Written by Jacqui Horn


Jacqui, Sweetheart;

I am sorry, love.  Only just received your messages.   You need me?  Oh, yes, love, I can hear it in your voiceÖ.  Your body needs me.  Hmmm.   Are you alone?   Youíre sexy, Jacqui.  You need me to fuck you? 

Say so, my Sweet.  Say it!

Yes.  You understand.  Do as I say, and you will get to appease that hot little cunt of yours.  I am remembering how tight your body is. 

Now.  Touch yourself for me, Jacqui.  Lift your dress and touch your clit for me.  Yes, thatís it Ö you are so very sexy, my sweetheart.  Open your shirt, open it now!  Are you wet?  Yes, and lift your breast out so that you can touch the nipple. 

Imagine me, sweetheart, right there with you Ö  Can I touch you?  Can I touch your nipples?  Yes, yes, thatís it Ö  I love to hear you crying my name the way you do.   Itís beautiful, as you are.   Can I touch your ass?  Itís so full and soft.  I think I would like to touch your anus.  Will you let me?  Can I push my finger up your ass, love?  Can I kiss your ass, I want to lick it.  I want to suck your ass sweetheart.   Iíll lick you and run my tongue all over your ass Ö.  Iíll fuck your ass with my tongue.  Youíre screaming.  Yes Ö

Iíll put your thighs over my shoulders, your ass will be in my face.  You only need to relax and enjoy me taking your ass for you.  Iím going to touch your cunt, Darling.  Iím going to stuff my fingers one by one into your pussy until my whole hand is there.  My fist inside of your pussy, sweetheart.  You would like that.  Yes, I can hear that you would.  I would massage your g-spot and stroke your clit for you with my other hand, while I suck that beautiful ass of yours.  Oh, love, I love your ass, soft, fleshy, smelling so sweet.   Put your fingers in your pussy Ö.  Jacqui can you hear me?

Youíre cuming for me arenít youÖ  Hmm, Sweetheart.  Thatís wonderful.  Cum, cum, enjoy it.  Iím with you, licking you, stroking you with my fist inside your tight, wet cunt Ö  Ahh, another one.  Itís amazing that you can cum that way.  I love being able to turn you on this way, to make you cum for me.  It gives me pleasure. 

I think of myself as an old man, until I hear from you, and then, Iím feeling so good again.  Are you cuming again?  You lucky little puss.  Sorry, I donít mean to laugh.  I love it when you do that.  Iím here, sweetheart Ö hmm.

Youíre here with me again.  Weíll be together soon.  Iím thinking of coming to America, Florida perhaps.  Would you enjoy that?  We could play on the beach in the morning.  You know that my skin is so fair that I canít take the very hot sun.  Ah, yes, we could swim in a.m. and I could fuck you all afternoon, and then swim again in the evening.

Iíll have to go now, love.  I need to relieve myself of this giant hard on, before the next person stops into my office.  Weíll chat again later.  Yes, you know that I am always pleased when you need me.  Weíll talk again.    Goodbye, Sweetheart

xxxxx Collin

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