A Quick Bath
Written by Jacqui Horn

A Quick Bath

Oh, Collin;

That was a wonderful surprise!  I love to get your letters.  They let me know you think about me, and people aren't really apart if you carry them in your head and your heart.  Your letters always put a smile on my face, and a twitch in my puss.  Actually, I begin to smile as soon as I see your address among the lists of new mail! 

When I want to feel connected to you, I can go back and re-read them as many times as I like!  Can't do that with a phone call.  As long as we connect, we can make do with the disadvantages until we can do better. 

Ice cubes???  Hmmmm.    


Did you know,  that you are a sexy devil.  Can't wait until I can wrap my legs around you and feel your weight bearing down on me, your cock sinking into my body...

I've recently found BBC America on our television.  You say that you British are sex obsessed.  I see that you were not exaggerating Funny, ours is obsessed with violence - afraid of sex!  Maybe if we concentrated more on sex, we wouldn't have so much violence!  There's a thought.  Well, I'll do my part at least.

I came across a show on your television called Cracker.  It is really good, a little disturbing, but very good.  I was drawn to it because the term, cracker, as it relates to a person, in the U.S. refers to a white male, usually older, and of low income, who is prejudiced against all cultures except his own.  A cracker in a "melting pot" culture, is a problem.  Anyway, I like that show, even though I haven't figured out what the British term Cracker refers to.

So, I was thinking of sending you a basket.  One that would be in the hotel room waiting when you get there.  Something for you to think about while you wait for me.  I would put these things in it:

1   Chocolate - syrup, hot fudge, and little kisses wrapped in foil

2   Paintbrushes - one inch, very soft bristles

3   Almond oil

4   Sponges big and soft

5   A banana plantation hat - beige, wide floppy brim with a thin suede tassel

6   Matching undies, a G-string, beige, with a tassle in back to tease your bum when you walk  (Im smiling )

7   Shower gel, probably a musky scent for you, something that would fill my belly when I breathe it and swell from there to my pussy

Once I get there, as soon as we could tear our hands off of each other...

We'd start in a big bubbly jacuzzi tub.  There I would slather you in bath gel and have so much fun soaping you with my body.  My breasts dancing in your face while my belly moves over your chest.  You can just feel my clit, peeking out, greedy as usual for a cum.  Id straddle you, so your cock could just slip between the lips of my pussy, but not enter.   And spread the gel all over your chest with my breasts, while I kiss your mouth and your ears and your throat.  The water would be hot and bubbling and I would be having the best time having my way with you...  

Until you snag a breast and begin to suck, hard ...  And then, I'd begin to lose track of what I intended to do and begin to moan and just undulate above you, my thighs gripping you tighter, my hands smoothing over your shoulders, neck and back.  My lips gasping for breath as you tease my sensitive nipples with your tongue and teeth.

And shortly, your hands find my smooth slippery ass.  You touch gently at first, but I've teased you so much, you fit your hands to the cheeks and grip, pulling me forcefully onto your cock...

And I scream with the most magnificent cum...  Tightening on you, riding you, squeezing your cock with so much pressure, so much pleasure.  And as I come down, held tightly in your arms...

You begin to thrust inside of me, hard, and I'm off again, better this time because I can enjoy you for a few moments before I lose control again.  You are stroking me with such such strength, I love that - it feels so secure. 

I tease your ears with my tongue, you enjoy it, because you know that I can only focus outward for a few moments - your cock in me makes me mindless. 

Darn, kids coming. 

Tell you what I'll do with the rest of that stuff later   bye, baby!

xxxxx  Jacqui

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