Instantly Hot
Written by Jacqui Horn
(F solo)

Instantly Hot!

***Each Friday morning at around 2:00 a.m., Collin and I meet via internet messenger.  We both come to the meeting naked and describe how we’ve set up for each other.  Each Wednesday evening Collin calls me to have phone sex.  With messengers I get to hear his thoughts, on the telephone, we get to share the passion, the whispered, rushed words of love, the excitement of a new scenario.  And we get to push each other to climax with no touching each other.  Believe it or not, Collin can give me 3 – 5 orgasms by telephone within 25 minutes. I wrote this letter to Collin following one of those Wednesday evening calls.


I don’t understand how you do that, Collin.   I was here, working, cleaning my house of all things, minding my own business.  Nothing sexy or glamorous going on here.  Out of the blue, I get your call.  You speak of general, mundane things for a moment, until I’ve settled down from my excitement over the fact that it’s you.  Then you want to know if I’m wearing jeans or a skirt.  If I am sitting on the sofa, or if I am laying naked waiting for you to call, to make me cum with suggestions of pleasure, sometimes of pain.  You want to know if my clit is exposed, can I feel the air against myself.  Is the clit large like a little brazen cock, or small and hidden like a demure little flower bud; and if I’ll rub it for you. 

Collin, there is no way to explain how instantly hot I become, how passion slams into my womb with just the sound of your voice.  It is amazing, Sweetheart.  You say that I am “conditioned” to your voice.  I believe you are right.  You sexy beast!

Because as soon as I hear you say “Hello, Sweetheart …” in that soft, sexy, British voice, my body begins to react, warming and driving pleasure to my cunt.  You like that word don’t you?  Cunt.  It probably feels for you the way I feel hearing you say “… I want to fuck you …”, dragging the words out on a deep whisper that reaches up inside of me and makes me want to burst.  At any rate, I know that I will get to cum when I hear your voice. 

Yesterday, you told me you wanted to lick my pussy.  To nibble at the clit until it became very hard, until it stuck out like a mini cock.  Then you said you would lash it with your tongue, licking and sucking and slurping over it, slipping down to my cunt, diving in with your tongue and fucking me that way until I came for the first time all over your face.  And then you would drink my body’s juices … 

That was good, but then, as I hummed, on my way down the mountain, you continued, telling me about how you would keep my legs forced apart during my orgasm, digging deeper inside of me with your tongue, massaging my g-spot, tonguing the entrance to my womb, probing that opening too.  I’m on fire just thinking of you, baby.  Contracting and needing you again.  Already.  

My legs forced open even though I want to close them and save the orgasm for as long as possible.  But your tongue does that, your lips kissing mine, your nose touching my clit.  Your hands are so strong, I feel their power as you slip around to cup the cheeks of my ass, and in between the cheeks, so your finger can slide inside of me, well lubricated on my own wet juices. 

You promised to spread your tongue, filling me, sponging the walls of my pussy … all with your tongue.  You said you would drive deep within me kept telling me how you would slip a finger up my ass, while you tried to enter my womb with your tongue, and while the other hand would be engaged circling my clit, soaking in it’s own juices …  I remember that screaming, screeching, sweat soaked cum.

I began to come down from  that one, and when I could hear what you were saying … you were still there between my legs, forced even wider apart.  Only this time you were licking my ass, driving your tongue into my anus, sucking me, licking, keeping my legs still very wide apart with your arms resting on the inside of my thighs.  Your fingers were still busy, stroking, circling, agitating my clit … and your other hand – your entire fist had found it’s way inside of my cunt …

My body was exploding, Collin.  You heard me screaming.  And the window was open, so I think the neighbors did as well.

  You know that I always cum so fast for you.  But you just kept driving me further and further past a vaginal climax.  By the time I heard you saying, to calm down and close my eyes I was very near to orbit!  It's a good thing that you stopped me, though, because I was just about to get very loud.  And I don't think I would have cared much who heard it.

I'm just trying to say that was very "nice" Collin.  I think you've spent a lot of time between a woman's thighs.  I can't wait to feel the head of your cock poised and teasing at the entrance to my cunt.  Pressing in, moving my flesh out of the way, forcing yourself deep inside of me.  Umm,   I think you made me cum five times, one easy, one more intense, three hhhaaarrrddd!  Oh, you excite me, Baby.  I could feel it in every breath I took.  The climax - it was everywhere. 

I promised you a letter, but I can't stop thinking about your mouth and fingers on me and in me and in me and in me, Baby...

If you could see me, my ass rolling in that tight little circle that women make when sex is good, when we want to feel a cock or a tongue or finger touching us in every conceivable space.

O,K. love, I haven't been to sleep yet, it's 7:28 a.m. and I'm drifting off on you.   I'll come back later on.  I promise.

See you later on, my wonderful lover, hmmm.  I think I'm shattered.  :)  I don't think you've been getting enough sleep.  I see you on too late and back up too early.  Take care of yourself, please.  Just for me.

I'm slipping out of the chair.

Bye lover ...

x x x x x x x x x  Jacqui

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