Re: Jacqui gets a Fisting
Written by Jacqui Horn

Re: Jacqui gets a Fisting


I will apologize for teasing you about being young now.  You have my respect!   I read your letter yesterday, but I was working very diligently and forced myself not to become distracted.  I must tell you, it was very difficult. 

I did not re-read it, yet - there are too many children in the house to allow me to go and take care for myself were I to do that at this moment.  However, my puss definitely remembers.  It is pleasantly swollen around that tight seam of jean you mentioned before.  And I'm wearing a pair of panties I didn't realize were a sort of semi-thong when I bought them.  So the strip of material that should cover and protect my lips, is instead buried between them, settled just over the opening and pulling enough to keep me wet, and my mind off the work I should be doing. 

So, I figured I'd take this daydreaming time to return you a favor.  I don't think I ever told you that I am a very passionate woman.  It takes very little suggestion to excite my mind or my body.  My breasts are extremely sensitive, the nipples anyway.  Your suckling around the nipples would make them very stiff.  While you squeeze the full flesh with both hands, pressing the buds into your mouth,  strong currents, like electricity, run from the nipple to my pussy.  (I'm throbbing now thinking about it)  If you would settle your elbow or your thigh above my mound, and press in the soft space over the bone, where my womb is nestled inside, while you suckle, I would come for you. 

The longer you suckle, the longer I'd come.  It is the inside, vaginal climax that spreads all over and feeds itself.  More stimulation of indirect pleasure points makes it continue on and on and on.  My nipples, high inside of my thighs in the hollows, the space just above my womb, the fleshy part of my ass, my mouth, these are the places that make a vaginal climax stretch out forever and make a pussy very, very wet. 

By the time you reach for my clit, it will be large and swollen and begging for attention.  Your fingers or lips or even your thigh rubbing back and forth over it would make me come for you again, stronger because it would involve the clit and the vaginal climax.  I'd hope we were in a safe place, because I would be screaming, loud and long and everyone who heard them would know that they came from a woman lost in pleasure.

That dozen strokes.  I'm not sure I would let you go after that.  After a long screaming come, or during, nothing feels more decadent than a competent cock pressed inside, stretching and thrusting, filling my cunt with warmth and power.  Twelve strokes?  No.  I don't think so.  You see, my legs would be wrapped around your back and my pussy would be squeezing and milking your cock so hard that you couldn't get out until I let go.  (I forgot to tell you that I exercise those muscles daily.  They are very tight!)  I'm afraid that the only way I could be encouraged to ease up on you, would be if you told me that you were about to come and you would be out of commission for some time.  You see, I would still have a lot of orgasm left in me and I'd want it all assuaged.

The bottle, hmmm.  Perhaps that would keep me from losing my mind once you pulled out of me to play with my ass.  It is virgin, did I tell you? 

My kids are coming.  Talk again later.

x x x x x x x x x  Jacqui

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