Oil and Ass (Yours)
Written by Jacqui Horn

Oil and Ass (Yours)


Hi love,

I just got a few moments to myself, its very quiet here at last and I haven't been able to get the idea of your foreskin out of my mind.  Remember that I told you I have a toy box.  I collect special things that I think might be fun - with the right person.  It's got some sassy lingerie, the cock ring I mentioned before, a few other things, but the item I'm thinking about right now is a bottle of massage oil.  Once you apply it, and start to feel all warm and slippery, you have a friend rub it.  The oil heats on your skin and gets quite hot actually. 

Not hot as in burn, hot as in how my puss feels when I hear your voice on the phone line.  So this is the fantasy I have in mind for you, dear one.  First, I would prepare a bath for you.  I know you are particular about scents and such, but so am I.  So, I would choose for you, a man who likes out of doors and mountain climbing and trekking through Africa, this scent - Aramis.  This scent alone turns me on so strongly.  I can smell this on a man even in a crowd.  It's got a soap, which I would lather your body with, very slowly.  

I'd start with a deep tub, warm, very warm, not hot, water.  Wouldn't want to get any of your parts too - relaxed, or worse, scalded.  You didn't say what you like to drink, but we would have wine, the sweet kind that I like and whiskey for you - good whiskey, and a port, and maybe a sherry.  I'd take your jacket and touch your face and then come very close to you.  Close enough to feel your breath on my face, to feel the warmth of your body between us.  Close enough so that I can breathe you.  As your breath warms me, I begin to undress you, taking your shirt off, getting more and more excited as I pull the tails of your shirt out of your slacks, seeing your chest emerge, your muscles, your nipples - I'd need to taste you, but not yet. 

Once your shoulders and chest are bare, I would ask you to stand while I look at you, touch you, move around to your back.  I'd stroke the back of your neck, feeling your sinew and bone and move my hands along your shoulders, feeling you, testing the strength of your arms.  I'd reach around you with my arms, moving my hands over your nipples and belly, and kiss your back with my lips and my tongue.  Back to your nipples, with the pads of my fingers, with the nails - gently, slightly rasping, no hurting your precious body.  I would bite your back, your shoulder blades - only slightly, just enough for your pleasure.  I'd taste your salt, the light sweat on your back. 

I'd reach down and unbuckle your belt, unzip your pants, let them drop to the floor.  Your shorts would follow.  I can't look at you yet, then I wouldn't get you into the tub.  So, you would step out of your pants and shoes and shorts and I would come round and kiss your mouth, your lips - long and sweetly.  This is all presuming that you would stand still and allow me to play with you, explore your body, get to know you physically. 

I'd stop there and lead you to the tub a big Jacuzzi affair, big enough so that I could climb in with you and proceed to lather your body.  Beginning at your neck and throat and your ears.  I'd climb on top of you and kiss you lots while I soap you.  My breasts would get the soap on them and then I would have to use them to rub the lather on your chest.  My puss would be centered above your thigh while I ride you, stealing a bit of soothing for myself while I see to your comfort and pleasure.

I have to stop here ... just for now, my son wants to use the computer.  Stay warm and relaxed until I tell you the rest. 

Then, you'll be hot and very tense, that is if I'm any good

x x x x x x x x x  Jacqui

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