The Coffee Shop
Written by Jacqui Horn

The Coffee Shop

Hi love,

I miss you.  So I'm writing.  And, it is Saturday night; everyone is at home, so I'm just stealing a few moments.  I know that you won't be at home again until tomorrow, so I don't expect to hear from you before Monday, but oh, I miss you and that British accent.

It's a quiet day today; we've spent the morning cleaning and house kinds of chores.  I just sat down to take care of some writing - tried to make myself wait until I was finished before I began your letter, but, I'm weak sometimes. 

I don't think I was intending to like you this much.  So I'll try to mitigate your appeal.  Perhaps it is just because you encourage me.  Or, maybe because you think that I am gorgeous and sexy.  It could be that you tell me how much I excite you and ... that excites me. 

Then again, it could just be that you're a friendly, open man who doesn't mind giving of yourself - or pleasing me.  And that frankly is very alluring. 

You know, before I get too maudlin, you really should be glad that I live no closer to you than 3,000 miles.  I'd like nothing more right now than to sit with you over a cup of coffee in a quiet little place.

Have to go now.  bye love



O.K. the rest.I think I've been watching too many old black and white (lol - no pun intended) love stories today. 

Anyway, I was saying - a cup of coffee.  There is my son here today and my husband - such as he is.  People on the phone, and stopping by.  It's not as if I'm lonely, I'm just feeling something missing. 

I still get 2 or three letters a week from that site, but they aren't the same.  I just feel like leaning on someone today.  That's what I miss, having someone to lean on. 

I like you.  Because you ... don't ... need me to make your life right.  Do you know what I mean?  You have your life, and itís full and successful without me.  I like to think that I make a big difference in your outlook, your attitude about what you do, as big a difference as you make to mine.  But, this is good.  It's balanced.  I like that. 

When I talk to you, I know that you want pleasure, but I also know that you want just as much to give me pleasure.  You push me to new places sometimes, often, but, you let me feel safe going there with you.  I like you.  Even though I do feel like you are a ghost at times.  Someone I can't see or touch.  I don't feel like you're a ghost on the phone though.  Then I know that you are very real. 

I feel better now.  Just needed to work that out.  You'd better be careful, love.  I could get really comfortable with you.  

So what do you think about that Vegas idea?  It's very easy to get there.  For me, anyway.  Or Montreal, or Toronto, Chicago, New York.  I know you have this fantasy about Florida - think you've been seeing those "girls gone wild" video advertisements.  

There's so much pressure from so many places, and the only time I feel like they don't exist, is when I talk to you.

O.K., now I'm done. 

I have this story, it's really wild.  I'm going to send it to you later on.  It will make you so hard, lover.  Now, it's only FANTASY Collin, so don't even think about it really happening!!!  Do you hear me? 

I'll send it later tonight; maybe you will have it by morning.  Lost a couple of pounds, even I think I'm cute now.  Didn't lose any breast though, butt either.  Just a little arm and jaw, I think.  Got the cutest underwear, you would be so hard, so fast - and then, think of how fast I'd get to cum!!!


x x x x x x x x x  Jacqui

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