Three Feet High
Written by Jacqui Horn
(MF oral)

Three Feet High


I'm still here working, it's three hours later than last time, I've watched Armageddon and now I'm on Matrix (video's - I've got plenty) 

And as I work I keep getting this hilarious image of you as one of those little people in The Wizard of Oz.  What were they called?  Ozlings, I guess. 

I'm smiling as I think of you standing about 3 feet high, with really big ears, and then, I'll bet you can guess,

I started thinking of you sitting  on this huge black pillow I keep under my desk to keep the circulation moving in my legs.  But, instead of resting my feet on the pillow, my legs are hooked over your shoulders and my thighs are spread wide open.  You smell my cunt and it's sweet, makes you want to taste it.  it makes me want to taste it.  I do at times, the juices are clear and sweet and heady.  The taste of desire, sex, pleasure, filling your nose from the back of your throat.

Your hands are on the inside of my thighs, forcing them to stay open, because you know that I'm shaking and trying to press them tightly together.  Your chin is resting on my abdomen, right above where my womb is inside, and I'm convulsing, hard, almost throwing you off of me, except I'm hanging on to those ears.  (little Ozling) You massage my abdomen with your chin and I am trying to at least touch your chest with my wet pussy.  It's full and swollen, the clit is sticking up hard, begging you to touch it.  I'm moving, my hips, trying to make my flesh touch you, breathing sounds that let you know I need you to take over and just do me ...  touch me, breathe on me, something... 

You've taken hold of my hips, my cheeks, my ass ...  Oh, I can feel you, lifting me in your strong hands, squeezing, keeping me open, your fingers teasing around to my anus, tickling in my wetness.  You make me lift, undulate, thrust myself at you 

You're teasing me, drawing out the orgasm, but I'm going crazy.  I'm open, wide, dripping, I'm convulsing, squeezing, dying to have you inside of me, entering me, slowly forcing your way inside of my body, pushing aside warm, no hot, wet folds, like a tight sponge that is still alive enfolding your firm cock, giving you such sweet pleasure as you sink deeper and deeper in my pussy.  It's so hungry for you, so ready, wanting you so badly.. 

You're filling me.  You've sunk to the bottom and I'm singing at the exquisite feel of your head at the back of my pussy.  You're pressing hard against me, so hard.   Sweetie my legs are tensed beneath you, but I'm not squeezing you, I'm just tensed and open, moving fractionally beneath you.  Beneath the pressure of your hips, the pleasure of your cock in me so full.  Oh, Sweetie, I am hot again.  I'm dripping, you can feel me coming around your cock.  My juices are hot.  There is so much that you feel as though your cock is boiling inside of me 

Oh, baby - I love the way you feel inside of me.  You are moving again, slow, and kissing me, well I'm kissing you.  I love to kiss you while you are buried inside of me.  Every time your tongue touches mine, my pussy squeezes your cock tighter.  I feel the power of you between my legs.  My lips are soft and lush, like my pussy.  I'm tasting you, your mouth, taking your sounds of pleasure into me, getting hotter, wetter as I feel your excitement build. 

You move with such power, I love it, it's so good, your pelvis grinding on mine, your chest mashing my breasts, your hands holding mine over my head.  I am lost in pleasure.  You are talking to me, telling me to let go and just enjoy you, that I'm safe with you, and not to hold back.

That sends me flying into an insane orgasm.  You hold me as I'm screaming, bucking beneath you, as my whole body goes rigid, spurring you to explode, cuming with me, shooting into my body over and over and over, and every time I feel you thrust/spurt in me, I come again going absolutely wild as you keep fucking my body, through the orgasm and then settling into the easy, undulating, rhythm you've set to calm me.  You are speaking into my ear and all I hear is your voice, and the promise that I can have this.  This pleasure, this sweet pleasure.  That you won't leave me in it, that you'll stay with me, even after your orgasm.  Holding me, through it until I'm easy, quivering lightly against your cock, still buried inside of me, raw, but still there, keeping your promises.

I am drained now, but before I fall into a short sleep - did I tell you that I always sleep after really good sex?  Not long, just a little bit, about twenty minutes.  But, before I fall asleep, I see your smile, soft on your mouth, glad, happy, satisfied in your ability to turn me into a raging sex-oholic.

Good Morning Sweetie, 

Have a good day.

x x x x x x x x x  Jacqui

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