itself and each blast triggers another, one that is deeper, and then another .... Ahhhhh

I'm frantic, my eyes open and I look back at you.  Thank goodness you are hard and rampant ...  I slide back.  I take hold of you, not too gently I'm afraid, and position you right at the entrance of my cunt. 

I ram myself onto you, needing to feel you, needing you to do what only a man can - to fill me with hot hard cock...  And I ride you, baby, my hands slide up your arms as I lower my body, breast to yours, my lips at your ear.  Breathing, I can't talk.  I can only let you know by the changes in my breathing, the catches in my throat.  The sighs that escape.  And soon, you know ...

I'm cumming, hard, not pretty, groaning in your ear, forcing my cunt back and forth over your cock.  My body trembles for a moment, then  slow but the movements are more precise, more powerful...

Ohhhhhh, ohhh, baby Ö baby ... I'm trapping bits of my senses and catching them as I come down, I hear you talking to me, quietly, surely, telling me to relax, to release you.  I reach up and untie your wrists, you've already broken free of the ankle ties.  Your hands come down and grasp my ass, squeezing hard, but just rocking me on your still hard cock. 

Oh, Ohhhhhh, I begin to weep and tremble again.  You just move around inside me, soothing my cunt with filling, just the filling ... oh, ohhh, baby ... baby ...

I'm rising again, and you are with me this time.  You're still buried deep, feeling my contractions around you, feeling my pussy exuding juices on you from deep inside.  It's hot there you say.  Hot and very tight.  At last you pull back, lifting me a bit, and then slamming home, plunging my hips down onto you as you lift into me.  We are both screaming in pleasure.  Holding onto each other, talking, kissing, laughing. 

"I'll know not to deny you again, Sweetheart."  You chuckle and so do I.  And then we just lay there, touching and talking, about nothing, just so I can hear your voice and you can hear mine ...

I love you.

x x x x x x x x x  Jacqui

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