Oil and Ass (Yours) II
Written by Jacqui Horn
(MF oral, anal)

Oil and Ass (Yours) II


Hi love,

I'm warning you, you should not read this until you have a few moments to yourself.  And a free hand.

I'm listening to the most beautiful music.  It's soft and sexy and slow.  Makes me want to dance - a slow exotic type of dance.  The kind where your hips swing like the branches of a willow in a gentle breeze, and take the rest of your body with them.  This has been a very sexy feeling day for me.  My jeans are very big and we've been out all day and every time I move I feel them moving over my skin, caressing my bottom and between my legs.  I've been imagining it was you touching me.  I'm afraid they are quite wet now. 

I'm finishing my next to last tax file, but I can't wait anymore to tell you about the rest of my fantasy.  You were in the tub remember?  I was on top of you, lathering your body and kissing you all over.  But, my mind has generated all of these images about your sex and I don't wish to wait any longer.  So, I soap my hands and wash you thoroughly, though quickly. 

You're out now, on the bed, face down.  You can have a sheet over you so you don't chill - well, over your shoulders and back anyway.  I want your bum completely exposed. 

I've poured the warming oil all over my mound, my abdomen and thighs.  I see your cock lengthening between your legs, hardening against the bed.  But, I want to massage you first with my body.  My hips are powerful and they transfer the oil from my mound and thighs to your ass, moving against you, slowly at first, then with more and more power and speed so you can feel what it's like to be taken by a woman.  You want to turn and take control, but I won't allow it yet.  I hold your arms above your head while I kiss your back and neck, nibble your ears, still moving against your ass in full control of your mounting pleasure.  Slowly I move down your back, kissing my way to your ass.  When I reach your hard little bum I can't help but kiss it, my lips touch you all over and then my tongue, rasping as I drag it from the backs of your thighs, up and over the hill, and on to the small of your back.  The right side and then the left, over and over.  I love hearing your sounds of pleasure.

The warm oil is in my hands now and I'm using it on your cheeks and the backs of your thighs, covering you with slippery, soon to be hot, oil.  I have to move your legs open so I can sit between them now, you're all oiled, except between the cheeks.  Your cock is hard and laying against the bed.  I rub you there, massaging the oil over you, spreading your legs wide so you feel open.  My hands reach the insides of your thighs, brushing your balls and the underside of your ass.  More insistently I rub you, turning the massage to one involving your deepest muscles. 

As you relax more and more, I can slip my warm hands in between your cheeks, running the full length of you, from your back to your balls.  Continuing to massage you, I spread you wide enough to see your puckered anus.  You lift, anticipating my touch - and I, of course, being the super sensual and caring woman that I am, will not disappoint you.  I've clipped the fingernails of my right hand very close so as not to scratch you and I use those fingers now to dip into the hot oil and trace that ring of yours.  I hear you moaning, wanting me inside of you.  But, I like the power of being able to tease you and make you wild with need - so, I continue to circle you with more insistent, deeper touching until I feel you thrusting your ass at me, begging me. 

Not yet, lover.  My tongue lightly flicks against you and up the inside of your cheeks..  You taste spicy, like the oil.  I like hot, spicy things.  I kiss you and lick you, straddling your legs and thighs so that you have to lie there and suffer my gentle torture until I am finished playing.   My fingers again dip into the hot oil and I gently push one deep inside of your body, twisting my hand so you are lubed up and you can feel me touching you everywhere.  As soon as you relax, I place the second finger alongside the first and push with more insistence inside of you.  Pushing and easing, pushing further, then easing, dribbling more oil around your contracting anus with my other hand, making it easier for me to take your ass.  I use the other hand then to massage your cheeks and your ring while you enjoy the penetration. 

I'm fucking your ass with my fingers now, powerfully, while I stroke your cock with my other hand.  Stroking you, moving that foreskin all the way up and over your head and then pulling it back down to the base of your dick.  All the way up and all the way back down.  Now, I'm moving in rhythm, every time my fingers penetrate you as far as they can, I pull back on your cock so you feel the fullest pressure inside and the press of my fist against your abdomen at the same time. 

Your cock is throbbing violently in my hand and your ass is contracting wildly around my fingers.  You are perfect, your pleasure so open and unafraid, your anus is cramping my fingers, but I won't stop until you scream with the pleasure.  I bend down and breathe my warm breath on the flesh between your ass and your cock, and you almost come before I can touch you with my tongue there.  When I do, your cock stiffens so hard in my hand, and I lengthen the strokes, encouraging you to shoot long and fully.  Your ass moves so violently that I have to remove my tongue, but I continue stroking my fingers in and out of you, in and out, in deeply and out. 

Then, when you begin to come down, relaxing, grinding your cock in my fist, I nip the underside of your butt cheeks, driving my fingers back inside of you and massaging your cock as you spew again, and again, breathing very shallowly, sweating profusely, groaning deep in your throat, trembling now with your body's uncontrolled deep and gut wrenching spasms. 

You are so beautiful, lying here beneath me, drained and weak, needing to rest before you can even move.  I pull my fingers slowly from your ass and pour more oil on you, massaging your ass and thighs until you are calm and easy enough to reach around and pull my body into the curve of yours, my head on your arm, your hand cupping my breast, stimulating my nipple, your lips close to my ear, whispering 'Oh, baby, oh, sweetheart", over and over with that wonderful, sexy, Irish/Englishman's accent, kissing my neck and promising retribution ...

... as soon as you rest.   

  I am quite wet myself right now.  I'll have to go to sleep and stew in my own juices for a while.  Serves me right.  But, I hope this gives you half as much pleasure as you give me when you call and catch me unaware, pushing me so quickly over the edge and into the most satisfying, sexy orgasms. 

Good night lover,

x x x x x x x x x  Jacqui

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