Critically Thinking
Written by Jacqui Horn

Critically Thinking


Good Morning, Love;

I woke this morning thinking of you.  It was raining very hard, lightning flashed in the sky and thunder rolled over the ground like a heavy truck. 

As I lay snuggled into my pillow, with a fluffy quilt wrapped securely around my naked body, I thought - what a wonderful kind of day to spend in bed with a lover. 

The kind of day where you keep the telephone by your head so that you never have to step foot onto the floor.  Umm, take that back.  We would have to eventually take a shower.  It is impossible to kiss and stroke and suckle each other into undulating, creamy orgasms that never end - without needing a shower.  Or, we could go into the rain and take our showering gels with us!  (Not in my neighborhood - of course) 

I think my neighbors are just recovering from hearing me scream in my car the last time you called.  It is amazing how much people can see and hear from behind their doors! 

Have you ever been to Canada?  Just thinking.  About you licking and biting my nipples and sucking them from soft to very hard little bullets, and on until they are soft again.  About licking yours until they become hard, and the rest of you along with them.  Did I tell you that I am very oral?  (My mouth looks very innocent doesn't it?)  Could you imagine what would happen if you could see on my face that I love a hard cock in my mouth? 

Don't think I ever thought of your ears.  Warming your lobes between my lips, driving my tongue into your canal.  hmmm.  Collin.  I'm getting hot between my thighs.  They are spread wide.  Very wide and the fleshy lips are becoming moist.  There is no hair and the clear, wet moisture is sweet - I just tasted it.  Oh, it's coating my lips and my tongue - I wish it were yours, your cum I mean, on my lips instead of mine.  Your foreskin moving in my mouth and the hardness underneath pushing insistently toward the back of my throat - then out again.  Your scrotum nestling against my chin and my mouth full - engorged with your cock.  I want to hold it there for a very long time.  No rushing, just a nice long suckling.  Your hands at the side of my head, your thumbs playing around the edges of my lips, where you are stretching them wide with your sweet meat.

Your thighs are shifting, making room for me to nestle into a sort of warm, hard cradle.  Your calves wrap around my back, settling on my ass, your ankles locking.

You held securely in my mouth, me held comfortingly between your thighs and in your hands.  Ummm.  I like that. 

But, my puss is beginning to feel neglected.  I know you love my ass, but you won't go there today.  I want to be filled with you and I want to see your face and feel your weight on my body as you thrust slowly into my hot, tight body.  I am wet.  You are so hard and the muscles of my cunt squeeze and ripple around you.  I can see your eyelids blink very fast and I know you are trying to hold out against the tight rippling, undulating, hot, sucking pussy around you.  Squeezing you makes it better for me, it lets me feel you better and soon I don't do it anymore on purpose, my pussy is convulsing, pulling you in further, clamping hard on your stressed manhood. 

You settle your forearms on either side of my head, keeping your muscled chest and abdomen firmly in contact with my breasts and belly, and you set to work to fuck me in earnest.  No plan, only the long, slow, powerfully soothing strokes - easing the desire and need inside of me.  Ohh, Collin, can you hear my cries for you?  Can you hear my breathing quickening?  The sound and the breath coming faster and louder?  You are so good.  You are sooo fucking good, Collin.  You fuck me like a horny bastard!  Hard!  I want you to stop now.  You're too much.  So big, so fucking big!  Stop!  You are harder, stretching me so wide, pumping me so hard! 

I push at your chest and tear my mouth away from your tongue, thrusting full and hard as your cock.  I feel so taken, losing control of my part.  I push at you more, seriously trying to dislodge your hard male strength from my body.  As I push, you take hold of my wrists, pinning them over my head, using your thighs to still my legs as they fight you.  I didn't think it were possible, but your hips thrust even more powerfully against me.  Mashing my clit, it is throbbing in wild, frightening pleasure now.  You thrust and I can feel your abdomen on mine, pressing me down so hard that I feel the pressure through my skin and muscle, to my womb.  Now I can feel you inside, stroking me and above me massaging my entire womb with your body.  I am tensing, still fighting such maddening sensations.  So much fucking pleasure!  My nipples are on fire beneath your chest -

I am screaming, Collin.  I'm screaming!  I don't know what words, my body is caught on the precipice between indescribable pleasure and a maddeningly explosive orgasm.  You dip your head and capture the full areola of my nipple.  You suck it into your mouth, the stubble on your chin burns the flesh of my breast.  You are holding me, thrusting into me, driving me - your rasping tongue flaying my hardening nipple..

As you draw back for a supreme flurry of thrusts, you suck firmly against the nipple and use your teeth, gently biting, licking, sucking - and my pussy feels like you've turned on an electric current.  It runs straight down to my clit, which bursts into throbbing, convulsing explosion.  My vaginal muscles join, thrusting beneath you, taking the pleasure from your hard impaling cock.  Ohhh, Collin you are so damned good!  My hips are pumping with all of my strength, lifting you..  You've got to hold me to stay buried so deep inside of me.  Ohh, Collin...

I'm cumming, now.  now   no  w.  Collin, you are so gooddd!  Collin, collin, coollliiiiiinnnnn aaad;aaaaaaaaaaaaa; u fersik.s   si 5s i 5.eiiiiiiiiiidkr,. :QAQQQQQQA$#TT$TVTST%YHT^ysbgFZ>K>l,mtrzv

I don't know how you've held out, but you are still hard within me, stroking me slowly, luxuriously, sweetly until I calm.  Until I can pay attention to your need.  You kiss me and call my name, asking if I am alright.  I make those little sounds and focus, seeing that you need me still.  It is very exciting, your eyes, your muscles so tense - in control, waiting!

Come now, Collin - My hands slip around your ass, parting your cheeks, finding your most pleasurable spot.  I circle it, and you tense, expectantly.  I squeeze your cock inside me, diverting your attention, watching your eyes as emotion and pleasure rocket through your body.  As your eyes slide shut and your mouth opens on the groan of ecstasy, I push both index fingers into your body, deep, one in and one out, in and out, in -- you yell.  Thrusting, madly, no control, only incomprehensible, shooting, blowing, firing - gut wrenching, draining cumming.  Cum inside me, with me, Collin, cum, yes, that's it, cum, cum harder, cum, in me.  My fingers in your ass, moving, trapped by your clenched hole, your cock in my pussy, just spasming pressed so hard  - wet and hot and gooood.  Ummmm, Collin

My love, my lover.

Good Morning.

x x x x x x x x x  Jacqui

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