Written by Jacqui Horn
(MF oral)


Good Morning, Love

Not much time, but I know how you like your morning fix.  And, I need you again.  It must be the weather. 

 I think I'd like to alternate, taking your cock in my mouth and then in my cunt.  My mouth, then my cunt.  No you couldn't have any... not yet.  I'd just want to satisfy you for a while.  Plus I could be as greedy as I want, with out you taking over.  You can do that later.

I'll turn so you can see my puss while I suck you, and I'll part my thighs so you can see her moistening, and soon dripping as I get hot, then hotter from taking you in my mouth...

... feeling your flesh warm my lips and tongue, feeling you fill my mouth, as you expand, hard, then harder ... my ass swaying just out of reach of your mouth ...  but you can see my desire for you very well.

I swirl the tip of my tongue around the tip of your cock, investigating the foreskin and tasting your pre-cum.  Listening to your groans of pleasure.

I can't wait much longer, my pussy is grasping at the air, wanting her turn at feeling your wonderful cock, parting the flesh slowly as I impale you, taking my time to let you feel the renewed clasping at every inch of your advance.  I'm on my knees above you, my hands planted at my own hips, so I can feel my body as it moves over you, giving you pleasure.  I'm circling on your cock, now just working you from the front of my walls to the back, now sinking, taking you all in. 

As I settle on you fully, I shift my legs a little so I can get the last bit of you inside, and you can feel me gripping you, cuming on you ... You know I can't last long ...

And I'm cuming on you, on your cock, it's nice Sweetie, it's so nice to cum on you ... Hmmm, slowly riding you to the end.  Even as I finish, I'm wondering ...

Should I continue to ride you to my next orgasm - tied as you are?  Or should I free you?

Tell me ...

x x x x x x x x x  Jacqui

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